EXCLUSIVE Video: D.U.B.B. Talks ‘Don’t Take Days Off’


VideographerFrsk Purple

An Athens Park ambassador, Quincey “D.U.B.B.” White is South Central, Los Angeles. The lights, camera, and action of South Central mock those of Hollywood’s. Within this realm, melanin jeopardizes freedom and perceived cultural stereotypes propel confinement.  Though dire shadows cling to everyday situations, hope’s unyielding presence constantly challenges internal strength; it transforms lives. Hope demanded that D.U.B.B. embrace and nourish his art.

Aware actions reflect both his determination and his talent. He conveys a specialized lyricism which exemplifies life; his perspective amplifies reality while encouraging growth. Never Content, an apt-description of D.U.B.B.’s mindset, is also his latest effort. Sincerity shapes his words, “I feel like if I’m rich tomorrow I’ll still be talking about the things, you know, that are going on in the ‘hood and the ghetto. That’s where I came from; I can’t really stray from that.”

 “Don’t Take Days Off” with Nipsey Hussle

“So, I really just sat to the beat—and at this time I really wasn’t actually writing anything down. I was just punching in. No, for real; I had a studio and I had my mic in my room. I was sitting down just like this. I had the mic just like this. I was punching in like every four lines. I had the record—I sent it off, the rough-mix—Nip, sent the verse back the next day. Then he asked could he have it for Crenshaw and I said, ‘Of course.’ You know what I mean. Then he said we could use it for both projects. We just went with it like that. It was a blessing.”

Sustaining Relevancy

“When I first told myself—even before getting this far—to keep that hunger, you know what I mean.  That’s what keeps you relevant. So, basically, it’s something within yourself. You got to keep telling yourself, ‘Even if I get to Jay Z’s status, in a week I still got to work like I haven’t made it yet. To sustain that momentum and keep that notoriety; I just tell myself I gotta keep working…!”