Epic-"Hold On" Video + Exclusive on Career & R&B


Emerging R&B/Pop group Epic has just released their first visual to their new ​single “Hold On,” a new-aged rendition of En Vogue’s classic ’90s hit. ​T​he California-native quartet comprised of Monie, Yei, Stixx and Blue introduce a strong vocal performance with a relatable sound to an old school classic.

Produced by Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs, best known for his work with Whitney Houston, Pink, Destiny’s Child and TLC, who manages the group along with Dynasty Records’ president Doe Henderson, featuring Kentucky artist Simms.

​Epic starts with a vocal delivery of a famed a cappella verse and transitions into a united front of girl power mixed with jazzy choreography, fancy cars, and defining hair colors and wardrobe.

Check out the video below:

AllHipHop also caught up with Epic to discuss their endeavors and the new wave of R&B.

What do you think R&B is missing right now? What happened to the R&B group era?

I think we have to show up and show the world that it’s missing an impactful girl group so when they see a girl group singing four part harmonies like it was in the ’90s they are going to be like omg we are really missing this. R&B needs to return to talking about real life situations; I feel like that’s what’s really missing the connectivity to people’s lives. It’s really repetitive. Like what’s happening in our generation’s life that we all need to talk about? Girl groups that try to come out today they don’t influence others; they just do what the trend is, but no one is really inspiring anyone. EPIC plans to inspire.

EPIC is unique because you also are all musicians? So one by one tell me which instrument do you play?

I’m Blue: I play the bass guitar.
Monie: I play the keyboard.
Stix: I play the drums.
Yei: I play the lead guitar.

Do you feel the pressure to conform to what’s popular with R&B going pop or Hip Hop?

We try to balance it out but stick to quality with our own twist. That makes it EPIC. They will love who we are because we want to give them something they will love.

Arguably people say the ’90s early 2000s was the last era of timeless R&B, so a lot of R&B artists are leaning on covers because it resonates well with fans. Is that what inspired the En Vogue “Hold On” cover?

Yes because that was a popular song in the ’90s. People loved when Jackson 5 did that intro and they redid it and that’s years of music history. We are bringing it back for this generation to hear and understand.

Are you working on any other covers?

We are working more on original music, but we probably will do more covers.

With Epic everyone is gorgeous, has vocals, and plays instruments but what else separates you from the whole and makes you different?

We truly love each other. We really are one; when people see us they automatically can see that. Our foundation is so strong and we have a church background as well.

I feel like it’s really important for R&B artists to come together more on a united front because of what’s going on with the genre. So are you working with any other R&B artists currently?

We worked with Sims who is featured on the song and we work with Mishon. He (Mishon) always comes in our session and helps us there. Mishon is like our big brother; he helps us with our visions and our creativity. It’s amazing when you come together with someone who wants to bring back R&B and who have that same passion and drive.

So what has it been like working with She’kspere?

We love him; it’s really been a great experience. It can only go up from here. We all just connected, and we started recording the first day. It’s crazy because She’kspere has worked with a lot of great girl groups, so it meant a lot to us. It’s amazing for him to believe in us.

So She’kspere what made you believe in them…. you worked with Destiny’s Child, TLC, Pink Whitney etc?

They had the look, quality, and the foundation. I saw the same thing that I saw in a Destiny’s Child and a TLC.

So an influential producer such as yourself has the ability to create hit after hit even when the genre is struggling so what’s your secret to success?

Always do great music and give great music to stars. You can have great music but you have to have great stars; you can have great stars but bad music…. you have to have both.

What do you think is going to make Epic come to the forefront and last?

The foundation. Most of these other groups didn’t have that training and development to stick together. Most of these groups fall apart before they get started. The others don’t have the training to withstand the pressure and havoc that comes along with the music industry. They have a really strong spiritual and disciplinarian background.

What do you think is the problem within the R&B genre right now? There is a lot of finger pointing.

Great music always prevails, and stars sell. It has to be great music. With music now you have to switch up the way you look at the approach. The capacity of what it does is different. I’m very comfortable where music is. It’s really an even playing field for everyone. Whomever comes out with the best product and package will be seen and rise to the top.

Epic, What’s your favorite behind the scenes moment?

Working in the studio, and we have fun. When we get sleepy late at night and early in the morning we all do crazy and silly things.