Rubi Rose Pursued By Retired NBA Champion—But Fans Say He’s “Too Old”

Rubi Rose

Looks like Hip-Hop has a new couple to lookout for.

Rubi Rose is far beyond the normal timetable for snatching up a “rebound guy” following her relationship with DDG—but that’s not stopping Paul Pierce.

In fact, the retired NBA champion recently got a chance to shoot his shot with the rising rapper and the results were low-key unexpected. Well, more-so surprising because in the grand scheme of things, something like this was definitely expected from the likes of an “It Girl” like Rose.

Per usual, it all started with a steamy thirst trap selfie that Pierce got caught up in after Rose shared the mirror flick to Twitter. “My Crush,” Pierce wrote in reply to the photo. His flirty remark was instantly met with shot-blockers at the rim. One user even called out the blatant age gap between the pair, writing, “Bro older than the number on his jersey talking about ‘my crush,” to which Pierce replied, “Damn my guy u ugly as hell.”

Again, the thought of Pierce and Rose involved together at any capacity seems absurd—that is until you remember that we’re talking about the same guy that got fired from ESPN for going live on Instagram with a few strippers. Not to mention, Rose fully embraces her femininity and isn’t afraid of being labeled promiscuous in her pursuit of a male suitor. So in essence, none of us should be surprised that Rose actually offered up the digits to Pierce on some “ask and you shall receive” type vibes.

Whether that’s Rose’s real number is yet to be determined, mostly because I haven’t had a chance yet to text the line and pretend like I’m Pierce to find out myself. No matter what, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably reading this somewhere punching the air right now. He’s just being greedy at this point.