Anthony Hamilton: The Point of It All

R&B wouldn’t be where it is now if it weren’t for the soulful tunes we grew up listening to. Some artists focus on the modern formula of singing with fast tempos, raunchy lyrics, and sub par vocals, while other artists remind us of the good ol’ days. Anthony Hamilton is one of those artists that […]

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wouldn’t be where it is now if it weren’t for the soulful tunes we grew up

listening to. Some artists focus on the modern formula of singing with fast

tempos, raunchy lyrics, and sub par vocals, while other artists remind us of the

good ol’ days. Anthony Hamilton is one of those artists that have walked us down

memory lane with his heartfelt lyrics and his soulful grooves reminiscent of your favorite classic R&B legends like Al Green and Bill Withers. The

North Carolina native effortlessly delivers melodies true R&B lovers look

for through songs like “Where Did It Go Wrong,” “Coming From Where I’m From,”

“Can’t Let Go,” “The Truth,” “Never Love Again,” and his rendition of “I Cry.”

Also playing a bridge between R&B Soul and Hip-Hop, Anthony Hamilton has

been a hot commodity rappers seek as the perfect touch to songs such as

Jadakiss’ “Why,” Young Jeezy’s “Everything,” and The Game’s “Hustler’s Dream.”


road to success hasn’t been an easy one. In the beginning of his career, he was

signed to Uptown Records, a label that once housed Jodeci, Guy, and

Monifah. Just as Anthony was getting his turn at fame, the label folded,

leaving the crooner stagnant. Hamilton never lost sight of his path as he sung

background for D’Angelo’s “Voodoo” Tour and appeared on Xzibit and Eve’s albums

as a featured artist. With hard work, he started to gain momentum in his career

with his Nappy Roots’ collaboration “Po’ Folks” which landed him his very first

Grammy nomination.


you’re a huge fan of his past projects like Coming From Where I’m From, Soul Life, and Ain’t Nobody


then the six Grammy nominated artist has another treat for you. Out with a

brand new single featuring David Banner, “Cool”, Hamilton is giving his fans what they

all have been waiting for. Setting the platform for another joyous ride

through the storyteller’s soul is Hamilton’s newest project slated for a

December 2nd release called The Point Of It All. Although the project

is in its final stages, his collaboration with songwriters and producers like

Mark Batson (“Coming From Where I’m from” and “Charlene”) and Jack Splash

(Alicia Keys’ “Teenage Love Affair” and Jazmine Sullivan’s “Need U Bad”) The

Point Of It All

is destined to bring in the holiday with absolute pleasure.


You released a couple of albums in your career so far and I know it can be

exhausting when releasing a new album and releasing a new single. What does

that do for you as an artist?



Well, you have the anticipation of getting it out and getting it to the

people and making sure it’s the same quality work as it was before or even

better, but you have your times when it is difficult. You record a million

songs and you fall in love with most of them, and you don’t want to leave

anything out or leave anybody out. It has its good and bad, but for the most

part it’s beautiful. You have another chance to show another side of

yourself.AHHA: You had some struggles

in the past with Uptown Records and you survived so far. How does that make

you feel about your career right now? Are you where you want to be?



I feel like I’m where I am supposed to be. Even with the bad record

deals—I’m not even considering it a bad record deal. It’s just the timing,

the mistiming. Actually, everything is designed how it is supposed to be, to

be honest with you, and I’m a firm believer of that. I feel like it has

allowed me to grow musically and has positioned me in a place to where now I

feel like, “Okay, I can make it through it.” If anything goes wrong or if

anything seems to be a little shaky, I know how to have patience and work

through it and work around it, so I won’t get so flustered. It’s definitely

made me more appreciative with where I am and what I have and I know nobody

gave me anything. It was just hard work and divine timing that allowed me to

get where I am at, so I can feel good about being dedicated to something for so

long and really loving what it is I’m doing. And then I see it pays off.

AHHA: You’ve co-written some

songs in the past, so have you been diligently doing that now?

Anthony Hamilton: Actually yes, I have a

song that I co-wrote. [It’s] with Jeezy called “Everything.” I co-wrote two

songs for Al Green and I have a duet with Al Green on this new [album]. I

co-wrote on “Lay It Down.” I had co-written with T-Pain, Musiq, and Raheem

DeVaughn on this one song called “Reality Show.” I don’t think they are going

to use it, but I still did the work.

