Mehgan James Talks Dating, Plastic Surgery, Reality TV & More

mehgan james

Mehgan James discusses her type, plastic surgery, dating Kendrick Brown, and more!

Mehgan James is a whole vibe, and her energy is effortlessly contagious. Any room she walks in, she demands attention… and if you follow her on Twitter, you’re probably in for a good laugh.

You may recognize the Texas native for her standout role on Bad Girls Club, most known for her physical altercations (most of the time, she won). Shortly after, she moved to Los Angeles for Basketball Wives, where she dated NBA player Kendrick Brown.

But James is far more than just what you see on reality television. She’s a model, recording artist, and even launched her own podcast called The Hollywood Group Chat. The podcast features the who’s who in entertainment, with the tagline: Breaking News and Spilling Tea!

On the 48th episode of Shirley’s Temple, I sat with Mehgan James to discuss her type, plastic surgery, dating Kendrick Brown, and more!

AllHipHop: Let’s talk boys. I know your type is tall, dark, handsome, and rich. 

Mehgan James: Yeah, but I changed that. It’s just rich. You could be short, fat, ugly. But as long as you’re rich, I could work with you. Because when you got money, you could fix s###. Do you see that thing trending with that guy that got plastic surgery?

AllHipHop: Bandman Kevo?

Mehgan James: I feel like every guy wants to be a bad b#### these days. You gotta leave something for the girls.

AllHipHop: Someone said a lot of guys do this, they just don’t say it.

Mehgan James: I think he’s telling the truth. Allegedly Drake got it. Who knows? I’m a firm believer: if you have something about yourself that you don’t like and you have the money to fix it, fix it. That’s why you got money. Because it’s some people who don’t really be ugly, they just be broke. 

Once you get money, you could glo up. There’s no reason for anybody with money to be ugly these days. There’s too many things you can change. You could buy new teeth, new t######, new hair. A new hairline. There’s no reason to be ugly.

AllHipHop: I know you got your boobs done at 18.

Mehgan James: Yeah, right out of high school.

AllHipHop: It wasn’t traumatizing at all?

Mehgan James: No, I will go on the table right now. I don’t care. I will literally go lay on the table. I’m not about to be walking around here looking old and ugly when I got money to fix it. But I was 18, I worked at H######.

AllHipHop: Did your tips go up?

Mehgan James: They did. I wasn’t making as much money as I wanted to make, and I saw that all the other girls were getting their boobs and making money. I was like, I’m next. I was getting a little extra money from my regulars, my little white men that would come sit at my tables. “Hey Mehgan, hi.” “I really want my boobs done because I feel so insecure.” I’d always tell all my customers that I was trying to get my boobs done, and they’d tip me more.

AllHipHop: Did you come back with boobs done? 

Mehgan James: I did, it was the easiest surgery I ever got. I literally got my boobs done on a Monday, I was back at work on a Thursday. But I’ve had my boobs done 3 times. The last time I got my boobs done, I got them done and went to a birthday party after.

AllHipHop: How are you not in pain? Because they cut you open.

Mehgan James: Well, the first time is the most pain because they cut the pockets in your muscles.

AllHipHop: What size were you before?

Mehgan James: I was a DDD, maybe DD. But I wish I had no t###### now. I got a reduction. It’s a fad. Just how Lil Baby said that BBLs are going out of style and skinny girls are back in, you might have a chance sis. [laughs]

Seriously, it’s a fad. I didn’t like my big boobs anymore because when you’re heavier on the top, you look fat. I just didn’t like it anymore. I didn’t like the look, so I changed it 3 times. I’m happy now though. Everything’s good.

AllHipHop: Shirley’s Temple has a focus on mental health. Some girls, when they get their boobs done, it affects their mental health. 

Mehgan James: I’m already crazy, so I think I’ve been that. I don’t think it affected me more. Somebody told me I had body dysmorphia, and I might, but I don’t care. I don’t give a f###. I don’t really do things for other people, it’s whatever makes me happy. If I feel like there’s something wrong with myself, I’m going to fix it and I’m going to continue to fix it until I’m 80. Hopefully by the time that I’m old, they have figured out a way to keep people young forever.

