SCG Beat Battle: Victory to the Winner

Tyorzel “Victory” Gatson, a 24 year old music producer from Dover, DE is blazing a trail one beat at a time. He recently put his city on his back by winning the SCG Beat Battle during State City Weekend, in front of a panel of well established producers. He plans to keep the momentum going […]

Tyorzel “Victory” Gatson, a 24 year old music producer

from Dover, DE is blazing a trail one beat at a time. He recently put his city

on his back by winning the SCG Beat Battle during State City Weekend, in front

of a panel of well established producers. He plans to keep the momentum going

by staying consistent and kicking down all doors! How did you get the name Victory?


Victory: Ahh man, Victory came about [over time] but

it was originally Villain at first, to all of those that knew me

locally. But when I was 13 I met my big homie Harlem god. And we were

all on the 5% nation time, so I took that “V” and broke that down and made

Victory. And I have rocked with that ever since.

But also because I view all of my beats as winners! Whatever

I try to do musically I put my all into it, and it makes me feel as though I am

winning, by doing that. How long have you been producing?



I have been making beats since like 16 or 17. But before that I was

rapping since the age of 9 and I was DJ’ing since the age of 6. So I guess you

can say I am a DJ turned Rapper turned Producer. I’m 24 right now so I‘ve been

involved in music my whole life. Everything just evolves, you know? I may learn

how to break dance one day, and be over all the elements of Hip Hop! What influences your sound as a producer?



Something new, something different! I am a smooth guy, real humble and

laid back, but I like to ride a lot, because I am in the car about 85% of the

time. So I try to make head nodding music, like something hard hitting. But

even if it is slow or up tempo as long as it is unique in sound, like my

government (Tyorzel). Anything that is one of a kind. How

do you feel about sampling?



I use samples, ain’t nothing wrong with that, I make original joints as well.

But I do sample, I want to use something that nobody has touched yet. I have an

ear for it and I just try to do something that hasn’t been done yet, trying to

blaze my trail. Congrats on winning the SCG

Beat Battle during State City Weekend. What would you say are the positives

from you winning that for you and your state?



Coming from out of Delaware,  Dover

Delaware at that, we do not get any recognition as far as hip hop. So I did it

for myself, my state and my city. I don’t play when it comes to this music, so

that was definitely a good look for Delaware. There is a lot of talent in my

area. There are cats out here that are nicer than dudes in the game right now,

as far as singing, producing, rapping. And I am one of those dudes, and this is

the momentum builder for Delaware and myself. So this is definitely a good

look. Are you solely

focused on production?



I rap also, but as far as making beats, that is where the money is at. But this

music thing is never going to stop for me. This is what I do, so now its like,

lets get some gwop off it. So yeah my focus is production. Who have you worked with that

we can check out?



I worked on my boy E-Fluent, he is in Upstate NY. He has a new mixtape called The Trip Upstate Vo. 1, I did the title

track to that. I worked with Rise Ascend. I was on Face of Day, Come with May, I produced “Future Freshness” and then

on The Awakening I produced “Future Freshness Pt. 2”. I produced the title

track on The New Institutional Street Hustlers (N.I.SH.). Was also on a bunch

of other projects with Butter B and others. But I’m always trying to work with

more people, big name or not. Give us your TOP 5 Producers

of All Time



Ahh, damn….definitely got to throw Rza up there. Pete Rock. Premier. [Dr.] Dre.

And man it’s so many I can’t even think of a 5th. What do you think of the

current state of Hip Hop?



Well from the production standpoint it has definitely evolved. But everything

comes back around, no idea is original. So everybody is taking parts of the old

and injecting it with the new. People still want to dance, and party, which is

not a problem. But when the inspirational music come out, it gets downplayed.

Its still some hot stuff going on right now though, there also is some b#######

though too. The game started in the Bronx, but now it has become more

international and people are using sounds from all over. I personally want to

get back to that “Boom Bap” s###. That hard 90’s s###! I grew up on that. Who are the top 5 new artists

out now?



Well the artists I like aren’t really new….maybe to mainstream. But I like Wiz

Khalifa. I like Frenchie [French Montana], shout out to him, you keep grindin’

it pays off. I like Big Sean, he’s kinda hot. J. Cole, is nice I heard some of

his s###, he hot.  I ain’t gonna

lie, Drake hot too. But he aint new. One day hopefully you’ll be doing this

interview with someone and ill be in that slot and they say Tyorzel. Is there anybody you would

like to get in the studio with to work on a project?



Anybody that’s willing to work with Victory. Say no more!……….I got joints

for days Where do you see yourself in

the next 5 years?



Next 5 years, ain’t no telling…I’m not a fortune teller. But if I keep moving

forward with opportunities like this, and get my name in people s mouths and

grabbing their  ears with this Hip

Hop culture and way of life. I’ll be where I thought  I should have been years ago. How can the readers get in

contact with you?



Yea they can get me on FaceBook just look up Victory da Producer. I’m on

MySpace, not sure if people are still foolin with that but you can get me at Or you can come to Dover,

DE and find me, ya know [laughter]. Come through, come to the casino, blow some money

and buy some beats!