Briana Crudup & Hip Hop United Are Pushing The Culture Forward

HHU is helping creatives thrive in the digital era.

Briana Crudup is the founder and creative genius steering Hip Hop United, LLC to success. While operating at the forefront of her growing full-service marketing/media and promotions firm, she is essentially a career catalyst for independent artists breaking into or elevating within the music industry.

Crudup is simultaneously an expansive force and gem-finder for setting up artists for major record labels meetings. Artists can also benefit from the prolific collaborations between Hip Hop United LLC and prominent firms, a full-service global distribution, and marketing agency.

 Major labels such as Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Warner Records, Capitol Records, & Empire, just to name a few are also contacting Hip Hop United LLC to place top celebrities  on the platform due to their credibility in the industry. The reliability of Hip Hop United speaks volumes as the brand is always invited to major events such as One Music Fest, BET Hip Hop Awards, A3C Fest, Concerts and more.

You will definitely find Hip Hop United on the scene to provide updates on festival recaps and more! Hip Hop United also has an Atlanta facility where celebrities and rising artists can have exclusive interviews to discuss music releases and more.

When working with artists, she places them in the most strategic positions to advance by brokering life-altering connections with the most influential power players such as other label executives.

“I work closely with A&Rs seeking talent, so I help artists by shaping and molding them, guiding them in the right direction,” she highlighted.

Her tenure as the regional director at Hip Hop Weekly Magazine was a pivotal moment for both the company and Briana. She was put in a tedious position to both build her career and rapport within the industry while also breathing new life into a company that was undergoing an administrative overhaul. 

Growing this platform and amplifying the company empowered her to go full-throttle and create her own brand. Hip Hop United is celebrating partnerships that have been established to help creatives thrive in the digital era. This collective of creatives that ranges from emerging artists to moguls, fans, superstars, journalists, and corporate spearheads are all united to continue pushing Hip Hop culture forward together. Connect with HHU on social media @hiphopunited_llc.