Ice Spice Dating Pete Davidson? 👀

Ice Spice

Someone decided to start a rumor about Ice Spice and Kim Kardashian’s ex. 🙄

Yo, there is a crazy rumor out here! The digital streets are claiming that Pete Davidson and Ice Spice are dating each other. How? Well, the Internet does what it does these days and verification of facts is almost always out of the window.

So, some random Twitter account decided to start this rumor. And people ran with it. I suppose somebody somewhere gets a kick out of this, and is really happy. Basically, because of Pete’s predisposition for beautiful women, people thought this might be true. Not!

I for one, never fell for it. And that is why I am willing to be late in this rumor. It is literally ridiculous for anybody to conceive Pete Davidson dating a young chick like that Bronx babe. I don’t care about anything, about anybody. It’s ridiculous! It defies common sense.

Nevertheless, whoever started, it is one of those sites that has the word “satire “in their bio and people never read that. They simply take it as facts. The problem is, is that satire denotes, humor, or parody. These accounts never do that. They only spread out misinformation and minimize liability by adding that word. It’s very stupid.

At any rate, we all know who is really being rumored to be dating Ice Spice.