The Last Word: Beyonce Gets Animated, Whitney Houston Sues Her Stepmom, and a TLC Movie In the Works?

Happy Easter weekend folks, on this Good Friday. It’s been a week to say goodbye to as more than 200 people were reportedly killed at the hands of a devastating earthquake in Italy, baseball season gets underway and Somali pirates making things tough for Obama by taking a U.S. captain hostage aboard the Maersk Alabama. […]

Happy Easter weekend folks, on this Good Friday. It’s been a

week to say goodbye to as more than 200 people were reportedly killed at the

hands of a devastating earthquake in Italy, baseball season gets underway and

Somali pirates making things tough for Obama by taking a U.S. captain hostage

aboard the Maersk Alabama.


Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of legendary

gospel singer, Winans family patriarch David “Pop” Winans, who died Wednesday

(April 8) at the age of 74. Congratulations to the North Carolina Tarheels, for

winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament with a victory over the Michigan



Shout out to Charlie Wilson, whose new album, Uncle


, debuted at Number One on

Billboard’s R&B Album chart and Number Two on the publication’s Pop Album

chart; Madonna who is stepping up to help the victims of the earthquake in

Italy with a reported $500,000 donation and the sounding boards for making sure

a brother has a guaranteed alternative to using the thumb or the foot.


Ok. Let’s keep it moving with…The Last Word for the week

ending April 10, 2009


1. Carlos Santana Offers High Solution For Recession


With bringing the troops home from Iraq, jumpstarting the

economy and changing the good ole boy system in Washington, Pres. Obama has his

hands full.


But Carlos Santana has a way to make things a little easier

on folks as he suggested the legalization of marijuana. According to the

singer, the action would be a good way of bringing in much needed income for

worthwhile endeavors.


“Legalize marijuana and take all that money and invest it in

teachers and in education,” Santana recently said in an interview. “You will

see a transformation in America.”


Although Obama downplayed the notion of the legalized drug

helping to pull the nation out of the recession during an online town hall last

month, Santana didn’t see anything wrong with it as feels that legalizing

marijuana is “really way overdue, like the prohibition with the alcohol and

stuff like that.”


“I really believe that as soon as we legalize and

decriminalize marijuana we can actually afford a really good governor who won’t

keep taking money away from education and from teachers and send him back to

Hollywood where he can do ‘D’ movies and we can get an ‘A’ governor,” said the

guitarist as he took a shot at California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Santana’s comments come as he gears up for his upcoming

stint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The show, which debuts

May 27, will run through 2010.


2. T-Boz Speaks on Girl Group Breakups and TLC Movie


As a member of one of the most successful girl groups ever,

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins knows a thing or two about working with members of the

same sex.


And being who she is, the entertainer had no trouble giving

her reasons behind the lack of girl groups in current R&B scene.


“I feel like girls are a###, b##### and bitter. They’re

jealous, envious and compete with each other even though they say they don’t.

It always brings issues,” T-Boz told “They can’t differentiate

that this is business, and we don’t have to be best friends. We just have to

work together. People have a hard time living with that, because it becomes

fake, and you have to keep up this whole facade, and you just can’t deal with

it and break up. At the end of the day, it’s about making money and having a

career. Nobody said you have to go home and hug every day. Some girls can’t

deal with that.”


T-Boz may have a point. You can’t help but love a woman that

speaks her mind. This is probably why T-Boz is courting offers regarding a TLC

movie. Although no solid cast members have been announced, the vocalist was

high on having Meagan Good or Kyla Pratt playing her.


As for Chili, T-Boz thought Black Voices’ Jawn Murray had

two good picks in Keshia Knight Pulliam or Tatyana Ali, while, Monique Coleman

from High School Musical says it’s her

dream to play Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, according to the interviewer.


So who would be perfect to play the members of TLC? I’m sure

there are are a few good actresses who would probably fit the bill. If you were

the director, how would it go down?


3. Whitney Houston Takes Stepmom to Court


Just when I thought Whitney was totally focused on working

on a new album, this comes to light.


Media sources report the songstress is countersuing her

stepmother to the tune of $1.6 million.


The suit stems from claims made by Whitney that Barbara

Houston owes her money for failing to pay the mortgage, tax and condo

association fees for the condominium she lived at in Fort Lee, NJ since 1987.


Apparently, Barbara fired the first shot in all of this when

she claimed Whitney improperly kept money from her father John Houston’s $1

million insurance policy after he died in 2003. 


The case has resulted in conflicting stories from lawyers on

both sides. According to Whitney’s attorney, Barbara Houston is not a poor,

elderly widow and that Whitney Houston should not have to subsidize her living

expenses. Barbara Houston’s lawyer counters his rival by mentioning a verbal

understanding that the condo belonged to his client.


