AUDIO: Macy Gray – Hollywood Dreaming and Hoping for a “Good Impression”


It’s been 13 years since the release of her multi-platinum debut, On How Life Is, which featured the Grammy-winning song “I Try” and became her biggest U.S, single to date. Six albums and 12 movies later, Macy Gray is back with her latest project, Covered, which boasts covers of some of Gray’s all-time favorite songs.

In our exclusive interview, the quirky songstress reveals, “I’ve been wanting to do a cover album for a long time, but they’ve always talked me out of it, because I guess cover albums have a stigma for something you do way later in life, or when you don’t have your own songs. We finally did it.”

The first single from Covered is “Smoke Two Joints”, a song originally written and performed by The Toyes in 1983.

Macy Gray is holding a contest! Video record yourself singing your best rendition of Macy’s “Sail” and put it on YouTube. The video with the most hits wins, and the winner will receive a call from Ms. Gray herself. Official details here.

Macy’s latest album, Covered, is available in stores and on iTunes here.