Akinyele: “George Washington Was a Pimp”

Anyone who says Hip-Hop lacks diversity is not looking hard enough. From the holiest of Hip-Hop acts to the filthiest of sexually explicit verses to any and everything in between, there is something for everyone in the Hip-Hop Matrix. One MC thriving in the XXX-rated sector is Akinyele, the Queens MC who made ripples in […]

Anyone who says Hip-Hop lacks diversity is not looking hard enough. From the holiest of Hip-Hop acts to the filthiest of sexually explicit verses to any and everything in between, there is something for everyone in the Hip-Hop Matrix. One MC thriving in the XXX-rated sector is Akinyele, the Queens MC who made ripples in the rap game after guesting on Main Source’s “Live at the Barbeque” with Joe Fatal and this cat named Nasty Nas. Ak would strike his biggest hit with the t##### but addictive “Put It In Your Mouth.” A number of verbal p### laced albums (Aktapuss, Anakonda) would follow and with no qualms whatsoever, Akinyele has comfortably etched out a niche in the sex rap trade. With a new single in tow, “Strippers Call,” Ak pontificates on topics including his kindred with southern rappers, strippers being people too, and the certification of George Washington’s pimp hand. AllHipHop.com: So you got the “Strippers Call” joint. Guess that means you got a new project on the way.Akinyele:  It’s funny man like for me ever since probably like the last time anybody ever heard from me what I’ve been doing is just opening up strip clubs. I got a couple of strip clubs and all I do actually is stay on the road with strippers. Then it just made like a 360 turn where I started doing strip club music forever and ever and now I have a new song called the  “Strippers Call” which is a song from a stripper’s perspective. When I first came into the game, which I think is like 1991, ’92, the first album was titled V##### Diner. So I always been intrigued with sex. But before then I was really rhyming rhyming rhyming. And I started doing the sex stuff because I started having fun because Hip-Hop to me is about being rebellious man, it’s about going against the grain. So I felt sex would just go against the grain; disrespectful in a rude but polite fashion, you know? So I continued doing that and then the cut actually paid off because you gotta figure all the peers who came out with me in 1991 and ’92, they’re gone. I outlived them. This sex stuff been around from the beginning of time, it’s like George Washington you gotta figure man this guy he died from syphilis…he was f****n a lot of hoes out there. Christopher Columbus and them motherf******s they were running not actually looking for land, that was the big story. They were running around raping b****es. It’s just like guys nowadays if they’re home they’ll be like, Let’s get up and go somewhere. When we go somewhere we look at b****es, but back then there wasn’t no automobile so they had to go on the boat. All we’re doing is taking the oldest profession in the world and turning it into this.[Akinyele “Strippers Call”]When you go back to the beginning of time, Adam and Eve, it’s all been sex man. It’s like nowadays a pimp will be out there and the h** will bring him back money. When you look back at Adam and Eve she was bringing back this motherf****r back the apple –  they didn’t have money they had fruit. In that perspective I felt that I captured something that was happening for quite awhile and tried to turn it into a whole like legendary mockery type thing.AllHipHop.com:  When did you open your first strip club?Akinyele: Aww man. My first club I started in probably 1995. I got introduced to that whole game by a friend of mine. I did it first just for fun. Just thinking, “Hey I can probably get girls to come in here and dance,” and I did it for straight up p****y. Then I realized it was a business. When the girls first started with me I used to look at them as the s####, the b****es and the h**s. I realized these are real people here also so when these are real people I was like, Alright cool [and] it never gets played out. Suck my d**k is still suck my d**k. I don’t care 100 years [from] today, suck my d**k is still suck my d**k. Some women are like WOW. We have longevity with the “Put it in Your Mouth” song just for the simple fact that the song even when the new kids start growing up I mean they might come in that era…when I first started rhyming Bow Wow wasn’t f*****n b###### now Bow Wow is f****n b###### you understand? I look at a lot of the new generation coming up like Ray-J and Young Berg and all them guys and it’s like when you watch them doing sex songs and all that, I appreciate it.When I listen to people’s albums…like I listened to Rick Ross’s album  just the song “Money Makes Me Come.” I can relate to that song because it’s like an orgasm feeling it’s almost makes you feel good when it happens and that’s what we’re trying to sell. I’m selling feel good music to a third degree. Everything I write is sex like this song with Mazarati Fox over there from the G-Unit. It’s good because when these guys call me they don’t call me for the street record, they call me for the sex record and I have fun making those types of records. Back to the question the first strip club was back in  like 1995 and then so on I started doing strip clubs and every night of the week I travel with approximately 25 to 30 girls every f****n night to different strip clubs and it’s the longest running show out here. [“Akinyele f/ Mazaradi Fox & Balboa “Hop On That Pole”]AllHipHop.com: So taking a back a bit how did “Put it in Your Mouth “- since that’s the most recognizable song – how did that come together?Akinyele: That came together from just sitting in the studio bugging and honestly thinking about what can I can do to write a song about introducing sucking my d**k as a way of life, straight up. And I wanted it to be from a girl’s perspective too. I mean rap music is like the matrix man you gotta let it all hang out and once it’s all out and you’re going out there you also gotta control it and put a steer and collar on it, that’s when you have it. A lot of rappers you’ll watch them and they’ll do organized hooks, “Hey this is my hook,” and they probably come to the office like, “This is my radio song,” and then the radio song doesn’t work. Until they let all the s**t hang out and they finally go where they’re in the matrix and say some stuff, that’s when it’s going to work. And then “Put it in Your Mouth” then Aktapuss and Anakonda, so like for me it was all sex and I just got to the point where it was matrixed. For awhile I