Get Serius: The “Battle” of the Sexes

The Game Unfolds: Since the beginning of time mankind has been faced with one common element that extends into all walks of life. It takes on countless forms and is applicable in any and every facet of our existence. It is the foundation for civilization itself. We find entertainment in it. We develop strategies and […]

The Game Unfolds:

Since the beginning of time mankind has been faced with one common element that extends into all walks of life. It takes on countless forms and is applicable in any and every facet of our existence. It is the foundation for civilization itself. We find entertainment in it. We develop strategies and signature moves to aid us in succeeding in it. We essentially learn the most valuable lessons in life from it.. What is this it?? The most basic component of life. It stands between success and failure, winning and losing. It is the battle. The struggle of two sides. Life vs. Death. Good vs. Evil. Weak vs. Strong etc… It’s the battle of two sides that defines struggle and tests our will to survive. It was “battling” that took me from a local emcee on the street corners of Jersey and New York to worldwide exposure through mainstream medie. But there is one battle that will never be won or lost. The one battle that will remain constant until the end of time. The battle of the sexes.

Ok now I know that first paragraph was sounding like a science textbook or some s**t right? Ok well let’s get to the meat of the sandwich (pause). We all hear and see the way man and woman go at it with each other.. We make songs like “B****

es ain’t s**t” women go to the club substitute the b***hes for n***as and sing the song louder than we do. Brothers and have their little female bonding groups and feminist movement where they empowering themselves and convince themselves that all men “ain’t s**t”. Me personally I’ve seen both sides of the coin and genuinely agree with both perspectives. Most men ain’t s**t and neither are most b***hes. Period. What is the point of arguing over who is more not s**t and trying to win some battle when we are supposed to be trying to get on the same page. Now normally I just piff up (elevate) and let my thoughts run on the page. But I’m going to take this subject “seriously” and give y’all MY OPINION. Ladies, I LOVE YOU ALL so don’t get offended by my commentary, but real is real. I’m not a pimp, gigolo or captain-save-a-nothing but in the spirit of universal oneness, I am going to unveil some revelation to assist those of you dudes who may be slightly losing your own individual battles with the opposite sex..


When attempting to “bag” a female, most men don’t have slightest idea as to how. Many resort to cheap and overused complements, annoying stalker like antics and flat out aggressive “get over here” grabbing moves. Sometimes they may work but most of the time the result is unsuccessful and does nothing but make more work for the next dude that comes along. Maturity and experience sharpens this tool that we call “game.” Now does that word suggest that were trying to play women as if they are a game? Not necessarily. What game does is make smoother the “battle” so that instead of having to fight through the obstacle courses that many women set up to make us “work for it.” Now the tables are turned and she is essentially working harder to please you. Now you may be reading this and feeling like, “Who does this n***a think he is a pimp?” Well the truth of the matter is, I really never had the urge to pimpsmack a chick (well once but that’s a long story), bail a girl out of jail or be paying for clinic visits. I’m just a normal man who happened to stumble upon my own philosophy through my experience in winning with the opposite sex. Because of entertainment world the idea of a “pimp” is now very overrated and glamorized but if you love beautiful women, given their powerful and manipulative abilities you MUST stay in control or be controlled. That’s Hardbody!


The first step to success in any battle is to understand the dynamics of what you are up against. I must admit that since the inception of this thing we know as life, the woman has been walking us through hand and hand. The warmth and nurturing nature of a breast was just as relaxing as an infant as it is as a grown man if not more. This is ultimately the greatest power on earth.(Not the breast but the woman.) Whole countries have been built and destroyed through the power of the p-u-s-s… but why? It’s the most powerful drug in circulation. All you ladies reading this have at least one n***a you can call and ask him to do anything for you and he will be doing the hundred yard dash through traffic to make it happen. See most men go for women’s bodies, but most women go for our minds. Think about it…. deep

Women need to feel attractive and enticing. Has a woman ever asked you “How do I look?” You think she wants you to say, “Well honestly baby your ass is a little flatter than it looked when I met u and I wish you could lose that extra lil rib fat, and you shouldn’t have cut your hair cause your head looks too big now, but I still wanna hit it.” Hell no! She knows all of this but what she needs you to do is reassure her that she is still sexy and help her to look past her reflection in the mirror to her own inner beauty. But In the immortal words of Katt Williams self-esteem is the steem of your f**king self!! Women need to feel sexy because they derive a sense of power from knowing their influence on not only men but other women as well so often times if a woman has a feeling of insecurity and low-self esteem that usually gives her motivation to go the “extra mile”. Even the ugliest women get told how good they look all the time, however, the key to establishing a lasting attraction in her mind is being able to make a woman FEEL sexy not only with words, but with your actions, gestures, and overall aura. CHURCH!

