Fabian Marley Continue’s Marley Legacy With Release “Naw Go Say Me Poor”

Fabian Marley Keep Marley Name Proud

The soft-spoke Rastafarian from Kingston, Jamaica, known to many as the eldest son of the late Bob Marley; has released new music. Fabian Marley dropped a new single that has been well-received on radio and the streets  named “Naw Go Say Me Poor”.   The song highlights a strong message about the true origin of wealth and prosperity. Most importantly, his music affords him the opportunity to showcase his talents as an artist and he delivers with perfection.

Although the Bob Marley issue has been met with skepticism and controversy, Fabian said during his recent interview live in Jamaica there is no bad blood between him and his brothers.  With the legendary Bunny wailed as a mentor, Fabian wants to focus on His musical career as a multi-talented artist who can sing, delivers a powerful message and can play numerous instruments.  As articulated by Clive Hunt the legendary producer who produced the song  “I didn’t know anything about Fabian, I was just asked to produce a Reggae artiste and I decided to work with him based on his merit”. Whether a descendant, Fabian Marley is no doubt special in his own right as showcased in his music.

The Kingston born reggae artist is currently in France as part of a 10-day promotional campaign for his EP. His record label, Massive Entertainment Group will release a documentary on the life of Marley in 2016. Check out the music video to the Singe “Naw Go Say Me Poor” on Youtube. The song is available for download on I-tunes as part of Fabian’s self title EP Fabian Marley.