was kind of lost there. It felt right what I was doing but I didn’t know if it was registering. Then when it got out [and[ you start to really acknowledge that it’s registering because you hear all the other rappers kind of showing you some type of acknowledgement from the Lil Waynes to the Swizz Beats to everybody, you appreciate that and you salute those guys for that. AllHipHop.com. You got a good living out there doing what you wanna do and not a lot of rappers can say that.Akinyele: You get a good living and then you just want to say you’re lucky to even get that, you know. It’s funny because we’re in a time right now where New York rappers if they’re coming to south they probably might make it past Virginia, as far as New York respectable rap while my sex will take me from here to Paris and everywhere.There be be a lot of times I’ll be at clubs and I’m the only New York rapper in there and that’s because I’ll be with 1,000 south rappers because we all speak the language of sex.  It’s a universal language when you’re out here you gotta think of universal stuff that everyone can adapt to and understand. Right now my biggest source of income is akinyele.com when you go there you click on the livenangels any given time of the day I got 400 girls dancing there live at home for $4.99 a minute. When you look at it..and the funny thing is that most of the girls are white girls, you know why? Because everybody speaks the sex language it isn’t just so much a black thing it’s just an everybody thing. AllHipHop.com: Now what do you say to folks who might say Ak man you’re kind of exploiting these women and taking advantage of them?Akinyele: For those people I’d just say, “Yeah yeah yeah,” because there’s two different ladies. You got you got the girl who stays in school and you got the girl who works. And then you got the girl who actually likes to do it – this is what they do for a living. We’re not exploiting them or nothing like that. They’re going to do it with or without you that’s the bad part about it.I think it’s putting them on the forefront of what they do. For the most part strip clubs are the biggest things right now because this is a way out. It’s just like the guy in the streets who’s about to get kicked out, drugs is a way out for him. Well this is actually a legal hustle. I meet some of the most professional ladies and they always say the only reason that they don’t do it is not because of integrity but they just don’t think they have the willpower to actually get up there and take their clothes off. I look at me as I’m a damn near stripper myself, s**t.  I’m in the club every night so I’m just as guilty as the girls that’s in there every night but these girls are making a real living. How many girls have you ever met that said hey I want to be a model because they lust for the attention for what they have which is natural beauty and this is just an outlet for them to exploit their natural beauty.For the people who say we’re exploiting them those are the people who are ignorant and ignorant means you don’t know. These are the people who say all these b*****s are h**s and s#### and dah da dah dah dah. Half the b*****s in America are h**s and s#### . I’ve f****d more married b*****s than strip b*****s. I’ve seen more regular b*****s with diseases than strip b*****s if you really want to know.  And that’s just from Akinyele’s statistics but I’d love to take a [survey] find out who has AIDS I would love to see if the majority of these girls are strippers. I mean how many girls have you f***ed who’ve been in a relationship with someone. And once they f****d and they’ve been in a relationship with someone [else], they’re technically classified as a h** so it’s six degrees of separation. It’s like I see a lot of girls who say I would never do that I would never take my clothes off and yadda yah, and it’s the same b****h at night who’s suckin’ my d**k and she has a boyfriend . So then it comes to  a respect issue within yourself  like how much respect is she carrying for herself. F**k how we feel it’s how the law feels, you know. So if someone slaps your mother you would feel like technically you have the right to kill them but the law doesn’t allow that so you can’t, but if the law says it’s perfectly legal for a girl to get on stage and dance and get dollar bills thrown at her all night, it’s legal; and it goes back to being the oldest profession in the world. George Washington was a f****n’ pimp. Anybody who would walk in a strip club and I would know okay I’m going to spend  $2000 dollars tonight I get it in singles, this is why they put George Washington’s face on a single. No one else’s face is on a single dollar bill because he’s the oldest pimp in the world and they showed retribution. It was a brilliant idea,  think about it. Somebody said, “Yo, let’s have these b****es take their clothes off and let’s give them one dollar as they take it off and let’s do it for George.” Let’s put his face on it. ‘Til this day I see guys go in there and spend 5,000. You hear songs about it, “5,000 Ones,” they never say let me get 5,000 in hundreds. They don’t know why but mentally it’s just because through the course of time George Washington is who they’re saluting.[Main Source f/ Akinyele, Joe Fatal & Nasty Nas “Live At the Barbeque”]AllHipHop.com: Alright, let me take it back and ask you this, how did “Live at the Barbeque” come together?”Akinyele: “Live at the Barbeque” came together because of my man Large Professor man. Me and Large Professor was in school and he was like, Yo I got a guy named Joe Fatal, I know a guy named Nas and we all got together and made “Live at the Barbeque” and it was just a great song, I loved it. Every song I make is an influential enduring song – I think so. But I was just lucky that that song had life. It’s just like an artist making an album, every song is like a baby but if your album flops it’s like a miscarriage. When you ask a lady who had a miscarriage how much children she has she still counts the child that died because it was part of her. I can find the beauty in every song but you gotta hope it gets life. I mean that was like what 1990? we’re damn near 18 years down the line, so it’s like the feeling of that song you never know where one road takes you to and you’re still traveling on your road.. I watch Large Professor, I haven’t really spoke to Joe Fatal in a while, me and Nas we kick it every now and then. I watch all the paths of all their lives and it was just like little kids with a dream back then. The biggest thing is to  actually watch the dream come true one day.