AllHipHop: I’m scared of getting old too. 

Mehgan James: Me too. We should go vegan together, those vegan people be looking young. They don’t eat dairy, nothing. Like why?

AllHipHop: How was your BBL experience?

Mehgan James: I never got a BBL, I got shots. I got ass shots. I got lipo and I got ass shots. I don’t have a BBL. You basically lay on a table in a deep, dark dungeon, with a black market doctor that inserts a solution into a needle. You lay on the table, then they pump it into your buttock. You’re fully awake, and you get up off the table with a new ass with no recovery. It goes from flat to that [widens hands] in 5 seconds.

AllHipHop: Why aren’t people getting that more?

Mehgan James: Because it’s illegal and some people die. Ass shots in America are not legal. The stuff that shoot into your lips, that’s a legal solution. But the stuff that’s injected has not been FDA approved to go into your buttocks, so people go to other countries and get it. You can go to Mexico, London, Colombia, wherever. But people do it here on the low low.

AllHipHop: What made you get that over the BBL?

Mehgan James: Because they said after BBL, you feel like you got hit by a car. I’m very impatient. I wanted my ass right then and there, and I didn’t want to do the recovery. I got on the table and I prayed first. That’s all you can do these days.

AllHipHop: Yeah, but what if you don’t believe in God?

Mehgan James: If you don’t believe in God, then you have to believe in the power of positivity. You get on the table and say: I’m going to be alive after this. Mantra: I’m okay. 

AllHipHop: You probably take pain well.

Mehgan James: I actually don’t, but I was determined to get an ass that day and I got it.

AllHipHop: What did you do that day?

Mehgan James: Because I’ve been multiple times. The time that I did the best, I was going through a breakup and I was so mad. You know what? F### this s###. I’m about to get on the table. I got on the table, I got more shots. I didn’t even flinch. I just took it. 

AllHipHop: I interviewed Dream Doll, she said she wishes she could put her b######### in herpurse sometimes.

Mehgan James: As I’ve gotten older, to me, the more natural you look as an older person, the younger you look. Imagine if I had those FF t###### and a fat ass, I’m going to look like somebody’s auntie. The smaller you are, you look more youthful. So now that I’m in my 30’s, I don’t want this s### no more.

AllHipHop: Before Bad Girls Club, did you get in fights?

Mehgan James: I did. I got jumped in middle school by 2 girls and I won. That was the second time I did that.

AllHipHop: Were you an athlete?

Mehgan James: I played basketball, soccer, I was a cheerleader. I played all the sports. 

AllHipHop: You still hoop?

Mehgan James: A little bit. My coordination is a little off, but I’m still really good at soccer. Sometimes if I want to work out, I’ll go out on the field and play with whoever’s out. I tore my ACL and meniscus in high school. After that, f### that s###. Because that’s the worst pain I’ve ever been through in my life. I said I’m going to wear dresses for the rest of my life. I don’t care about sports, except for guys that play sports. I’m into that, but I’m not picking up or kicking another ball ever again. That was the worst pain ever. It’s not like I was going pro, but it really hurts.

AllHipHop: Basketball Wives, you were dating Kendrick Brown?

Mehgan James: Yeah, I was 22. I was the old school day bottle girls. I used to work at this restaurant called Scotts. It was the black H######. All the girls are black. Instead of blond hair, blue eyes, everybody has black big booty, big t######. All the athletes used to stop there. That was the after the game spot. I met so many athletes there.

AllHipHop: Did he tip you?

Mehgan James: He did, and I was at his house the next day like hey boo. But I was so dumb. Sometimes I wish I could just start over with the knowledge that I have now. I’d be a whole different person.

AllHipHop: What did you wish you knew?

Mehgan James: Not even guys, just how people are. Because I used to be very naive. Even to the day, I do dumb s### that people say b####, why would you do that? We live in a world of evil people. I feel like I’m God’s favorite and nothing’s gonna happen to me. I’m smart now, can’t get over on me.