Does Rubi Rose Have Yet Another Geriatric Suitor?

Rubi Rose

Rubi Rose done caught another elderly man lacking with a real life thirst trap.

Paul Pierce may have some competition in his pursuit of rising rap artist Rubi Rose.

Following the former NBA champion’s recent advances, it seems Rose has caught the attention of another older male gentleman—despite the fact that his partner appears to also be scoping out his every move. In a video clip posted on her personal Instagram profile, the “Big Mouth” rapper offered a behind the scenes look at her recent impromptu rehearsal routine. In the process, she seemingly attracted a new admirer, and or fan, in the form of the white-haired fellow watching her twerk it in the background of the clip.

“He stayed and watched my whole rehearsal lol,” Rose wrote in the caption of the video. Several of her other rap peers appeared to find the incident funny as well, including Latto who commented, “That’s my papa” and Slim Thug who added, “I would’ve stayed too ain’t nothing on tv better than this.”

Of course, Druski escalated things to another level with his vulgar remark which read, “That d### getting beat tonight.”

Check out the blatant nasty work the elderly gentleman was engaged in while spectating Rose’s rehearsal below.

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