The Warrior Mentality Of D. Chamberz


Brooklyn native D. Chamberz is building a damn good case for Coney Island’s indie scene, as the emcee continues to prove why he was crowned “Most Exciting Artist of the Year” following the release of his well received “Coney Island Warrior” single.

A budding mogul, he took a brief break while in the studio to discuss his growing clothing line, being a real estate entrepreneur and of course the music, as he continues to push his growing  Warrior Mentality 2: Back 2 Rap project.

AllHipHop: Many people were introduced to you via FuseTV’s feature “Behind the Unsigned: D. Chamberz.” How did you get involved with it?

D. Chamberz: I was one of the promoters of the event, so I was able to use it as a networking opportunity. My boys performed and they brought their own followings out with them, all it took was a text blast to get everyone to come out. It started with an event and launched the TV show.

AllHipHop: Warrior Mentality 2: Back 2 Rap has been picking up momentum in the streets, what’s an absolute must hear track off the project?

D. Chamberz: I would have to say “Make It Out,” because that’s the American dream I talk about, getting my moms out of the neighborhood. A personal favorite is “No Regrets,” because I don’t have no regrets. Some people I had to cut off and some died over the years. A lot of people aren’t here to see how far I’ve gone. I have a warrior mentality, so if you respect me for me, then you know what that record is about.

AllHipHop: You’ve found success with your clothing line, how did you branch off into fashion?

D. Chamberz: I created Warrior Menatlity to be a line that shows leadership and ambition. It’s the mentality that you can make it from nothing, that even if you’re surrounded by the negative you can somehow turn it around. The movement is growing, even outside of the U.S. a lot of people are wearing the line. I’ve even seen people in the military ordering it because in their eyes living like a warrior gives them the strength to into the next day. I have people that help me promote shirts,  hoodies, ladies accessories and more, but I specialize in hats.

AllHipHop: You’ve also been able jump into the real estate industry, are you looking to expand into other avenues or will you balance your outside business ventures with your music?

D. Chamberz: With real estate, people are always looking for apartments or franchises. Even the studio is a business, I actually have my own nest there which allows me to offer different rates for studio time. I love my music but I’m also a great business man, I would love to be a mogul. I want to be able to provide, so if I can find a way for both to go hand in hand I’m with it.

AllHipHop: If presented with the opportunity for a major deal would you sign or stay independent?

D. Chamberz: If the numbers are right yes, but unless they’re giving me a decent check I wouldn’t sign just to say I’m backed by a major label. I have to keep my own merchandising. I came through the underground so they kind already respected me. I’m in the clubs and on the scene talking to DJs and handing out my own music. The word “no” won’t live. If the brand is hot and the streets are feeling you a label can’t tell you no.

AllHipHop: How would you define Coney Island’s sound?

D. Chamberz: It definitely has that uptempo sound, it’s soulful music but it’s gotta be pain as well. We know the differences and we know the texture. From Tupac the Southern artists like Rick Ross or T. I., we give everyone a shot. I even have a track called “Say Word” that features OG Maco, Sy Ari Da Kid, Snootie Wild and more.

AllHipHop: What’s a misconception that people already have of you?

D. Chamberz: (laughs) That I got it already and I’ve been compared to DMX because of the voice. I just want to work with everyone that has ambition and has been through the same struggle that I’ve been through, people that want more out of life.

Check out the Fred The Godson assisted “On My 1 & 2” below:

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