No matter what, you can’t help but wonder what Whitney used

that insurance money for if her stepmom’s claims are true. Bobby isn’t around,

so what’s the deal? Let the educated guesses begin.


4. Beyoncé Inspires the Kids (and Adults) Through



Let it be said that Beyoncé has inspired many people.

Whether it’s her music or her acting, Mrs. Jay-Z has struck a nerve among

grown-ups who want to be just like her.


Now Bey is putting her talents to good use with her new role

on Nickelodeon’s popular animated kids’ show, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! reports the songbird is lending her voice

to play Shine, the lead singer of the The Wubb Girls, in four episodes.


According to Beyoncé, Shine is “a very sweet young lady.”

“Whenever Wubbzy needs a little help or a friend, she’s right there with The

Wubb Girlz to give him a helping hand. I think Shine is pretty cool.”


With Shine, Beyoncé hopes to inspire young fans to have a

love of music.


“Music is very, very important to me. It has given me so

much confidence and it’s given me purpose in my life,” said the singer, who

credits music with helping her avoid a lot of “negative things.” “I am so, so

lucky to be a musician.”


And with that comes a bit of advice for parents of those who

want to be the next Beyoncé. “I know it’s very difficult for a person to become

a professional singer,” Bey said. “But the best thing you can do for your child

is encourage them, help them, teach them, sing with them, make sure you go to

their performances.”


Beyoncé’s stint as Shine in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! kicks off on April 27.


5. Alec Baldwin Courts Michelle Obama For 30 Rock Cameo


Barack Obama may have rock star status among US and

international supporters, but his wife Michelle is creeping on a quick come up

as that female. How else can you explain joining Hilary Clinton and Jacqueline

Kennedy as the only other First Lady to have a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s?


And Alec Baldwin has taken notice. reports

that the actor is making a sincere effort in getting Mrs. Obama on his hit show

30 Rock.


“I would like Michelle Obama on 30 Rock. The President is on TV every day, all day. So we

want to get something different,” Baldwin told the site as he mentioned a

storyline he already has cooked up for Sasha and Malia’s mom. “I think my

character falls in love with Michelle Obama, of course. You know, if it doesn’t

work out with Barack…”


OK, Alec. I can relate to you digging Michelle. She’s a

knockout for sure. But Barack ain’t no punk. He may play it cool in public, but

you know that hood mentality can come out at anytime when it comes to his

woman. And having the secret service on call 24/7 only enhances the man’s

swagger and gangsta to hundred, thousand, trillion.


Yeah, it’s safe to safe that no one has swagger like Obama.

Anybody disagree?


In Other Words…


* Looks like George Lucas will have quite a cast for his

upcoming World War II epic Red Tails. Variety reports that Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard

have joined Ne-Yo, Method Man, Tristan Wilds, Bryan Cranston, Nate Parker,

Elijah Kelley, David Oyelowo, Lee Tergesen, Andre Royo and Jesse Williams for

the film, which centers on the young pilots who overcame institutional racism

in the military to form the Tuskegee Airmen. For those that don’t know, the

Airmen were the first African-American fighter pilots in U.S. military history.

The title of the action-adventure film came from the red-painted tails that of

the Tuskegee Airmen planes.


“I’ve been wanting to do Red Tails for 20 years, and we’ve finally got the means to

showcase the skill of the Tuskegee pilots,” said Lucas, who will serve as

executive producer on the Anthony Hemingway-directed feature. “We’re working on

techniques which will give us the first true look at the aerial dog-fighting of

the era.”


* Vivian Green is making her return to music with her

upcoming album with a new album that is slated to arrive in stores this summer.

The release, which is the follow-up to Green’s 2005 opus, Vivian, is part of a three-album deal the songbird inked

with E1 music. Green is best known for her hit singles “Emotional

Rollercoaster” and “Gotta Go Gotta Leave (Tired).”


* Hats off to Denzel Washington, who took a break from

filming his upcoming feature The Book of Eli, to give back to the Roswell Boys & Girls Club in New Mexico. The

Oscar winner, who serves as a spokes man for Boys & Girls Club of America,

donated $50,000 to the club after hearing reports of the place closing because

of financial problems. In addition, Washington challenged Roswell residents to

match his donation. The actor’s request seems to have struck a nerve as the

club’s director mentioned that some community groups and private donors are

stepping up to the plate as well as Easter New Mexico Medical Center, which

donated $5,000.


* Gnarls Barkley is leaning for more rock in their music as

members Cee-Lo Green and Danger Mouse are expressing a desire to work with

famed rock duo Oasis.


“I’ve been checking out the new Oasis album and it’s hot,”

Green admitted to WENN. “When I was in London I got to hang out with Noel

(Gallagher) and we had a big laugh. I’d like to do something iconic with them.”

No news yet on when this rock project will hit the surface.