Hip-Hop Rumors: A Kid Plots To Kill Bush? Somebody Disses Lil’ Wayne, The Game, Cam’ron, Bow Wow?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: Akon A Fraud?! Ja Rule Dropped? Alicia Keys Sets Wed Date!? Kanye & Will.I.Am’s beat? Hip-Hop Rumors: Will The Game Kill Himself? T.I.’s Baby […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Akon A Fraud?! Ja Rule Dropped? Alicia Keys Sets Wed Date!? Kanye & Will.I.Am’s beat?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Will The Game Kill Himself? T.I.’s Baby Requests! Roc-a-Fella and Dead Prez?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Polow Da Don’s Former Job! T-Pain’s Rappin’ Baby Moms! D12 Returns!



Foxy is now getting out of jail as I post this. Women don’t quite get why the vixens rise to the top so fast. There are close to no viable females rappers in the rap game right now! (That’s not saying there are NONE, but to say that the S-N-P’s, YoYo’s, Lil’ Kim’s, Foxy’s, Remy’s, blah blah blah ain’t hitting like the 90s and 80s. ) I think I will suggest we get up with Trina. Hit me with some dope female rappers and also some dope rumors. Anyway, I was waiting for Foxy to get out to update, but it is looking like she’s getting out in a bit. More on this later. Rumor has it, the Department of Corrections is bugging out.Click here for the Foxy Brown Freedom Photo Gallery!


That whole thing was pretty simple. Will.I.Am simply reused a beat that was on his Songs About Girls album and sold it to Estelle. I guess all parties and Kanye didn’t have an issue with it since not that many people really got that song. I like them both. I don’t know which I prefer.


I am always on the look out for Cam’Ron, because he’s been way too awol for a star of his level. My boy out in LA told me that a music video company is shooting Killa Cam’s new vid down in Miami next month.


I heard Guilty Simpson is going to be on the new D12 mixtape. Hmmmm…. I also heard the whole thing has been revamped. Eminem has been in the studio recording for it and you can fully expect to see him on there. There are others we can expect to see on there: Royce Da 5’9″, King Gordy, Monica Blair, Marv Won, Famous & Flame and Rock Bottom. Stay tuned….


This is wild, yo. A kid plotting to kill the president? WOW. A must see.


This is really off the chain and whoever his parents are, they are going to feel the kick back over this. No, I don’t mean the kick back of Dick Cheyney’s rifle. I mean, repercussions.


Shout out to Northeastern University! They just had a concert with The Roots

and Ludacris. Pretty solid show, I heard. Luda came out on stage with a chain shaped like Africa, but it was made completely out of diamonds. A touch of irony there…

Man, I heard that the damn Marilyn Monroe sex tape (film) is fake and that then person that concocted it made it up! I wanted to see that too…

Wanna see somebody take Hip-Hop junk and make furniture? Oh yea. I know you do! Click here!

Read the new Rich Boy interview on AllHipHop.com. He’s a dope artist. Check it.


Kimora Lee on having more children.

“Yes, I would love to have more kids. I think about it all the time, and it’s something that’s a very exciting prospect for me. Then it’s kind of a drain that you’re in the paper every day for being pregnant and you’re not, and I’m like, ‘You guys are ruining it if I really were to get pregnant, bursting my bubble for me before it happens.’”


I don’t condone beating up anybody for the clothes that they wear or their sexual orientation. With that said, this video called “Facts” by Japcity is about the rawest thing I have heard in a long time. It appears they have big time issues with Lil’ Wayne, The Game, Cam’ron, but also like zillion other people like Jim Jones, Baby and Busta. They are from Chicago, but Kanye wasn’t spared. On the flip side, I don’t condone gay people or people with colorful clothing beating up gangster rappers. ‘Cause some of them don’t play either! They threatened 50 Cent once!


See this is part of the reason why I am afraid of having any “ill seeds” of my own. A pair of Ohio teenagers are presently in jail because they allegedly forced an 18-month-old to smoke marijuana. Oh, and they videotaped the crime. I’m sorry, folks, and this is going to sound really biased. I am probably going to date myself, but my “era” didn’t do dumb s**t like that. Granted, there was no youtube when I was a teen, but WTF is wrong with peoples’ logical reasoning. Well, there is more to the idiocy. Melvin Blevins, 18, gave the kid weed and then sold the video camera – WITH THE TAPE INSIDE. So, the pawn shop that bought the video camera go a nice treat and reported the incident. Is that snitching? Moving along, there was a girl involved too and she was put in a juvie jail.

Can’t blame this on Hip-Hop, you O’Reilly-type jerk offs. You know what, I don’t even blame this on people’s age. They are idiots and ought to be lined up and bucked down. You don’t do that to kids.


Just When We Thought is Was Over…. Flav’s Son May Have A Show!

Yea ya’ll read the title right! Sources are saying that Flav’s son may get his own show in VH1 where he will look for love! Guess the saying ‘Like father Like son’ is all to true in this situation! Can we really stomach anymore of Flav or his offspring! LOL

Wayne Named Best MC by Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone recently named Lil Wayne the Best MC of 08. Peep this:

‘Wayne works quickly — he writes nothing down, records rhymes as soon as they pop into his head, and completes up to five songs a day. He can also knock out a verse for someone else within a half-hour of hearing the beat. That has served him well financially: Wayne charges $100,000 for the average cameo — or $75,000 if he likes the beat or the song. “But nothing less!” Wayne says. “I wouldn’t do a song for my sister for less than $75,000.”

Damn how’d this m### pull this off? No disrespect but I know some people are butt hurt about this! [Illseed note: I think it is time for AHH to make a list.]

Lady Drama’s Food For Thought

Damn am I the only one who’s happy Soul Train got cancelled? I ain’t watched it since the 90’s how bout you?

I wonder how all the video chicks feel about 40 year old women taking there cover shots and looking better than them? (shout out to Stacy Dash and Lisa Raye aka Diamond)

Who the hell would stalk Tyler Perry? Especially a woman?

Why does Eddie Murphy continue to date women…. such as his new arm piece Lara LaRue who is a waitress? You aint foolin nobody Eddie! Rocking a tank top and a beret 24/7… How you doin?


While Lady Drama was up there hating on Soul Train, I was doing some homework! I LOVE Soul Train and actually hate to see it go. I hear a dude by the name of Anthony Maddox (affiliated with Bad Boy Films, VIBE, Lion’s Gates and other industry staples) and Kirby from Ebony magazine, have brought the rights to Soul Train are possibly looking to bring it toooooooo…guess where? Here is a hint. It starts with an A, ends when an A and they call it The A. If you are clueless, I am here to tell you that the new and improved Soul Train might come to Atlanta. If it does, they might be changing up the format and making it more for a younger demographic. I’d say the 106 & Park crew with more dancing. Now, if you recall, the dancers on Soul Train were like an extension of the 80’s post disco era. They had some crazy gear and big afros!


Let me tell you all, we are constantly reminded how precious life is on a day to day basis, it seems. Mary Ida Vandross, mother of the late R&B legend Luther Vandross, died of natural causes. I heard she actually passed away last week. God bless her soul. She was so strong, especially when she held it down for her son.


Stand up! Rebel Diaz ask, “Which Side Are You On?”


Tell me what you think of this. I have to say, I like it. Good work by Life The Great.


Rachel Roy, they ain’t. Coolio has come a lot ways from “Gangsta’s Paradise.” And, Jazze Pha…hmmmmm….

How is your theme song gonna be talking about “killers coming for you”? He’s making these damn bologna omlet. SMH!



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