Prozac Girl: Uppers and Downers

Undeniable Hot 97 FM is one of the hottest in the nation. The morning show with the sinister Star and blunted Bucwild was off the hook with a quick wit and tongues meant for lashing. Known for its controversial subject matter and on the spot surprises there was forcasting what might happen. Then, suddenly things […]

Undeniable Hot 97 FM is one of the hottest in the nation. The morning show with the sinister Star and blunted Bucwild was off the hook with a quick wit and tongues meant for lashing. Known for its controversial subject matter and on the spot surprises there was forcasting what might happen. Then, suddenly things changed. “The Star & Buc wild show was yanked off the air. In a heated disputed with the station Star walked out and so did his two co-hosts.

Prozac Girl, the third component of the successful team, tells her version of what happened at Hot 97, the controversial story behind Loon’s sudden exit from the station station and why she and Cam’ron had an on-air dispute. Although, these incidents was reported in the media they were wrought with speculation. Prozac Girl, kept it real and gave this exclusive and candid interview. In her own words: Alternatives: The name Prozac where did that misnomer come from?

Prozac Girl: Star gave me the name Prozac Girl on my second on-air audition. He gave it to me because I revealed that I was taking the anti-depressant Prozac.

AHHA: There is no promotional spots mentioning you as a radio host. What’s up with that?

Prozac Girl: My understanding is I was picked to be a part of the Star and Buc Wild Show based on my personality. I wasn’t chosen by HOT 97 for HOT 97 alone. And I guess some of my actions on the show made it clear that my allegiance was to Star. I felt like a member of that team and anything that threaten the team threaten me as well. I was really picked by Miguel Candelaria (the producer) and Star and the team overall. I remember during the auditions on air Star said that I was Miguel’s favorite. I owe a tremendous amount to Miguel. I can never repay him or Star for this opportunity.

Prozac Girl: As far as the show not being on the air at HOT 97 now, every listener knows Star always said on the air he had issues with HOT 97. I guess everything comes to pass in its own time.

AHHA: Since your departure from Hot 97 have there been any offers from other radio stations, books, movies, etc.,?

Prozac Girl: Well one of the things I’ve learned from Star is to have as many opportunities open to you as possible. I can’t really speak on specifics but there are several things you may see me pop up in shortly

AHHA: The story of how you got discovered by Hot 97 is an interesting and peculiar story. Do you want to elaborate on that?

Prozac Girl: Star and Buc Wild announced on Good Friday that they were looking for a female co-host. My friend, Shonyel, was driving through NY heard the announcement and called and woke me up. I made my entry right away and sent it in. A week later I was called in for my first on-air audition. The auditions began in April and went until the last week in July when the PD offered me the job.

AHHA: How do you keep listeners once you got them? What is the key to success and how did the Hot 97 Morning Show implement that?

Prozac Girl: Star’s show is very compelling. People listen whether they like the show or not because they are never sure what Star is going to say next. People also listen to the show because Star is not afraid to say what needs to be said. As far as success, everyone on our show contributes to the overall image. We are a perfect team. Star set the standard for success on his show when he started and the team just complements his vision and goals.

AHHA: What advise would you give those who are trying to get their break in the industry?

Prozac Girl: Follow your gut instinct. When I actually heard the ad for the co-host, I felt like the announcer was talking to me. Try not to get discouraged when it appears that things are not going your way.

AHHA: What is your most embarrassing moment on the air? Was it the time you were asked to give B2K members a lap dance?

Prozac Girl: Giving B2K lap dances wasn’t as embarrassing as the Lipstick Lesbian Date with Prozac Contest. The Lipstick Lesbian Contest started because Star kinda challenge me to go on a date with a girl if HOT 97 paid for it. I agreed cause free is always cool with me, and I am not homophobic. We posted the contest on the internet and took pictures. I think it was difficult at first because I noticed how people started to treat me differently at the station, wondering if I was gay. Even a HOT 97 jock asked me are you gay? I began to feel the pain and frustration that gays and lesbians go through. When I would host a party, sometimes people would come up and say that lesbian stuff isn’t true right? At first I was embarrassed, but then I became okay with it, because I saw how judgmental people really could be.

AHHA: So you use your marketing savvy skills to get them to sponsor it, what did you get and how did you do it?

Prozac Girl: I went to the sales department and got them to get sponsors. We did an on-air dating game, the winner would get to go to the HOT 97 April Fool’s Day Comedy Show with me, a Baby Phat outfit, gift bag and dinner at Justin’s. I came up with the concept and prize ideas. One of the sales reps, Letitia Sweat did the work securing the deals. Marketing is easy as long as you have a viable product and the right venue. The contest and show was great exposure for our clients.

AHHA: Your upfront style and persona led to individual getting kicked off the air or walking out of the studio. Can you elaborate on these situations and what really transpired? We hear alot but never from both sides. I would like to hear your ordeal.

Prozac Girl: Well, as far as Cam’rom goes, he was a guest hosting the show for a few days and I guess he had a different idea on how he wanted to do things, and our personalities just didn’t click. The short of it is, we ended up getting into a dispute on air because he asked me what kind of car I drive, and after first saying a hummer and a bike, I said a BMW 329. I was being sarcastic, he missed it and went off about me lying, since there is no such car. It was really messy. To his credit, he did call the station and apologize. I have nothing personal against Cam’ron.

As far as the other artist goes, he came to our studio as a guest of the guest co-host when Star was on suspension in April. I sensed a bit of tension on his part, which led to him disrespecting Star on the air so Miguel and I made the decision to ask him to exit the studio. Loyalty is a key word in our team and we can’t have someone disrespecting the captain in the home dugout, you know? I hear the artist and label aren’t too fond of me for that one.

AHHA: So what kind of car do you drive?

Prozac Girl: [Laughs] It is a non-bling American car. Something like a Chrysler or Dodge. I didn’t want to say because I didn’t want someone stalking me. Some jealous heiffer had already keyed it. I’m still looking for her or him.

AHHA: Well, I’m driving a pair of the Reebok “S. Carter signature line wit the 22” spinners. So I think I’m doing a little bit better then you.


AHHA: What are the prerequisites to be an on-air personality? I mean what does it takes besides hard work and determination.

Prozac Girl: Well the obvious answer would be a personality . . . communication skills, oral and written. I mean you can go to broadcasting school, which is ironically what I was trying to do 6 months before the announcement for the audition.

AHHA: Last Question: What is the most commonly held misconception about “Prozac Girl”?

Prozac Girl: The most commonly held misconception – I believe most people think that I am ashamed of my name or don’t like being called Prozac Girl. I guess the second most popular is that I’m gay, thanks to that contest. I love my name though.