Alessia- “Here”


18-year-old Alessia Caracciolo, is one of the latest artists to be added to the Def Jam roster. Alessia is a singer-songwriter from Brampton, Ontario whose vocals are as phenomenal as her gift with the pen. “Here,” produced by Pop and Oak and Sebastian Kole, is her first hit single for Def Jam. Originally known for her brilliant covers of songs by other artists, the talented singer is now racking up hits of her own. If you’ve ever attended a party or social event that you didn’t necessarily want to attend, Alessia has the song for you.


“Here” is a song “for all the antisocial, awkward, and miserable party-goers of the world,” Alessia told The FADER. “This one time I went to a party and while there, I realized how much I hated it, along with every other party I had ever gone to. We wrote about it the next day.”

Alessia will soon be mentioned amongst the other musical powerhouses of today. Perhaps, more artists will be inspired by her to also write their experiences authentically. Alessia’s music is honest. Conceptually, Alessia is speaking for the young generation of rebellious and genuine fans, with music that is relatable to people from all walks of life.

Take a listen to her new single below!