Jon Schuyler- Brings ’90s Vibes With ‘199X’ EP


Singer/songwriter and Cincinnati native, Jon Schuyler pulls in R&B fans with his ode to the ’90s EP ‘199X.’ The intro to the project is Schuyler’s lead single. “Overrated.” The song chronicles the story of the independent woman making professional strides yet neglecting their true need for love and companionship. The projects explores plush vibes via production from LVL.

“What about them long nights, when you get home from your job /When you lay awake all night / Sure you don’t wanna open up your heart? / And I know…wanna get ahead / You don’t want a man coming in messing up…giving you a lot of stress / Love is such a process and you gotta start somewhere,” he sings.”

Listen to “Overrated” and the ‘199X’ EP below!