Zab Judah: BK’s Champion

Zab “Super” Judah’s ability to punish as a boxer has rarely been questioned, but as a hip-hop CEO? In July, the newly appointed WBO Junior Welterweight Champion pounded Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley despite breaking his hand in the third round. Of course he’s got other rumbles on deck, but in the interim, the Brooklyn native […]

Zab “Super” Judah’s ability to punish as a boxer has rarely been questioned, but as a hip-hop CEO? In July, the newly appointed WBO Junior Welterweight Champion pounded Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley despite breaking his hand in the third round. Of course he’s got other rumbles on deck, but in the interim, the Brooklyn native is getting his rising career moving on different playing field. The 140-pounder has launched a record label, recently inked a deal with Roc-A-Wear and even admits that he likes to spit in the booth every now an then. AllHipHop Alternatives spoke with Judah on his now, later, present and lone loss.

AllHipHop Alternatives: You beat “Chop Chop” and now you have his championship belt – how’s it feel?

Zab: Well I’m very please at myself because I took a year and a half day off. I came back with another fight previous to this one with a tough guy Omar Rice and I beat him and then I did another year layoff to come back straight for the title. A lot of fighters today don’t do things like that. They comeback and take two months and pick and choose guys. I’m coming back, taking on the best because I feel like what I’m gonna put into this game and what I’m going to bring to these dudes I’m ready for the battle. I would of feel bad if I would of just went in there fighting forth, the number thirteenth guy because I need a tune in up, What do you mean tune in up, tune me in, ya know what I sayin’ I don’t need no tune up, just tune in. I feel like I accomplish a big goal not only just winning the WBO, but just having so much time off and coming back and doing what I did. I broke a hand in the fight went twelve rounds with one hand ya know with a year off.

AHHA: I wondered why you didn’t finish him off after knocking him down.

Zab: It was hurting like hell, but I guess like when you in, its like you in a fight like you in the street your adrenaline is pumping and all you know is win, win, win. So I felt like if I would of start like [complaining about the pain] then he would have seen that and picked up on that. So, I said I just got to stay focused and put my mind somewhere else and that’s how I managed to get through it.

AHHA: Now he was kind of a like a little bit different of a fighter. He wears ladies underwear, had his eyebrows done, and really came in the ring glammed out. Does that ever throw you because people say he may be gay, even though he say he’s not?

Zab: Like I said what the man do with his personal life, I don t know, but all I know that he was the WBO Champion of the world. He made three successful title defenses and he was the guy I had to beat to get to the next level, you know what I saying? Whether he wore his g-string in the ring that night, I had to get in there and rumble up with this dude, so it was not a point about what he do when he is out the ring. I mean if you look at the history of boxing you have a lot of gay boxers that’s been hidden and later on came out.

AHHA: What did you learn most about the whole Kostya Tszyu fight and aftermath? To me, it just seem like to me was a premature stoppage, but I guess your body language made the ref stop it early.

Zab: I think my Kostya Tszyu fight was a blessing in disguised meaning that Kostya did not beat me, I beat myself. But the Lord also taught me a lesson like, “Zab, alright be cool, slow down a little bit, I’m put you on time out for a little bit. But you gonna get back.” And he did he put me right back in this situation of [getting the championship]. The only thing with the whole Kostya Tszyu thing was it wasn’t that he could beat me or if we was to fight tomorrow I mean I’ll show the world, but never the less I mean like I said I’m not going to chase Kostya Tszyu. I know it s a fight that I want worth business-wise, but I really don’t need him. I don’t really need him business wise. There is a lot of guys out here to fight Gatti you got Vivian Harris, Ricky Hatten, Junior Witter you got plenty guys to make money. Kostya Tszyu is just a name that there God forbid somebody don’t beat him you know what I ‘m sayin’ so, anything is possible its boxing.

AHHA: So what is the very next thing for you fight-wise?

Zab: Well I’m just looking at rehabilitating my hand, getting my hand back to one hundred percent and I’m looking forward to a big fight with [Arturo] Gatto.

AHHA: Ok, that would be a real fight. Have you ever had a tough opponent with heart like Gatti?

Zab: I use to spar with Gatti. The last couple spars that Gatti had with Micky Ward. I fought Micky Ward. I beat Micky, so it’s a lot of different thing going on that people don’t know about me beating Ward, I use to spar with Gatti. I can go in there with these dudes and show the world, in front of the world on live TV. I can get it done.

AHHA: Now lets talk about stuff outside of boxing. First of all everybody saw the suit the outfit you had with Roc-A-Wear can you speak on that a little bit?

Zab: Yea, yea we just entered into a big deal Roc-A-Wear deal, I’m the first spokes sports model for the company and, in the future, you’re going to see a lot more Zab Judah in Roc-A-Wear. The whole thing with Jay-Z and Zab Judah, we both feel that we offer Brooklyn a lot. Dame’s a good dude and these dudes are about business and you know it an opportunity for them to get their business out and exposed. Its also an opportunity for me to also get mine out exposed to the hip-hop world. It was like favor for a favor.

AHHA: So what about Music are you getting into record labels?

Zab: Yea I got my own record label Synthero, Desperado, Young G.O., Big O and we just hot right now, we on fire. They young. They hungry. They’re from the ‘hood. They’re not no Hollywood dudes coming in here. These dudes are straight from the ghetto, still in the ghetto. I told them they can not get out the ghetto until they sell some units you know what I ‘m sayin’, so basically its either do or die you know what I’m sayin’ and I feel like I’m making them work extra harder rather than just giving it to them, making them work for it, so that later on when they get it big they can appreciate it.

AHHA: What is the name of the label?

Zab: Super Cartel. My name is “Super”Cartel is just like the Mafioso family cartel,

AHHA: You make so much money boxing why would you start a label?

Zab: I love music, I love music. I get in the booth in my little studio. I get in there when nobody in there and spit. I got some hidden rap CD’s and some of the boys be like, “Yo you’re all right.” I’m just playing with it. My main goal is boxing. I love boxing. I’m a boxer and that’s where I am with that.

AHHA: Being from Brooklyn, does the legacy of hip-hop come into play as far as you being a boxer?

Zab: I guess Hip-Hop coming to me being young, being an entertainment field aw, being a celebrity and just being out ya know I’m Zap Juda ya know I’m me, people know, people watch, so I go to parties ya know so, I’m loving a guy like Jay Z, DMX and those guy are fan. I’m they fan for their music and I their my fan for my work, so its like oh cool. Zab I want you to do that ok cool and you know what I’m sayin’ then before you know It you just mix in, its all good.

AHHA: Its funny because at one point you considered Suge Knight being your manager, right?

Zab: Well that almost took place. Suge is a good dude. We sat up, put some things out, but I just feel like for the business it was not a good thing at that point in time. But I’m doing my music, so if Death Row got some ones to give up, we will definitely sign with them on a music tip. I ain’t got a problem with that. Like I said Suge is cool with me and you know Pac’s my family and stuff.

AHHA: I see you got the Outlaw’s tattoo

Zab: Outlaw for life.

AHHA: What gets you hype before the fight?

Zab: Like DMX. I like hardcore M.O.P. Just stuff with hard knocking beats, like Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared.” I play that in the gym all the time. Ludacris too. I play a lot of DMX. You could just play that n#### whole CD. You can just sit back and play his whole CD and get it poppin.’