The Last Word: Chris Brown Taps Madonna and Coldplay for New Project, Beyonce Is Too Scared For Kids, and Ne-Yo Covers Barbra Streisand?

Hello, good people. It’s the first official day of the silly season as the week closes out with everybody still eating or figuring out what to do with all the leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Obama introduces his economic team, while shoppers around the country are camping out and getting up too early in the morning to […]

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Hello, good people. It’s the first official day of the silly

season as the week closes out with everybody still eating or figuring out what

to do with all the leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Obama introduces his economic

team, while shoppers around the country are camping out and getting up too

early in the morning to take advantage of Black Friday weekend in all its



Congratulations to Usher, who is about to become a father

again. Shout out to Angela for accomplishing her mission and the sounding boards

for having their turkey and eating it too.


Here we go again with…the Last Word for the week ending Nov.

28, 2008.


1. Madonna and Coldplay Top Chris Brown’s Dream List


He’s worked with everyone from David Banner to Jordin

Sparks. And has had a pretty good 2008, to boot. So who’s the next entertainer

to collaborate with Chris Brown?


If the crooner had his way, he would select Madonna to work

with on his next album Graffiti. Brown

made his desire to do a dream duet with the Material Girl for earlier this week

as he told the Associated Press

that Graffiti will be his

“stepping stone from Chris Brown to superstar.”


And just for good measure, the 19-year-old singer dropped

Coldplay in there as another act he would love to get in the studio with. If he

can pull off getting Madge or Chris Martin and the boys on board for Graffiti, you won’t be able to tell Breezy anything.


I would tell him to see about working with Miley Cyrus for

some guaranteed dough, but Ri-Ri could put a halt to the payday in favor of keeping

her man exclusive only to her. Jealousy is a helluva drug to a young diva, you



2. Beyoncé Gets Traumatized Over Childbirth


Beyoncé may be able to adjust well to being Mrs. Jay-Z, but

the songstress is finding it hard to fully embrace the idea of taking the union

to the next logical step.


During her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show on

Tuesday, Bey revealed that her hesitation in having kids came from getting an

up-close look at the childbearing process through seeing little sister Solange

give birth in 2004.


“I was there in the delivery room and it kind of traumatized

me,” the singer/actress admitted. “I said please don’t have me in the room. And

she said, ‘You have to. I’m your sister. Stop being so silly.’ Well, I was



Despite her willingness to wait a bit before bringing her

own brood into the world, Beyoncé did tell Ellen that she does indeed want to

have kids.


“One day, maybe,” the singer said.


I can’t be mad at her for waiting to have kids, but if

Beyoncé waits to have kids as long as she waited to reveal details about her

marriage to Jigga, then the children could end up getting their first job as

caretakers for mom. Being driven is one thing, but don’t drive yourself to old

age without someone to carry on the legacy, Bey. Being “irreplaceable” only

holds up for so long.


3. Ne-Yo Hits the Stage in the name of Barbra Streisand


With her status among those in entertainment, Barbra

Streisand definitely has her share of admirers. Which makes it not much of a

surprise to find out that Beyoncé and Queen Latifah have committed to perform

one of Streisand’s hits when the revered singer is recognized next month at the

31st annual Kennedy Center Honors gala.


What may raise an eyebrow or three is the fact that Ne-Yo

has signed on for the tribute. A source tells E! Online that the 26-year-old

crooner will hit the stage to sing one of Streisand’s classics. Streisand,

along with Morgan Freeman, choreographer Twyla Tharp and Pete Townsend and

Roger Daltrey of the Who will be honored at the gala, which will take place

Dec. 7 in Washington DC.


OK, so Beyoncé is going to tackle “The Way We Were” and it

isn’t known what the Queen or Ne-Yo will sing for the event, which is slated to

air Dec. 30 on CBS. Let’s hope Schaffer will pick something that won’t fuel

those persistent gay rumors. No need for him to get any “closer” to that than

he needs to be.


4. Pam Grier Tops Black Voices Sexiest Actress List


In what is sure to cause disputes among the fellas, AOL’s

Black Voices has come out with its Top 30 Sexiest African-American Film

Actresses list. While names like Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan and Stacy Dash made

the cut, the site went back to rank throwback headturners like Dorothy

Dandridge, Nichelle Nichols and Jayne Kennedy on the list.

And with that in mind, the top spot went to none other than

the original Foxy Brown herself Pam Grier.


While I could say my peace on how Miss Grier gets better

with age by grabbing the #1 spot, check out the list for yourself and weigh in

on who you think deserves or didn’t deserve to be on the list. But anyway,

here’s the Black Voices list:


1. Pam Grier

2. Dorothy Dandridge

3. Halle Berry

4. Megan Good

5. Jayne Kennedy

6. Josephine Baker

7. Angela Bassett

8. Lela Rochon

9. Jada Pinkett-Smith

10. Gabrielle Union

11. Sanaa Lathan

12. Vanessa Williams

13. Beyonce

14. Janet Jackson

15. Nia Long

16. Zoe Saldana

17. Diahann Carroll

18. Lynn Whitfiled

19. Lisa Raye

20. Kerry Washington

21. Tamara Dobson

22. Stacey Dash

23. Lauren London

24. Vanity

25. Eartha Kitt

26. Nichelle Nichols

27. Paula S. Patton

28. Robin Givens

29. Vivica A. Fox

30. Tracy Camilla Johns


Honorable Mention:

Thandie Newton (WTF?! An honorable mention for Thandie Newton?! She definitely

should’ve made the list. This truly doesn’t do her justice at all.)


5. The Temptations Kick off the Christmas Season


Now that the Christmastime is upon us, I figured I’d get

people in that frame of mind with a classic Christmas song. And what better way

to set it off than with the Temptation’s version of “Silent Night.” I don’t

know about you, but the holidays just aren’t complete without hearing this



So with that in mind, I’ll be posting a different classic

every week until Christmas Day. If these songs don’t get you ready, I don’t

know what will. Enjoy the Temps!Silent Night – Temptations


In Other Words…


* If you’re not getting with the usual Christmas music that

is played everywhere, you can switch it up with a new Christmas CD from Ledisi.

The 12-song album, titled It’s Christmas,

is available now in stores and offers original material as well as remakes of

seasonal jazz and pop standards.


* Looks like Arsenio Hall has found life after dominating

late-night TV with his talk show in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The entertainer, who has

appeared sporadically with acting roles on the small screen, has signed on to

lend his voice to the animated film Color City. The film, which also features the voices of Rosie Perez, Craig

Ferguson, and Christina Ricci, revolves around a group of crayons that join

forces to stop a tyrant from robbing their world of color.


* Justin Timberlake’s new single, “Follow My Lead” will do

more than make your head nod. The song, which is available exclusively for

download on the crooner’s website, is helping a good cause as proceeds from the

track will go to the Shriners Hospitals for Children.


* It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Naomi Campbell,

but the supermodel is making news for a new photo show featuring more than 50

photographs and several illustrations of her. According to the Associated

Press, top ranked photographers such as

Arthur Elgort, Albert Watson and Steven Meisel all contributed pictures for the

retrospective, which is part of a larger exhibit called In Fashion Photo. The

photo show will run from Dec. 2-7 at Art Photo Expo Miami.


*  Looks like

Amy Winehouse has returned to the hospital for another encore. A spokesperson for

the embattled singer revealed that Winehouse was admitted to the London Clinic

on Sunday (Nov. 23) and is being treated for a reaction to medication. No word

on what specific medication caused the reaction. Just another day for Amy with

no serious rehab in sight. Somebody let me know when she gets serious about

music again.