The Last Word: Nicole Scherzinger Caresses, Mya Pets, While Lindsay Lohan Turns Down Timbaland and Ne-Yo?

What’s cookin’ folks? Five days marked off as we wonder about American Airlines leaving travelers angry after canceling hundreds of flights, to China protestors making things difficult for people carrying the Olympic torch. Plus the group of teenage girls who face adult jail time after beating down a former friend for talking trash about them […]

What’s cookin’ folks? Five days marked off as we wonder about American Airlines leaving travelers angry after canceling hundreds of flights, to China protestors making things difficult for people carrying the Olympic torch. Plus the group of teenage girls who face adult jail time after beating down a former friend for talking trash about them on her MySpace site, and the polygamist compound in Texas that’s being investigated for physical and sexual child abuse Get well wishes go out to singer Toni Braxton, who was released from the hospital after going for chest pains Monday (April 7) night. Congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyonce, who finally got married last week after six years of courtship. Shout out to the Kansas Jayhawks and the Tennessee Lady Volunteers for winning the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball tournaments and the sounding boards for being the friends I can get a little help from. Here’s the scoop…the Last Word for the week ending April 11, 2008 1. Ne-Yo and Timbaland Compete for Lindsay Lohan Album Time Fresh out of rehab and Lindsay Lohan is out to get the wheels rolling her comeback. So if that’s the case, then why does it look like she doesn’t want to enlist Timbaland and Ne-Yo to work on her new album? The actress’ label Universal is trying to pull out the stops, but Lohan has already canceled two planned meetings with Timbo and refused to accept a few tracks Ne-Yo submitted. Still, the crooner is keeping hope alive that he will work with Lindsay and one of his tracks will be accepted. Nevertheless, Ne-Yo does admit that it’s going to be a challenge to come up with the right track for the embattled star, as he revealed that he doesn’t “know how to write for Lindsay Lohan. I don’t know what Lindsay Lohan is doing right now. But it’s a challenge, so I’mma give her my best.” That’s cool, Ne-Yo. We don’t know what Lindsay’s doing right now either. If she isn’t being captured late at night partying or drunk somewhere ready to crash somebody’s vehicle, then we’re just as in the dark as you. Let’s just cut to the chase and give those tracks to someone who can definitely use them.Anybody got Olivia’s number? 2. Mya Tours for the Life of Pets Loving your fans is a natural thing for any entertainer. After all, they’re the ones that dictate whether you’re on the charts or on the shelf. But Mya is taking things a step further by encouraging her fans to catch her on a different type of tour. The North Shore Animal League America Tour for Life, which kicked off last week, is a month-long venture between the League and various animal shelters around the country that promotes the importance of adopting dogs and cats in an effort to save pets’ lives. The trek is scheduled to land in more than 20 cities. Mya, who is the Tour for Life spokesperson, will be on hand for the tour’s final stop at FAO Schwarz in New York City on April 26. The eighth annual event will feature celebrities who will be perched in the toy store windows with frolicking puppies. 3. Ray J Enjoys Sex Tape Fame; Dreaming of Music Stardom A hot single (“Sexy Can I”). A new album dropping this week (All I Feel). If it were any other artist but Ray J, it would be a good time. But the question is can Brandy’s little brother get back to being known for his day job instead of his moonlighting as an amateur p### star in his infamous sex video with Kim Kardashian? Ask Ray J and the answer is a confident “yes” as he is focused on regaining his foothold in the R&B and acting universe. But is it worth letting all the attention he’s gotten from his adult video fame fall by the wayside? I guess not as Ray J described the energy around him and his movement as being “very sensual, sexual.” What movement? Did I miss something? Sure you passed up the chance to be, as he told the Associated Press, the “face of the X-rated world” and make your mark behind the scenes by directing p#####, but can we move forward and seriously get on with the music? If an X-rated video is all you need to break in to the business, then groupies need to step their game up and modernize their episodes with the stars. That’s my “One Wish” for Ray J. No disrespect, but when is Brandy coming back? I’m ready for big sister to deliver some certified hits. We miss you lady. 4. Alicia Keys Goes to the Motherland for New Documentary If you saw Wednesday’s American Idol: Idol Gives Back broadcast on Fox, then you caught a portion of Alicia Keys’ traveling overseas in her new documentary Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland. The film, which is available for free online at, and, captures the Grammy winner visiting communities affected by HIV and AIDS during a month-long trip to Africa. For Keys, the Earle Sebastian-directed documentary offers viewers the chance to “learn as I learn” in an effort to become inspired enough to help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. “Let’s change this nightmare into our generation’s greatest success story,” she said. To further spread her message, Keys will screen the Alicia in Africa trailer before each concert on her upcoming American tour, which kicks off April 19 in Virginia. Artists stepping up for a cause. Gotta love it. 5. Nicole Scherzinger Goes Retro for Caress Body Wash Times must really be hard for a Pussycat Doll. Former PCD front woman Nicole Scherzinger took a break from working on her solo album to help established beauty brand Caress launch its Caress® Brazilian Exotic Oil Infusions body wash. The company debuted Scherzinger’s ode their new product,”Rio (Caress Brazilian Mix),” Tuesday (April 8) on its web site The track, which is a remake of the Duran Duran ‘80s hit “Rio,” embodies what makes Brazil a hot destination for travelers, according to the songbird. “Brazil is all about smooth moves, vivacious sounds and beautiful skin,” said Scherzinger, who admitted that “Rio” is her favorite Duran Duran song. “Just like the new Caress Brazilian body wash, it’s sexy, spirited and will inspire women to unleash the enchantment of Brazil.” That’s fine, Nicole, but when are you going to be inspired to unleash that album? Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a jingle singer like her? Uhhhh no. Quit the night job and get back in the studio. Fifteen minutes won’t last forever, you know. Don’t let the talent go to waste. Did you hear that…  Keith Sweat has enlisted producer Teddy Riley and Keyshia Cole to help him unleash new ways for guys to beg for that love with his forthcoming album Just Me, which hits stores May 6. The songstress is featured on the song “Love You Better.” Cassie is coming back on the scene with her new album, which is due out in September. According to Diddy, fans should expect a better version of the singer as admitted that she entered the music arena without proper preparation. Let’s hope Cassie can build upon the success of her self-titled debut album. TLC’s Chili has a new song out after years of making us wait. The track, titled “Dumb Dumb Dumb,” is described as an ‘08 version of her former group’s classic hit “No Scrubs” as it calls out ex-boyfriends and wannabes. Just what us guys need. More reason to feel good about ourselves.