Chad B: Straight Stuntin’ [INTERVIEW]


Stylin’ straight out of New Jersey, Chad B takes the cake for one of the state’s most anticipated indie artists. Who would have known that the peer pressure from the hood would take scribbled rhymes from a notepad and transform into records that would get spin in the club and on national airwaves. Born and raised in Newark to a single mother and the ringleader of six younger siblings, Chad’s unique style touches the hearts of urbanites of every chocolate city, as he covers subjects familiar from growing up in the hood and the ghetto.

By evoking the styles of influences such as Pac, Naughty By Nature, Jadakiss & Jay-Z, this charismatic spitter found his whole lane in the game without be a cookie cutter and straight jackin’ flows. As hard work pays off, to date Chad has graced the stage, performing on bills shared with Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Young Jeezy, D-Block, DJ Envy and many more. He’s also had his time in front of the big scene outside of the musical realm, showing early signs of rapper turned actor.

In this interview, Chad B gives us more insight on who the Newark rhymeslayer is as he talks about his upbringing, Jersey sounds, and much more. Raised in a single parent home and are the oldest of six siblings, how has your upbrining influenced your music?

Chad B: As a youth in Newark, which is considered an impoverish city, rap music was relative. Rappers like Jadakiss , Jay- Z, BIG and 2Pac were all talking about situations that I was seeing and living. Such as Jadakiss’ “Why,” 2PAC’s “Dear Momma,” Big’s “Juicy” and Jay-Z’s “This Can’t be life.” These songs helped me to get through the times. When I record now, I do the same thing I’m talking about real situations that real people can relate to. As far as the club music goes, it’s the high life of Newark. The club is a part of the hood! In other cities club music may be frowned upon, but it really is apart of the culture here. It’s similar to what jazz is in New Orleans. You have to be able to have fun, smile and stay young. If not the stress and violence of the streets will eat you. When did you get your start rapping?

Chad B: I was always doing music. As I said before it was a part of my life that helped me get through. You have to understand, and not to be arrogant, I was a very talented athlete so I always had my time divided up between the two. While I was playing ball in college, I got injured. I tore all of the ligaments in my left ankle and I had to get immediate surgery. Not being able to play ball anymore, I decided to put all of my ambition towards my first love. I divorced the game of basketball and got married to the music game. For the people unfamiliar with Jersey Club music, how would you describe the sound? What would you compare it to?

Chad B: Jersey Club is an off shoot of the well known Baltimore Club. People like DJ Tamil and DJ Tim Dollar, who started the “Brick Bandits” and Newark natives, adopted the style and molded it to fit Jersey. It was the cool sound growing up! It was friendly competition like the NY breaking crews of the 80s. As an artist, I’m making it more globalized. I’m correlating it with Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People” and Beyonce’s “Girls Who Run the World” to get what I have coined; “Urban Techno”. Which is fast paced techno beats and catchy street lyics. Do you think a sound like Jersey club music can have mass appeal?

Chad B: As of now, the current state of music is run by club music. For example, LMFAO had the number one song in the country (Party Rocker), and other artists have excelled with club like David Guetta, Pit Bull, J-Lo and Far East Movement. The industry is realizing that club music is a way to people’s feelings and Jersey club Jersey Club is another avenue to get it done. Last year June the video for the “Hit It” remix was featured as the joint of the day on BET’s 106th & Park. How did you react to national exposure?

Chad B: The type of feeling that I had was surreal. It was something that I never felt before. Honestly, it was motivation. I thought of how far I came and how much time that I had invested and it made me want to go farther.

AllHipHop: In addition to your music, you also have experience as an actor. How did those opportunities come about?

Chad B: I have a few acting experiences, “The Good Wife” (Channel 2), “Bored to Death” (HBO), a movie called 818, and a musical called Gemini Rising. Those opportunities came from motivation and ambition and just willing to go the extra mile. It wasn’t part of the initial plan, but I wasn’t afraid to try new things. So in the long run, what do you want to convey in your music?

Chad B: I’m trying to convey the message of what’s real, but so many artists have said that before me. It’s becoming more of a trending topic than a story. So my message is the expression of the ups and the downs of life and the situations that I have been through. I’m the same person that recorded “We Made Us”, which is a song about the struggle of all black people throughout history and in the same breath I made “Hit It” which is a happy, fun and exciting song to party to. What’s next?

Chad B: I like to work so I’m always working. I just released a new project “Life of The Party” hosted by DJ Spinking. With features like Fred The Godson, Lumidee, Lor’el, David Rush and more. The mixtape Followed The New Video “Pour Me Up” Produced By Harry Fraud (Producer Of French Montana’s “Shot Caller”) On 1-1-2012 (.. My Hit single “Hit It” Featuring Lumidee was recently featured in a movie titled “Body Language” in the UK. I have a documentary “The Quiet Before the Storm.” Also working on a New EP “The Life Of The Party 1.5” and couple street mixtapes, seven new singles, more acting ventures… I’m just grinding with a passion and staying consistent.

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