AHHA: Speaking of Al Green,

I know you sang “I’m So Tired Of Being Alone” on the BET awards. You did

justice to that song. Sometimes singers touch a song like that and don’t do

justice to it at all. Did Al Green tell you his thoughts about your




I was in the studio with him and he just appreciates what I’ve been doing and

what I’m bringing to the table. He knows that I’m a big, big fan of his and

I’ve learned a lot just listening and watching him. He just told me I did a

great job. He loved it. He was dancing and singing along. We just had a

great time. He really appreciated it.

AHHA: You recently performed

with Lalah Hathaway and Angie Stone. What was it like being on stage with




Me and Angie did a whole tour together called “Silk & Sandpaper” Tour. Of

course I’m sandpaper because of the scratchy voice and she has the silky voice.

It was a successful tour, it was really amazing. Lalah Hathaway, I think we

shared the stage somewhere before doing a tribute to her father in Cleveland,

Ohio at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It’s always good to be around your

peers, especially with that much talent. I can appreciate what it is they do

and they can appreciate me, so we go out and have a good time. I also did a

tribute to Bill Withers in Philadelphia about a month ago at the Kimmel Center.

It was his first time singing in 20 years. It was pretty much like he’d do it

if I’d do it. That’s an honor for someone to really respect a young cat like

me who does Soul music and put that much faith in me.

AHHA: In the past you had a

popular hit with Jadakiss and now you’re coming out with David Banner with your

new single, “Cool.” What do you think it is about you that rappers who have a

rough sound gravitate to you for their music?Anthony


They don’t have to pay for sample clearances and I sound just like the old

records. [laughs] Actually, my voice mimics those feelings that they heard

coming up as a child and that I heard coming up as a child and it’s genuine.

They can tell when it’s real. When I’m hitting it, I’m hitting it from a place

not about being commercial, not about being seen or heard, but it’s about being

felt. And that’s what some of those records need and I give that


AHHA: You and Nappy

Roots have a good relationship as well when it comes to music. What is it like

working with Nappy Roots?



I think the country chemistry, [similar] personalities, and the kinship kind

of blends well. We have the same common goal. We have to be good and do well

in music, and just enjoy life.

AHHA: What other

collaborations did you do for your album?



Actually, I’m still in the process of finishing it up. I don’t know as of yet

who will it be. We’ve thrown names around such as Mary, Robin Thicke, Jennifer

Hudson, everything from Kanye to David Banner, Ashes Clay, who’s the original

writer on “Cool.”

AHHA: What do you want your

listeners to get out of your records, especially The Point Of It All that’s coming out in




I want them to feel like, Man, out of all the records they didn’t want to buy

that this one is definitely well worth it, that it means something and makes a

difference in their life, and when they’re riding they are listening to them.

I want them to feel like nothing else matters. Not the bills, not the gas

prices, none of that stuff matters. I feel good right now and I feel like I

can make it through anything.

AHHA: Tell us what the title

of your album, The Point Of It All, means to you.



I think the The Point Of It All is the set up to figure out why you do what you

do. Why you react, why you grow, why you cut your hair, why you shave, why you

allow yourself to fall in love, to fall out of love, why do you protest, why do

you vote, anything! The reason we do what we do is to find love at some point

in our life and I think it’s all about love. The ultimate reason we do what we

do is because we love somebody, you’re in love with something, or you’re

searching for love, or you’re madly in love. It’s all for love.

AHHA: You’ve worked with so

many artists already, but if you had a choice who would you work with?

Anthony Hamilton: Oh man! I think I

would love to get in with Mary J. Blige. I think we can do something really

special. I think Prince and I could do something amazing. I would do

something with the Rolling Stones. Prince, Rolling Stones, Mary J. [Blige],

and Bill Withers.

AHHA: Your album, The

Point Of It All,

comes out December 2, 2008. Should we expect any performances?



Yes, I’m going on a promotional tour right after we vote. It’s on November 5th,

I start out. It’s six weeks straight hitting it and quitting it. I’m getting

a band and all that stuff together right now.



Cool – Anthony Hamilton