Monica Hosts ‘Code RED’ Listening Session In Atlanta


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Photo Credit: Freddy O

From Miss Thang to Code RED, Monica has delivered exceptional R&B and demonstrated her vocal prowess since the young age of 12. The powerhouse vocalist hosted a private listening session for her eighth studio album Code RED last night at the legendary Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, G.A. Media, DJs, artists, and tastemakers all had the opportunity to get a preview of the album before its release on September 18, 2015.

monica polow da don

Jeezy, who Monica refers to as her industry brother, also came out to show his support. Super producer Polow Da Don, who was one of the producers on the album, shared a lot of the behind the scene aspects behind the production of the tracks and Monica’s beautiful back story. Monica expressed that she named her album Code RED because she feels with R&B there is a state of emergency. She says with being only one person and one artist, she can’t change that by herself, however all of us together can make huge strides towards keeping the genre alive. She also explained that much of the album chronicles her experiences with love over the years and from her perspective as a happily married woman today. On one track, Monica sings about missing real music, and she lists several notable artists in the lyrics in hopes to expose this generation to real music and engage them enough to want to research the incredible artists from previous eras.

The chic red cut that Monica has been rocking is symbolic of the space she is in musically. It symbolizes her getting back to the bold, courageous, and fearless part of making music. Mo’ continues to tell her truths and life experiences through her new album.

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