Alfamega’s Manager Speaks: The Other Side

On Tuesday, May 05, Atlanta rapper Alfamega’s career took a public nosedive.   In a climate where authenticity in Hip-Hop is valued now more than ever, the self-proclaimed “Grand Hustle Muscle” provided evidence against an Atlanta heroin dealer during his trial. As a result, Alfamega saw his nearly 10-year prison sentence, for his attempt to […]

On Tuesday, May 05, Atlanta rapper Alfamega’s career took a public nosedive.


In a climate where authenticity in Hip-Hop is valued now more than ever, the self-proclaimed “Grand Hustle Muscle” provided evidence against an Atlanta heroin dealer during his trial. As a result, Alfamega saw his nearly 10-year prison sentence, for his attempt to sell guns to an undercover officer, reduced to 92 months (over 7 years).


The rapper was immediately vilified by the majority of the Hip-Hop community, who accused him of being everything from a fraud to a snitch. Two days later, multi-platinum rapper TI, facing his own weapons-related prison sentence, distanced himself from his former protégé and would-be enforcer, announcing publicly that Alfamega had been expelled from his Grand Hustle Crew.


To many, Alfa’s career is grounded, just as it was about to lift off the runway. But things aren’t always as simple as they seem. Four days before he was crucified in the court of public opinion, Alfamega, born Cedric Zellers, had already entered his own personal hell.


Here in an exclusive interview with, Alfa’s manager Decks shares the previously unreleased details of his embattled client’s latest arrest, for felony obstruction and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, his current physical state, and his future. As most people can probably guess, we’re here to talk about Alfamega. There’s been a lot of speculations and rumors, but people don’t really know how grave the situation is with him. So go ahead and shed some light on that.

Decks: I just feel like people should have more compassion for what Alfa is going through as a human being first and foremost. At this point, Alfa has been a victim of police brutality and social injustice. People should really try to put themselves in his shoes right now. There’s certain things that we shouldn’t allow in our community, and police brutality is one of them. So before the documents even surfaced on, Alfamega was already in the hospital?

Decks: Correct. So how did that come about?

Decks: Alfa was hospitalized on Thursday. He underwent surgery. Alfa had some injuries to both of his legs as a result of a tussle with the police. Alfa was on his cell phone, sitting in his vehicle in a downtown location in Atlanta. Police came up. Right off the top, they was pickin’ at him, asking him, ‘Oh, you just gonna stay on the phone?’ He was like, ‘Yea, I’m talking to somebody.’ From there, the police proceeded with an illegal search and seizure. Alfa knows his rights, so of course he’s gonna fight. Not in a physical way, but he’s gonna put up resistance because he knows his rights. From there, a foot chase ensued, Alfa was chased through a building. At approximately 25-30 feet up, while they were tussling, Alfa was pushed by the police department. So this whole rumor that he jumped off a parking deck, that’s not factual?

Decks: It’s false. That’s not the truth. After that, was he immediately taken into custody or taken to the hospital?

Decks: Both. Is he still in the hospital now?

Decks: Nah, he was released. Alfa’s cool. He’s in the process of trying to heal up. And I’d like to extend my prayers and my sympathy. So at this point, how is his mental state?

Decks: His mind is on getting better, of course. This is a very important time in his life. He’s a victim of police brutality. So, of course, there’s a great deal of anger just from that alone. [pauses] People should… On the outside looking in, it looks like, “Well, okay. People are having this kind of response, so I should choose this side, just because everybody else is saying this.” Or you have the option of being someone who has compassion for other people and be on the inside looking out. It’s tough. It’s disheartening because nobody has any idea what he’s going through. He’s in a lot of pain. And how is he physically?

Decks: Physically, I’ll say unfortunately, he can’t walk. Some people know that, some people don’t. Some people choose to ignore it. And it’s easy to do that when it’s not you. I think people kinda overlook what he’s going through right now. It’s tough. You try to put yourself in what he’s going through right now, and it’s overwhelming. You’re in shock by some people’s responses. And you expect to have more support than what you have right now. And you don’t. So, I don’t know, it’s like a dark cloud that came over. The most you would want is the people that’s around you. I think that’s the most important. And he has my support.

I’ve had some times in my life with Alfa that can’t be replaced. No matter what. Alfa has a little brother that’s doing life in penitentiary. And I have a little brother who’s doing 20 years. On Saturday (May 16), he and I [were] on the phone with his brother; and almost immediately after that, we [were] on the phone with my little brother. And those are things you can’t replace about someone. The times that he spends speaking to the kids, taking time out. During one of the most important promo runs for his album, he dedicated time to the Mommas for Obama campaign. People just tend to overlook that, and what a big hearted guy he is. And he is a loyal guy. And when you’re loyal, the worst thing that could ever happen to you is that the people you were loyal to kinda don’t have the compassion that you wish they would have for you. I know it hurts. So have you had a chance to talk to him about that, or talk to him about the next step in his career? Of course there are things that are more important than that. But like you said before, he has a family to support, and that is his livelihood.

Decks: No, all that’s not real. All the things he’s going through right now is real. Music is an expression of life and I think that he’ll get his just due as far expelling the feelings that he’s having right now through music. But right now, it’s something that he has to endure, unfortunately. And it’s involving a lot of pain. So you can imagine being in excruciating pain on a day to day basis: the last thing on your mind, or anybody else’s, would be music. So before all of this went down, what were you guys working on. Because, the album’s been pushed back a couple of times, but as far as the music’s been concerned, it’s been delivered, it was well received . So what were you looking like before this?

Decks: He was working! Diligently. Alfa’s a studio rat, he stays in the studio constantly. And anybody around him could tell you that. What about the situation with Grand Hustle, is that something that you guys have discussed?

Decks: No. And I really don’t wanna speak on it. You talk about the company, a lot of people over there are friends of mine. And just find ourselves in a diffulct time right now. Because they have their way they feel about it, and I have my way I feel about it. But that still doesn’t mean there is a side to choose. I just wish they felt like I did. But that doesn’t mean I have any disrespect towards them whatsoever. ‘Cause, like I said, a lot of those people over there, they’re family. Where you notified ahead of time, or did you find out like everybody else?

Decks: I found out just like everybody else. I wasn’t the guy who talked to the label every day. I pretty much just focused on the what was going on with Alfa, what he needs to be doing. So I basically didn’t believe what I was hearing at first. Any message you want to impart to the fans? Any message for Alfa?

Decks: It’s real simple. Just pray for him. Sometimes in court, they win. I think Alfa, at the end of the day when all the facts come out, he’s gonna be on his feet. Alfa’s a fighter. That I know about him.