Thirst is the Worst:

Now fellas I don’t care how g’up you think you are, we have all been in this position. You’re sitting at home with a number for a bad chick that you just recently bagged. You called her the next day after meeting her and she hasn’t called you back yet and for some stupid-ass reason your struggling not to pick up the phone and call her again. Why? What do you expect to change between the first and second phone call. Her phone service works perfectly, it dials out, shows missed calls, messages, pictures, videos and every other possible way to know a brother trying to get at her. So all that second call says is “I’m really thirsty to talk to you.” What you want is to have this woman doing all the things you never imagined that a girl with a face that innocent would. Once you’re at that stage of trying to PROVE your worth to her, she got you! There is a whole population of chicks that thrive on those dudes that want the chick who look like they’re a part of the fast lifestyle. They are usually at the industry events and club nights where NFL and NBA players are in attendance. All you have to do is seem like your part of the “club club” and you can usually attract a few groupies and make something materialize. However, the habit of trying impress so called “high class” chicks and lure them with material wealth can get real expensive. I’m going to lay a nights budget out for the average street n***a out on the town…

Outfit–$100 (That’s just a pair of jeans, fitted and a t-shirt)

Weed–$50 (At least! If she smokes or not, its always good just in case)

Bottle–$250. (Just for Moet! That’s basically standard club procedure

these days)

Now your semi “flossing” in the club has attracted some young lady who thinks you’re someone important and is willing to leave with you and pop off but first she wants some…

Food–$50 (Waffle House, Ihop, etc…)

You don’t want to bring this random chick to your rest so now you find the nearest…

Hotel –$100 (Whatever happened to the short stay?)

Gas–$20 (You agreed to drop your new friend off somewhere that took the length of two CD’s to get there instead of paying for a 40$ cab fare.)

Sub Total–$570

(This would be considered a “light” night to some but if you’re still staying with moms, have child support payments, etc.. You might want to find some less expensive ways to have sex, stop being influenced by your favorite rap videos and snap back to reality.)

How to Zone in:

After continuous fast life encounters and years of clubbing this sort of behavior and spending patterns become normal and bring you a certain quality of female. I know grown men who have been doing this same routine every week for years and still are stuck in that zone. However, I made a decision a long time ago that Blockbuster, piff and Wine (Merlot) cuts a lot of that in between- stage activity right out! IF u want to create a comfortable and sexual zone with a female don’t always go out, stay in! Now there are less distractions to shield them urges yall both been having. The one thing that we can all agree on is there’s nothing any of us would rather being doing right now than having sex! I mean lets keep it funky! Sex is only natural. Therefore, if you want to get a woman to feel totally relaxed and sexually free you have to as Aretha says make her feel like a “natural woman.” Good music, good smells, good food, good weed, good drink, and let her open up to you. Stick to the basics. When dealing with women in my experience less is more.

As most of you know I just fall in the zone sometimes when I’m writing because I’m basically just “elevated” and freestyling all this. So in the interest of not writing a whole damn textbook I’m going to make a long story short. Any battle serves a purpose and that purpose is for both sides to gain from their experience in the battle. It’s not a negative for men and women to win or lose individual battles with each other as long as we understand that we both need to win the war, which is for us (Black people) to create a better life for our children. (Real is real) As cool as it may feel to smash busloads of women there’s also REAL LIFE consequences that we all are aware of these days. Some of you boys need to stand up and man up to what you created. Nonetheless I’m a believer that if your going to do something, do it right. I’ve been blessed that I have been able to learn from all the battles that I’ve been through in life, physically in the streets and mentally in the mind. I might not be alive to share my thoughts much longer so I thank you once again for the opportunity to get my journalism s**t off and share my thoughts with the world…

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-Serius Jones