The Last Word: J.Holiday & Ne-Yo Get Arrested!

NE-YO ARRESTED!According to reports, Ne-Yo was arrested (see the mug shot) for speeding, driving reckless and not having a valid license when he was allegedly pushing over 100 mph in his 06 Range Rover.The R&B singer/ songwriter, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, was arrested early Tuesday for reckless driving in Cobb County, reported.Despite the […]

NE-YO ARRESTED!According to reports, Ne-Yo was arrested (see the mug shot) for speeding, driving reckless and not having a valid license when he was allegedly pushing over 100 mph in his 06 Range Rover.The R&B singer/ songwriter, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, was arrested early Tuesday for reckless driving in Cobb County, reported.Despite the minor setback, Ne-Yo is working on music with Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis, and Craig David. He’s rumored to be working on Michael Jackson’s upcoming album. J.HOLIDAY GET ARRESTED!Looks like J. Holiday joined his R&B counterpart Ne-Yo after the long arm of the law arrested him. Two Maryland State Police officers reportedly pulled the singer-that-looks-like-a-rapper over last night about 10:30 pm as he traveled from the University of Maryland Easter Shore. The two cars in the caravan were reportedly moving extremely fast and officers pulled them over. The police charge that they saw and smelled marijuana in the car. J. Holiday and fellow traveler George Jackson face drug possession charges. Another man was arrested in traffic related charges. The arrest occurred with the cooperation of the police. THE LAST WORD – Monday-Friday!What it is, good people? The weekend is upon us, and I couldn’t be more ready. With everything from Fidel Castro resigning after ruling Cuba for five decades to the 143 million pounds of beef being recalled to boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. breaking the nose of a WWE Superstar the Big Show at the company’s No Way Out pay per view, it’s safe to say that two days of rest are in order. When you’re done resting, there’s always the contest for Ciara’s new dancer. Check it out.  Shout to the sounding boards for being the friends that I get a little help from.  So now I give you…the Last Word for the week ending Feb. 22, 2008. 1. R. Kelly vs. George and Regina Daniels: Round Two I knew it was only a matter of time before R. Kelly invaded the Last Word again. And the Pied Piper did not disappoint. Only this time, he’s doing damage control after former friend and music industry veteran George Daniels confirmed all those rumors that Kells was having relations with his daughter Maxine last week during an interview with Los Angeles radio station KJLH. “He crossed the line with my daughter,” Daniels said. “It didn’t get to the extreme of that [sex tape] video or else I wouldn’t be here, if you know what I’m talking about.” Needless to say, news of the confirmation has become the hot topic of the week. So much so that Kelly came out to set the record straight by implying that the relationship was encouraged by George Daniels’ wife Regina, who was working as Kelly’s publicist at the time. To hear Kells tell it, it was Regina who got the ball rolling by slipping Maxine the singer’s private phone number.  But wait, there’s more. Apparently Maxine weighed in on everything this week as she told the Chicago Sun-Times that she takes “full responsibility for my actions.” And that she kept the relationship a secret from her parents because both Kelly and her knew they would disapprove.  Maxine goes on to say that she got caught up in Kelly’s “charming and generous ways” and that the relationship was terminated after rumors began surfacing about the couple. She also cleared up the story about how she got the crooner’s cell phone number by stating it was Kells, not Regina who gave her the number.  And to make things more interesting, the Sun-Times reported Monday (Feb. 16) that a member of Kelly’s camp accused Regina Daniels of seeking “a healthy six-figure settlement from Kelly to go away quietly.”  Naturally, Regina denied the claim saying, “It sounds good, but it NEVER happened. I never contacted R. Kelly or attempted to contact R. Kelly or anyone in his camp regarding any money or any financial settlement or severance.” I’ll leave the comments to you guys on this one. I’m tired and confused with all the twists and turns of this case. Somebody get me when they finally put Kelly under the jail. Karma is truly a m.f. 2. PETA Wages War On Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin doesn’t seem to be making many new friends lately. First, Beyonce’s dad Matthew Knowles fires back at her for criticizing Bey’s introduction of Tina Turner at the Grammys. Now the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to add their two cents. It seems the Queen of Soul has become public enemy number one in the eyes of PETA after wearing fur at this year’s Grammys. So much that the organization is taking shots at Franklin’s royal title while asking her to quit wearing fur for good. “Music lovers may think of you as a ‘queen,’ but to animal lovers, you are a court jester,” PETA spokesperson Dan Matthews wrote in a statement. “Why not shed the old-fashioned look that adds pounds to your frame and detracts from your beautiful voice? Please consider donating your furs to the homeless as ‘queen of compassion’ Mariah Carey did. You’ll get a tax credit for the donation, and we at PETA will all sing your praises.” And if that wasn’t enough to grab Franklin’s attention, PETA fired another round at the diva by giving her the title of this year’s worst-dressed celebrity.  “… you looked as if you were going to perform ‘I Am the Walrus’ by the Beatles,” said the organization, which labeled her Grammy attire as “yet another vulgar fur.” “You might be a queen, but you don’t know jack about compassion…How ’bout some R-E-S-P-E-C-T for animals?”  Say what you will, but at least Franklin isn’t alone. She joins fellow offenders Marilyn Manson, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue and Eva Longoria on the list.  Although Alicia Keys threw up a white flag after PETA attacked her for sporting fur, I don’t see the Aretha surrendering that easily. Look for war to be waged as she goes all out to defend the honor and tradition built by years of divadom. Get the armor and the troops ready and bring a lunch. This could be a minute.  3. Patti LaBelle Gets Hairy with New Line of Wigs  She may not be burning up the charts, but Patti LaBelle is staying busy as she takes on new hustle with her own line of wigs and hair pieces. Yes, you too can look just like Miss Patti. reports that the singer’s Patti LaBelle Collection will feature nine styles designed by LaBelle herself. Among those available are Ageless Beauty, Black Majesty, Dynamite Diva, Enchanted Evening, Flame and Sunday’s Best in synthetic hair; and Lady LaBelle, Patti Fab, and Sassy LaBelle in 100 percent human hair.The line will be available exclusively in the Especially Yours catalog and on the company’s website, “I love to change my hair often and wigs and hairpieces allow me to do this,” said LaBelle, “I’ve always wanted my own premium collection and Especially Yours has transformed my ideas for styles into real products,” said LaBelle. First hot sauce, then reality TV. Now this. I have only one question: When is Patti gonna hustle some music? The side gigs are cool, but don’t forget your day job.  4. Singing Takes Backseat to Dancing for Mario Is it me or are celebrities who appear on Dancing With the Stars past their prime? Apparently not, if you ask Mario. The 21-year-old crooner, who’s enjoying the success of his latest single “Cryin’ Out For Me,” just broke the pattern by becoming part of the new cast of contestants for the new season of Dancing With the Stars.  Among those competing against Mario will be former Man Show host Adam Carolla, Tony winner Marissa Jaret Winokur, actor Steve Guttenberg, American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth and Olympic Gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, Elvis’ wife Priscilla Presley, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin.and tennis great Monica Seles.  Although the line up looks interesting, I’m not into Dancing With the Stars enough to watch the show. I’ll leave that to the die-hards. But if I hear something about Mario doing the hammertime dance like Emmett Smith, I’ll go all out and say his 15 minutes of fame may be about to run out.  In the meanwhile, you can enjoy Mario’s latest album Go, which is in stores now.  5. Mya Heads Back to Chicago via Broadway Looks like Mya is joining Fantasia and Patti as another singer who’s putting her day job on hold to pursue a second source of income.  The Grammy winner is slated to join the Tony Award-winning revival of Kander and Ebb’s popular Broadway play Chicago in May.  The singer, who played Mona in the Rob Marshall-directed film version of Chicago, will take on the role of merry murderess Velma Kelly in her theatrical run.  For the show’s producer Barry Weissler, Mya’s addition comes as a true accomplishment.  “She is a true triple-threat – a wonderful actor, an amazing singer, and an insanely talented dancer,” he said in a statement. “She has an incredible sense of drive, intensity and showmanship that I’m confident will make her portrayal of Velma Kelly unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”  Mya joins an ensemble production that currently includes Bianca Marroquin as Roxie Hart, Brenda Braxton as Velma Kelly, John Schneider as Billy Flynn, Ron Orbach as Amos Hart and Roz Ryan as Matron “Mama” Morton.  Look for the Washington, DC native to make begin her Broadway stint on May 12 at the Ambassador Theatre, and continue on through July 13.  I say again, can a brother get some new music from these artists?