E Chapo: Atlanta’s Bag Lady has What You Need 

E Chapo

Atlanta’s E Chapo has accepted the challenge of being a great artist in an era of mixed mediocrity.

By Algernon Billups @algernonsoctober

The Atlanta aesthetic has a reach that goes far beyond map coordinates and city limits. Each zone that has touched a microphone or started a trend is a part of a community of creatives driving unique sonic innovation. Emerging artists that are looking to make waves in the saturated streams of relevancy must continue to find ways to make their output stand out. 

E Chapo’s ability to vocally swag surf while creating vibes has enabled her to rise above the fickle taste currents of Hip-Hop. Audiences have watched her give stadium level energy to the nightclubs with every single release and performance. Her previous single, Popular Demand, introduced us to a multi-faceted young woman focused on dreams and having a good time living in the moment. The video amplified this energy by using vibrant color schemes and short cuts with her bopping energetically to the rhythm she created. 

E Chapo changed lanes without signaling with the release of her current single, Wat U Need. The fanbase was served a more mature and confident version of this dynamic artist with every bar and bassline. 

During my conversation with E Chapo we discussed her current project and next release, Bags on Bags, which dropped late October. Find out who is causing all the fuss with the 2 dirty cups.