Did The Game Diss Eminem? The Game Says “No!”

Did The Game diss Eminem or not?

What are we doing?

The Game is making this incredible march to release DRILLMATIC: Heart Vs. Mind. And, he just went crazy.

This is going to be hard to put into words. But I’m going to try to do it. Today, the Compton rapper will release his new album DRILLMATIC: Heart Vs. Mind. The rapper has been going hard for the full length of this year.

He’s done just about everything. And I am not necessarily mad at that, because you have to distinguish yourself from the pack in these competitive days. But it seems as though The Game is going all out, barring none. And he seems to have set his targets on Eminem.

Now this isn’t the first time this has happened with The Game. Earlier this year, he said some stuff.

“Eminem is Eminem, I like Eminem. He’s one of the f###### good MCs, great MCs. I used to think Eminem was better than me. He not, he’s not. Challenge it. Yes, I do [want to do Verzuz against Eminem]. What you mean, yeah I do? The f### you mean? I’m not saying I want smoke with Eminem; I’m saying I want smoke with Eminem, him, and him, whoever.

When y’all say Eminem is better and all that, I see it, I see it. I feel you. And you know what? If you feel like Eminem is better than me, that’s your opinion. But it’s a lot of people that feel like I’m better than Eminem, and that’s they opinion.

Me personally? Is Eminem better than me? Nah, he not, bro. And I think the best way to see if he is or if I am is let’s rap about it. Let’s get up. Let’s get in the studio. Let’s rap about it. Let’s do something. Let’s put something out. Let’s see ’cause that’s what this s### is, bro. It’s rap.”

Suddenly, this song “The Black Slim Shady” hits. The song is 10 minutes long and disses Eminem ridiculously. There are a number of lyrical trickeries, but mostly uses Eminem style on his own.

So, for example, he pretends to kill Dr. Dre. Which is something that Eminem has done. He also raps similar to Eminem a lot, takes an Uber to “Eminem‘s house” with a relative of Stan, a character in one of Em‘s most famous songs.

But is it Game? The Game says NO.

But, Wack100 said they were definitely going to go at Em in a song called “The Black Slim Shady…is this a leak?

This the official track listing for the album.

Drillmatic drops Friday. See the tracklist below.

1. “One Time”
2. “Eazy”
3. “Burnin’ Checks”
4. “Voodoo”
5. “Home Invasion”
6. “O.P.P.”
7. “Outside”
8. “La La Land”
9. “Change the Game”
10. “How Far I Came”
11. “Heart vs. Mind”
12. “No Smoke at the Polo Lounge”
13. “No Man Falls”
14. “Chrome Slug & Harmony”
15. “Start from Scratch II”
16. “What We Not Gon’ Do”
17. “Fortunate”
18. “Rubi’s Rose”
Drake With the Braids (Interlude)
19. “Nikki Beach”
20. “Talk to Me Nice”
21. “Money Cash Clothes”
22. “K.I.L.L.A.S”
23. “The Black Slim Shady”
24. “Stupid”
25. “.38 Special”
26. “Twisted”
27. “Wasteman”
28. “Save the Best for Last”
29. “A Father’s Prayer”
30. “Universal Love”

Now, “Black Slim Shady” listen…

At any rate, this is impressive work – whoever did it.

illseed out!