The Last Word: Irv Gotti Preps Life Without Ashanti, Beyonce Talks Past Weight Problem, and Idris Elba Sings?

What’s the deal, everybody? Another week gone by, a little gas money made with Obama pushing Congress to pass a credit card reform bill to protect consumers. Michael Phelps getting back into the pool after taking time off, and Chrysler closing 789 dealerships as part of its restructuring plan. It was just another week in […]

What’s the deal, everybody? Another week gone by, a little

gas money made with Obama pushing Congress to pass a credit card reform bill to

protect consumers. Michael Phelps getting back into the pool after taking time

off, and Chrysler closing 789 dealerships as part of its restructuring plan. It

was just another week in paradise.


Thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends of Detroit

Pistons/Original Dream Team coach Chuck Daly, who died Saturday (May 9) of

pancreatic cancer. Congratulations to comedian Wanda Sykes who welcomed twins,

a boy and girl, into the world with her wife, Alex.


Shout out to Chrisette Michele, who captured the number one

spot on the Billboard 200 with her latest album Epiphany and the sounding boards for slowing down long enough

for the little things in life.


This is….The Last Word for the week ending May 15, 2009.


1. Beyoncé Reveals Chubby Challenge; Keeps Jay-Z Within a

Finger’s Reach


To many people, Beyoncé is the definition of

perfection.  She’s beautiful, has a

great singing voice, acting experience under her belt and a great body to boot.

But before the fame, the millions of fans and being the object of many a

fantasy, the songstress was overweight while going through what she called an

“ugly” stage during her childhood.


“Of course I’ve had an ugly period. When I was around 10 or

11, my mother gave me this really ugly haircut and I was really, really

chubby,” Beyoncé revealed to Glamour magazine.

“So chubby that my family used to all lay me down flat so they could zip up my

jeans. It took four of them and I would lie there on the bed while they all got

to it.”


Four people?! 

That seems to be a bit beyond chubby.


Fortunately, Bey managed to take off the pounds and even

find a soulmate in her husband Jay-Z. Despite initially keeping her

relationship with Jigga under a cloud of mystery, the vocalist is bit more open

as she keeps Jay close to her during her current world tour.


How you ask, considering that Jay is not a part of the

outing. Well, it’s as simple as looking at Beyoncé’s hands to see that she the

letters J-A-Y appliquéd on her index, middle and ring fingers. As for the

thumb, Bey saved that for mini likeness of her husband, who is wearing a cocked

Yankees cap and cocky smile.


“It’s nothing. They’re just reminders,” a bashful Beyoncé

told Marie Claire magazine while

admitting what the finger medications reminder her of. “Happiness. They just

make me smile when I’m working.”


If that ain’t love, then I really don’t know what is. Be

careful Bey. It’s always possible things could get rocky. Let’s hope that tat

isn’t an acronym for Jay Ain’t Yours.


2. Irv Gotti Prepares for Life After Ashanti


Known as the Princess of Hip Hop and R&B, Ashanti could

do no wrong at the label formerly known as Murder Inc. But times have changed

as Inc. head Irv Gotti revealed that Ashanti’s reign at the label is ending.


“The relationship has run its course,” he told MTV while

stating that he and Ashanti are “in two totally different places.” “…My views

and philosophies and her views and philosophies are not meeting up.”


“We don’t really speak or talk or anything like that,” continued

Gotti. “It’s sad in a way. But in another, it’s like it’s all good.”


As one of the people responsible for Ashanti’s success,

Gotti noted how Ashanti opted for a change regarding her latest release The

Declaration. According to the music exec,

the singer’s popularity stemmed from the energy created with working with



“I personally believe for her to be successful, it took the

energy … The music was great, but it was the energy that was created,” the

VH1 reality show star said. “It wasn’t just her standing there and singing a



Overall, Gotti believes that it will be a challenge for

Ashanti to regain the footing she once held without the longstanding support

and tag-team effort in the studio.


“I don’t think she can win. She needs some guidance with

that. But she’s not thinking like that,” Gotti said as he admitted that he

doesn’t know what Ashanti is thinking now. “So that relationship has run its

course and honestly, I’m gonna just drop her.”


Crazy. It’s funny how when the well runs dry so does the

entire relationship. So Irv, Gott Milk?


3. Ciara Comes Clean About Her Tall Past


It’s always nice to know that celebrities are regular people

like you and me. But since they’re more out there and making way more money

than me, then it’s easy to think they don’t worry about the same things we do.


Beyoncé may have had weight problems, but Ciara’s challenge

centered on being tall for her age. Case in point: the singer’s childhood as

she admitted to being “insecure about being tall.”


“When I was younger, it seemed like all the cute girls in

school were shorter,” the 5’8” songbird revealed to USA Today. “Now I love my height. It’s like, ‘OK, girl –

it’s beautiful, embrace it, love it.’ It’s all good.”


All good indeed. Especially now that Ciara has made another

side of her self known with the debut of the sexy cartoon figure that’s found

on album art for the singer’s latest album Fantasy Ride.


