Vistoso Bosses: Delirious Style

Today we label people “punk,” “hipster” and “skater,” but soon there will be an addition to the Pop vernacular called Vistoso, Spanish for beautiful and colorful. Behind the Vistoso movement are two trendsetters from Atlanta, GA – aptly titled Vistoso Bosses – that haven’t even graduated high school yet. After a discussion about their love […]

Today we label people “punk,” “hipster” and “skater,” but

soon there will be an addition to the Pop vernacular called Vistoso, Spanish

for beautiful and colorful. Behind the Vistoso movement are two trendsetters

from Atlanta, GA – aptly titled Vistoso Bosses – that haven’t even graduated high school yet.

After a discussion about their love for music, Kelci and

Taylah.P decided to become a duo and strive for a career in music. In order

for their parents to take them seriously, the girls took the MARTA bus and

asked for rides to the studio whenever they had the time. With the support of

their musically inclined family and faith within their own talents, the Vistoso

Bosses were born and have garnered respect throughout their fan base thanks to

YouTube videos, MySpace, and their label Collipark/Interscope Records.

The duo is proving that teen girls are beyond what can be

assumed about the younger generation. These days the Vistoso Bosses are

promoting teen awareness by installing The Ultimate Young Lady Sorority into

their movement where they encourage teen girls to become respectable young

ladies without losing their freedom to be themselves. With the development of

their debut album Confetti, the Vistoso

Bosses are determined to make being a teen fun again. Alternatives: So you guys are from Atlanta, but your style is nothing like the

styles that come out of that region. Have you ever felt like people had to

label you in order to figure out what type of music you create?

Kelci: I don’t think

so. We have an eclectic sound and it’s really different. It’s kind of

Pop/Hip-Hop since we both rap and sing. We made a sound from our producer, St.

James. We just came together and made a team and we sound very different.

Taylah.P: Coming

from Atlanta it’s not really like this even with our clothes, so it’s really

different. We didn’t feel a lot of pressure. People would give us weird looks

and say things about us, but we don’t feel the need to change who we are

because this is what we want to do and we know this is what is going to get us

out there. With our music, once people see us and the listen to our music

they are like, “This sounds different, but it’s hot!” So [our music] is making

them step outside of their boxes as well.

AHHA: Who were some

of your influences that helped you make your music?

Taylah.P: We go

from Jonas Brothers to Lil Wayne. We listen to everything, but we aren’t just

inspired by one artist or one type of music. We are inspired by everything

around us, everyday situations and all of that contributes to our writing

because we do write our own music. Sometimes we’ll write together and

sometimes we’ll write our own parts.

AHHA: How did you

guys meet? You both seem like you’re best friends.

Kelci: We are

actually related, we are cousins. We’ve known each other since we were in our

mothers’ stomachs and they did music. Our family is very talented. They were

either artists, producers, or they played instruments. We grew up around music

and we took it from there. We really have a passion for music.


supportive is your family with your music? Sometimes younger artists don’t

really have support from their families at first because their family has

already envisioned their future to be something not related to music.

Taylah.P: Our

family is really, really supportive, especially our moms. When we go on trips

they are always with us. They never pressured us about doing school more or

doing music more. They wanted us to stay in both. They told us that if this is

what we wanted to do we were going to have to commit to both of them. They are

really supportive about everything especially our moms because at one point in

time they were in our situation.

AHHA: You guys are

boy crazy and I’m not referring to your song “Boy Crazy” and “Delirious.”

What’s going on with your dating situation?

Taylah.P: Honestly,

we don’t have any dating situations because we are focused more on music, but

we used to be boy crazy. We used to just go insane! We would see a cute boy

and just freak out, couldn’t focus, grabbed each other and fall all over the

place, screaming and yelling acting like five year old kids! I don’t know what

that was but we just went through a phase.

Kelci: I was really

talking about a boy in my school at the time. We really are boy crazy but a

lot of people don’t think we are. We really wrote “Boy Crazy”.

AHHA: “Boy Crazy”

is one of the most popular songs out of your collection so far. You guys have

a great following because of that, your skits, and your videos. How do you

feel about your following so far?

Taylah.P: It’s

great, especially for the young ladies following us, because we created the

U.Y.L. (Ultimate Young Lady) Sorority. That’s something that’s really special

to us because we are Ultimate Young Ladies. A lot of people think we just made

it up for a marketing strategy, but it’s all about girl power. There are a lot

of dudes but there aren’t a lot of positive young females out there for little

girls to look up to and we wanted to be a positive role model.

It’s all about being loyal to your friends. Teenage girls

always have the most drama. They can’t get along because they are talking to

other girls boyfriends or they are jealous, mostly boy trouble. With Ultimate

Young Ladies, she’s loyal to her friends, she respects herself and she respects

other people. That’s what it’s all about, so we’re very happy that we pulled in

all the females to be our fans and be our supporters.

Kelci: Also, the

rules to being an Ultimate Young Lady are: No faking. No hating. No

ex-boyfriend dating.

Taylah.P: Also the

motto for U.Y.L. is, “Ultimate Young Ladies don’t compete because there is no


AHHA: What do you

guys like to do besides make YouTube videos and take pictures with your camera


Taylah.P: Taking

pictures? That’s my ultimate favorite thing. We like to go shopping, but most

of the time l like to spend time with mom and my little brother, he’s three. When

everyone is at work, me and him chill all the time. He’s like my best friend

and he’s there with me everyday all day.

Kelci: Well, I have

school and when I’m not working on the music then I’m with my mom.

AHHA: So you guys

are working on an album. What is it about?

Taylah.P: The name

of our album is called Confetti. That basically just describes

us. When you think of confetti you think of parties, the colors, it being

thrown in the air all over the place—that describes us. We’re very

colorful and we like to party. The songs, we’re writing a lot on the album.

We’re also writing with LayLow, Billy Hume, St. James and Avant wrote a song

for us. Our album is something teens and adults could relate to it.

Kelci: It’s teen

music. That’s what it is.

AHHA: Sometimes

this music life can take people away from reality and it brings them down.

Have you both ever contemplated what your “Plan B” might be?

Taylah.P: That’s so

weird that you said that because me and Kelci were just talking about that.

the more and more we meet new people the more we see how easy it is to lose

yourself and to get a big head. After everything we do, Kelci and I have to

talk. After this interview we’ll talk about it. We don’t want to get cocky and

let it go too far, so we talk to each other to keep each other grounded. If

we’re mad at each other it doesn’t work. First we try to keep the chemistry

good with each other then everything else will be fine. If I’m tripping one

day, she’ll let me know. If she’s tripping then I’ll tell her, “Kelci, you’re

tripping out. Come back to reality.”

AHHA: What is your

biggest fear about this lifestyle?

Kelci: Mainly,

somebody getting in the way between us and we end up separating.

Taylah.P: We just

want to make sure that we stay together and nothing ever happens between us.

At the end of the day we’re still family. We’re friends. That’s why we

always talk to each other so we remain grounded.**To get the latest AllHipHop Alternatives Features, follow us on Twitter @**