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Artist: Myko   Location: Atlanta, Georgia   Influences: The Chi-Lites, The Stylistics and The Delfonics, The Manhattans   Why You Should Know Myko:   Ever wonder if new solo artists stepping into the music industry feel like it’s their freshmen year on a high school basketball team? You know, the butterflies you get when you’re […]

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Artist: Myko


Location: Atlanta,



Influences: The

Chi-Lites, The Stylistics and The Delfonics, The Manhattans


Why You Should Know Myko:


Ever wonder if new solo artists stepping into the music

industry feel like it’s their freshmen year on a high school basketball team? You

know, the butterflies you get when you’re new to a bunch of people, who will befriend

you if you’re a star player, but shun you when you’re on the bench.


Meet Myko. Yes, he’s from Hot-Lanta, the home of some of the

most well-known players in music industry, but Myko’s style of Urban-Pop is

sure to have everyone checking for him,


In recently attended an event where Myko sang and captivated

the audience, it was obvious that his voice takes you somewhere. The chills after

listening to him will further heighten the eagerness to see what this new

artist has planned for the music world.


It was only a year ago when Myko signed on with Outta Pocket

Entertainment, a budding entertainment company with an NFL superstar at the

helm. Now Myko is hard at work in preparation of releasing his debut album. The

LP features production from Static Major, who sadly passed away in February

2008, on the lead single “Late Night Creep.” Also adding to the roster are

producers B-Rock, Bink, Khao, Toxic and songwriting from Jason Desrouleaux. The

album also garners an appearance from Miami’s own Rick Ross on the record “Spend

This Bread.”


The name Myko, which is derived from his middle name Demetri,

was inspired by a nickname his grandmother would often call him. It was around

age eleven, in church, that this aspiring singer started to see his



As Myko sat and watched his father who was also a singer in

choir rehearsals, he realized his passion was in music. He is proud to say that

besides old school R&B, his music is highly influenced by the “ole soulful sounds”

of the church.


Let’s fast forward to the present, as Myko’s rise truly

began when he linked up with his manager Latwan Wolfe, who at the time was a

promoter in the Atlanta and Tennessee area. Latwan put together various shows

for artists such as Bobby Valentino, Trey Songz, Floetry, and Erykah Badu among

others and allowed the ambitious singer to showcase his talent as an opening



Unbeknownst to Myko, his manager had a connection that would

soon change the shape of his career. Latwan and Thomas Jones, running back for

the New York Jets, had grown up together and considered each other like family.

In due time, Jones would eventually hear Myko’s music and everything else is



“Thomas heard the music and since then he’s been crazy

about it, says Myko.” He flew me

down to Miami and he told me what he wanted to do. I was interested in the

whole situation and that’s how I got signed to Outta Pocket Entertainment. So

far it’s been a beautiful thing; everything is going great! A couple people

have come to Thomas with different business ventures, thank god that he was

interested and decided to try something with me.”


Myko’s style of both urban and pop music is a blend that he

feels will take the game by storm. The urban side came a bit easy for him

growing up in the tougher side of Atlanta. He claims it came from just being in

the streets, the people he hung out with and his upbringing. The pop element of

Myko came a little later, as he began to broaden his horizons as far as

listening to different music. So he assessed the music scene and its present set

up and realized how the pop-ish sound is taking over.


“I had to figure out my own sound, get my own chemistry

going and we came up with what we call Urban-Pop. Our formula is, I have that

raspy old school voice, that urban sound, but we would write the music

completely pop. Right now it’s working and people love the sound.”


Currently, Myko’s first joint “Late Night Creep,” is gaining

momentum on the radio airwaves.  He

feels blessed to have been able to work with Static Major before his untimely

passing and felt that he learned a lot from Major’s production formula.


“He taught me to let myself go – everything

shouldn’t be so staged and sometimes you have to go off of the first thing you

think,” Myko expresses. “And that’s one thing that I’ve been learning a lot in

this industry, sometimes your first idea is your best idea. If you sit there

and cloud it up with different judgments, then you’ll start second guessing yourself.

Then it becomes one of those things where you’re not going to get the best



It becomes work instead of something that you love to do.

So that’s something that I learned; go with your first instinct. I just tried

to be like a sponge and soak up whatever I could while we were in the studio.

That’s one thing I picked up in that situation – try to let it go and

open your mind up to whatever comes.”


Though no release date has been set for Myko’s debut album Options, he’s anticipating the response, which he feels will

be great. The title for the album came easy to him, since that’s exactly what

he is offering to you in this effort. With a spectrum of topics and everything

from up-tempo, mids, and ballads, this is one album that he ensures men, women

and people from various genres will like.


“When I say Options, I mean options. I started recording and

everything was coming off so diverse. There is something for everybody and

everyone is going to love it! The urban side, the pop side, it’s just that



We have variety of topics, but mostly I’m catering to

women. Most of my topics will be based around relationships. I have one song

called “My Baby’s Got It” [and] it’s pretty much saying that even though all

these other girls are chasing me, I don’t need them because my baby’s got it at

home. Another joint is probably my favorite, “Is Anyone Listening.” If a man

cried out to be in a relationship or to be in love is anyone listening, does

anyone care that he’s asked for his angel?”


Though some of the tracks on the album are life experiences,

he credits his ability to write and the help of other songwriters whom added more

creativity to the album. Myko realizes that music is going to be a stepping

stone, which will help branch off in sorts of directions.


“I love fashion and I’m a tall guy, sometimes it’s hard

to find clothing, so maybe I’ll do a clothing line. I want to do some acting and

production, I feel like I have so much to offer. I’m focusing on this music

right now and I want to give it my all. I know by me giving this much attention

to my music, its going to do great and it will open up the doors for everything.

Myko is going to be a brand; y’all don’t even know it.”


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Late Nite Creep – Myko