She is called Super C, “which is also my nickname,” said

Ciara, who added that Super C should not be labeled as her alter ego. “She’s my

superhero character, and the superhero in all of us. She’s the inner strength and

drive that we need to overcome obstacles.”


4. Idris Elba Walks the Musical Wire; Wants to be the

First Black James Bond


The actor is clearly looking to give fans another side of

him with an official foray into music. Elba, who records under the name Driis,

tells that 2009 will be the year that he will emerge as a musician.


“My personal agenda has always been about musical

ambitions,” Elba told the web site. “Music’s a jealous b**ch – I want to

take time out (from acting) to finish the album.”


As for his musical style, Elba described as “a hybrid,

everything from drum ‘n’ bass to jazz.” And while he has a slew of famous

friends (Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Busta Rhymes), don’t expect any of them to show up on

the actor’s forthcoming album.


“That’d be corny,” said Elba, who stated that he doesn’t

talk to his famous peers about his music. “Actors doing music is a cliché, so

my plan is to tour small venues and festivals in Europe next year – along with

my band the Trampions – the route musicians go down.”


As of right now, Elba has already released one song (“The

Best I Can”) to DJs. The actor plans to release a single called “Please Be

True’” in July, with a full album to follow later this year.


In other Idris news, the seeds are being planted for the

imminent arrival of the first Black James Bond. The question is who rightfully

deserves 007 status with a license to kill.


If you ask Idris, it’s him.


“I’ve got what it takes to do it,” the former Stringer Bell

explained to The Daily Record.  “I can run around, flirt with ladies

and drink. Plus, I am English.”


Sound convincing? If Elba isn’t suited to play Bond, maybe

Will Smith could do it. Or Jamie Foxx or P. Diddy?


“Puff probably lives the most like James Bond and Jamie Foxx

got the swagger for James Bond. He can sing too, so he can add a new element to

Bond, wooing the ladies,” Smith told WENN as he put his two cents on what qualifies

him for the iconic role. “But I think I can guarantee the box office!”


And there you have it. Until filmmakers actually go about

making this reality. Who do you think is worthy enough to play James Bond? I

say none of the above. With Bond laying pipe in the movies now we need to

mention the 57th passenger Sun Tzu . None other than Wesley Snipes. Swag and

Class. Don’t forget to count the pimples on her booty.


In Other Words…


* Although Angelina Jolie hasn’t posed any threat to women

with guys since being with Brad Pitt, at least one person is making sure her

famous husband doesn’t get taken with the actress. In case you’re wondering who

the husband is, it’s none other than Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy.


According to WENN, the sci-fi icon’s wife, Sue, has vowed to

fight Jolie for Leonard’s affections after Angelina admitted to having a crush

on Nimoy’s most famous character during an appearance on Comedy Central’s The

Daily Show.


“I was focused on Spock…he was so repressed, and I just

wanted to make him scream,” Jolie said.


Mrs. Nimoy wasn’t having that, considering the fact that

she’s been married to Leonard for 21 years. “I’m devoted to making him scream

too,” she said.


Now that’s a picture I can do without. However, Angelina can

make me scream anytime.


* Jennifer Lopez is making her return to music via her new

song, “What Is Love.” According to, the upbeat and catchy tune is

“vintage J.Lo.”


* After making you laugh on the big screen and showing you

his dramatic side on the small screen, Anthony Anderson is giving fans

something a little different as the host of the Golf Channel’s upcoming news

magazine, Golf in America. The show will

include original, newsworthy stories related golf as the network’s Senior Vice

President of programming, production and operations Tom Stathakes revealed it

will focus on “real stories, real lives and real people … soldiers, kids and

celebrities (who) come from all different walks of life but can share the same

passion for the game of golf.”


Celebs lined up for future Golf in America episodes include Justin

Timberlake, Donald Trump, Jerry Weintraub, Greg Norman and Chris Evert.


* Actress/comedian Aisha Tyler is headed back to the small

screen with reports of being recruited by ABC to host a talk show. According to

The Hollywood Reporter, The

Aisha Tyler Show is described as a hybrid

that will incorporate aspects of a traditional talk show with comedic political

commentary, produced comedy segments and other elements usually associated with

late-night shows. In addition, viewers and fans of the show can communicate

with Tyler through Facebook and Twitter, among other platforms. The

ABC-produced pilot for the show is being developed for syndication and cable.

* When we last checked in with Zoe Saldana, she confessed to

her mother convincing her to go out for the role of Lt. Uhura in the new Star

Trek movie. This week, Zoe breaks down the

ins and outs of doing a hot love scene with the new Capt. Kirk (aka Chris

Pine). FYI: It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


“There’s nothing sexual about shooting a sex scene, you must

know!” Saldana confessed to Latina

magazine. “You are sweating your ass off under the lights, or you’re freezing.

You’re hungry, or you’re bloated and gassy because they had pizza on the set

that day.”


Real enough talk for you? TMI?  So much for the glamour of moviemaking.