Sic Osyrus: The Missing Link

Hip-Hop is missing something. According to Sic Osyrus, he is that missing element. Not because he is new with catchy rhymes but, because he represents the missing links in Hip-Hop.  Claiming to make love to a track, the MC is not worried about competition, or even gaining popularity from having Hip-Hop’s most notarized producers. The […]

Hip-Hop is missing something. According to Sic Osyrus, he is

that missing element. Not because he is new with catchy rhymes but, because he represents

the missing links in Hip-Hop.  Claiming

to make love to a track, the MC is not worried about competition, or even

gaining popularity from having Hip-Hop’s most notarized producers. The only

thing that he can focus on is being the best. Not the best in the game or even

arguing over who is the best, rather giving his best to the game. This is

something he claims that Hip-Hop is missing.


What you won’t hear in his rhymes are the typical

braggadocios lines about having the flyest car or the biggest chain. What you

can guarantee you will receive is authentic Hip-Hop like his new song “S On My Chest” and his song with his angst with the music industry called “F The Industry,” Sic Osyrus promises to give the people what he knows and not a make

believe world that so many other rappers have created. Philly-bred with a NY

residence you can expect to not only get the real but to have a Hip-Hop

evolution. How do you think you’re experience in Philly

has influenced you’re rap style?


Sic Osyrus: My experience in Philly influences everything

about me. How I handle myself in the streets my approach with my music. So

that’s why I still rep as hard as I do even though I’m not living there at the

moment. It don’t matter where I go Philly gonna always be my home. You came from a home where you had a lot of

brothers and sisters.


Sic Osyrus: Yeah I got nine brothers and sisters. I actually

talked to my moms today and she picked up one of the magazines I was in. She’s

asking when am I gonna get money. She wants to know what the hold up is. [Laughs] She wanna know where the money at.

You on the magazines, getting these interviews, show the money.


Sic Osyrus: She not really like that but, that’s what she

wanted to know. She look on the internet and see my face in places and she like

when they gonna stop playing. I feel the same way that’s why I made the track

called “F*ck The Industry.”  I feel like sometimes they play with

people’s lives. Like myself when you going through a lot of hard times. You

have people from the industry come through to the shows and say ‘you got

something.’ That’s not gonna pay no bills. If you like me then put me in a

position where I can grow from there. A lot of times when they are ready to

open up doors for you it be too late. A lot of n##### catch cases. They get

killed. They don’t have it so they have to go out. Yeah, they get back to grinding. Give me your

dream production team.


Sic Osyrus: I definitely gotta have my boy Drawzilla. That’s

my in house production. He knows what I like. It’s a couple of people. Buck Wild.  Honestly, the people that I am working with

right now. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I don’t really care who makes the

beats. I just love for the beat to say something to me. So other people can

feel where my heart is at. You wouldn’t want to work with Timbaland or



Sic Osyrus: That stuff really… I could really care less. It

don’t matter who doing it as long as I’m feeling the beat. It would just be to

say I did a track with them. They could just throw me anything. Something I’m

not feeling but I do it based on the fact that it’s Dr. Dre. Where did you get your name from?


Sic Osyrus: Psych was my name in high school. I was a

knucklehead.  I was on some crazy bullsh*t

. Psych like psychopath?


Sic Osyrus:  Yeah.

When you get older you got start looking at things different. So, I took it as

I’m using my mind when it comes to my rhymes. I use to be like I wish a n####

would. [yelling] When I got older it was like I do what I do with the rhymes. My

cousin and I use to go out and do our thing together rhyming. Sometimes when

you dealing with certain people you don’t want to give them your real name, I

will tell people Osyrus. My cousin was like my bigger brother. When he passed away

I just changed it to Sic Osyrus. I even named my son Osyrus Syquan. I know that

it’s a biblical fact around my name but that just makes it even better. There are a lot of people rapping now. Why

should a consumer pay attention to you or buy your album?


Sic Osyrus: I feel like I’m a fan of myself. Hip-Hop is

loosing a lot of stuff and I’m going to bring it back. I’m just trying to do

me. Do me so hard that I do it to death. I don’t know. I just feel like by me

being a fan I know exactly what I want to hear. I take heed to the people that

say I’m a beast. It gets me in the mood to write something else. If you are a

fan of Hip-Hop then I’m just giving you what a fan would want to hear.


AllHipHop: What do you feel Hip-Hop is missing?


Sic Osyrus:  I feel

like when you get an artist it’s not really them. If you sit and talk with me

then you know that what I rhyme about is really me.  I’m being as much of myself as I know. When

people evolve then my music will grow and evolve. I give you what I know. A lot

of people can’t do that. A lot of people say they are being themselves but I

don’t believe them. A lot of people put out what they feel is going to sell and

fit in. A lot of stuff I don’t even listen to. What was the last rap album you bought that you

were disappointed in?


Sic Osyrus: The last one I bought was the Black Album. He has evolved where I am

trying to catch up. I’m still on Reasonable

Doubt. I don’t spend as much money as he spends on things. I can’t relate

to him. It’s not where I’m at. I feel the same way about Nas last album. I’m

not sh*tting on them. I just couldn’t get into them. How did you originally get involved with rap?


Sic Osyrus: When I first was listening to KRS-One “Love Is Going

To Get You.” That’s when I fell in love with the aspect of saying what I feel.

It was better than falling love with a female. When you fall in love with a

female it’s always that thought to question where is she at. You better watch it! I gotta defend the



Sic Osyrus: Where is she at mentally I mean. You never know

if she is sincere. I always pull back with love with women but with music. I

can let go. Let go to the point that my emotions can be felt in the song. I try

to make love to it every time I get on a track. What got you to the point where you wanted to

pursue rap full time?


Sic Osyrus:  It was like;

I was listening to a Redman. That right there let me see that I could do this.

I was doing my own thing but I was sounding like Redman. I’m just comfortable

with my own self and started breaking off into my own s###. I remember we use

to beat on the lunch table. We would go in when I was in school and the love

just kept growing. When you say something and the crowd is like “OH!!” That’s

like food. What are you working on now?


Sic Osyrus: I’m always working on something. The last mixtape

was Siconomics. The new mixtape we

are working on now. The reaction from the last mixtape was we need more. It had

a lot of freestyles on it. This time around we are going to put more songs. It’s

coming at the end of February and the beginning of March.

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