Elephant Man: No Sleep

Some call him “Energy God”, others call him “Ele” but to most he’s known as “Elephant Man” -The dancehall star who is certain to have “superstar” added to his roster of names. Known for his infectious dancehall chat style, signature dance moves, and electrifying performances he has captivated both dancehall and hip-hop fans. He has […]

Some call him “Energy God”, others call him “Ele” but to most he’s known as “Elephant Man” -The dancehall star who is certain to have “superstar” added to his roster of names. Known for his infectious dancehall chat style, signature dance moves, and electrifying performances he has captivated both dancehall and hip-hop fans.

He has a new album, Good To Go, a hit single, “Pun the River Pun the Bank,” and he is getting constant air and video play with his “Get Low” [remix] collaboration with Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz and Busta Rhymes. With all this on his plate already, its no wonder that “Ele”, “Energy God” or “Elephant Man” is posed to become a household name.

AllHipHop Alternatives: I know you probably heard this many times but tell me about the name “Elephant Man” and how it came about?

Elephant Man: Well the ladies name me dat. They call me anaconda “ The trunk”

AHHA: How about energy god? Cause I’ve heard it floating around?

E: Yea, energy god. I was given the name I think in 1990. I was given the name by leng “Supreme Promotions”

AHHA: Well I’ve been fortunate enough to see one of your electrifying performances and I know that a lot of people are gonna wanna know what it takes to put it together?

Like do you have a format? How do you come up with the outfits?

E: Well you know you gotta put your stuff together, you have to prepare for your shows, that’s how you do it you know. You gotta plan what you gonna do, you gotta sit down, you gotta figure out this is what we gonna do. You gotta call up the tailor, let him know that this is an event, that you feel yourself wearing that particular clothes and that particular hair style and that particular outfit and you know that Ok I’m gonna take it this way, I’m gonna start with this track, I’m gonna close out with this track. Whatever you see me.

AHHA: This is all from you or do you have a team of people who come up with the whole idea?

E: It is all from Elephant Man.

AHHA: Now about the dances, cause I know I’ve been trying to get into these dances and I think that I’m gonna have to take a class or something. How do you come up with them?

E: Well you know Jamaica is the backbone for every dance. In Jamaica, you know every dance in the world so you know in Jamaica we go to every party, we see what’s up, we see the dance, if the dance move and all dem stuff, so you know we just take it from there. We got our own dance unit so you know the latest dance come and we practice it and we do it.

AHHA: Well that’s what I’m trying to get to, the latest dance that come in, cause I know that you for instance started the “log-on” dance. Do you sit at home one day and come up with it or you say, you know what “I’m gonna do this and its gonna be called the

“log-on” dance.

E: Well we in the dancehall and we doing the dance and then we say we gonna call it that and we just name the dance.

AHHA: Oh ok, so do you have any favorites?

E: Yea

AHHA: Which one?

E: I love the “Pun the River, Pun the Bank”, I love “Signal the Plane”, I love”Fan Dem Fff”, I love “Online.” I love every one of dem.

AHHA: And all these are all your dances?

E: Yea.

AHHA: Great. How about DJing? How long have you been doing this? Cause I heard a rumor and you just said 1990 was the year you were named Elephant Man, so it’s been a while huh?

E: Yea, I’ve been doing this from when I was about 15yrs old, but professionally about 91-92.

AHHA: Ok, I’m gonna ask you about your thoughts regarding reggae music and the fact that its being influenced by hip hop tracks and collabos and stuff? How do you feel about that?

E: I feel good to see the hip hop collaborating with the reggae music. Its even doing good for the reggae music too because when people see that flavor, its like something they’ve never seen before and it creates a different melody to your ears and you know a different sound. I like that, the collabos and all that stuff.

AHHA: How about those hardcore fans who’re probably not feeling that , you know the ones that want to hear straight gully reggae? How do you feel about that?

E: If somebody call you to do a collabo with them, they should be glad because you’re not changing you’re part you doing reggae in their stuff. If you wanna go and do something else that’s your fault and your problem, but if they call us, straight reggae they gonna get.

AHHA: Ok, so you basically stay reggae and they do what they do?

E: Straight

AHHA: Ok, so tell me about the new album?

E: Yea, the new album “Good to Go” come out on December 2nd. I got 23 tracks featuring artists on it. You got like Elephant Man, that’s me, Lil Jon, Bone Crusher, Kiprich, you got like Elephant Man and Ghostface Killah.


E: Elephant Man and Big Tigger from BET , Elephant Man and Sasha. Elephant and Jimmy Cozier, Elephant and Missy Elliot. Crazy.

AHHA: Sounds like you did a lot of collabs on the album.

E: Crazy.

AHHA: How bout producers? Who did you work with?

E: I work with Dave Kelly and Lil Jon.

AHHA: Oh you did?

E: Yea and all of them. Don Corleon and all of them.

AHHA: Ok, any touring plans?

E: I just came off tour.

AHHA: What tour was that?

E: That was the Higher Level tour.

AHHA: How was that?

E: Crazy.

AHHA: So does Elephant Man ever sleep?

E: I’m wondering. (Laughs)

AHHA: So explain to me real quick what would you consider to be a great day, like an irie day?

E: An irie day is like waking up and you know going on the beach, hanging out with your friends, digging into some fish and lobster, drinking some champagne and you know, go partying in the night, playing football (soccer) during the day, you know.

AHHA: Wow, a lot of stuff, I see you stay with the energy huh?

E: Yea, you gotta.

AHHA: Are they any other things we can expect from you, like for instance a “Shottas” type movie or an “Oliver” type comedy.

E: Yea, well we got “Third World Cop” Part 2 coming out, so you can expect that.

AHHA: Ok, so this is the last question I have for you. Is there anything you wanted to do other than being an entertainer? Like when you were young and you think about a career?

E: No, just DJing.

AHHA: So you just wanted to be a DJ?

E: Yep

AHHA: Any last words for your fans and new fans that you’re gonna have?

E: Yes. Love God and live. Love your mother, love yourself. Stay far from drugs and vote for the video “Pun the River, Pun the Bank” on BET.