EXCLUSIVE: Rapper B.G. Drops Bid For Compassionate Release Over Mom’s Passionate Plea

B.G. was going to ask a judge for a compassionate release due to the pandemic, but he decided to change his mind. 

(AllHipHop News) Former Cash Money Records rap star B.G. recently asked a judge to strike his mom’s request to be released from prison early after the letter was formally accepted as a motion by the court. 

In April, B.G.’s mom sent a letter to the court asking for a compassionate release, in hopes of getting her son a reduction on his 14-year prison sentence. 

“My son is not a threat to society and he has been rehabilitated. he has been a role model for younger prisoners. During his incarceration, he has been respectful to all the prison staff, guards, counselors, and other prisoners and he is treated with respect in return,” Ms. Dorsey wrote to Judge Susie Morgan.

“He intends to do public speaking and use his platform for a better cause and positive messages,” Ms. Dorsey stated. 

B.G.’s mom cited her fear of the spread of COVID-19 inside of Federal prison in Atlanta, where he is serving out the lengthy sentence for firearms possession and witness tampering, after he was caught trying to make an associate take a gun charge for him.  

The problem is, B.G.’s mom’s letter in support of her son was styled as a motion. Since B.G. knew this was not a sufficient pleading, he retained counsel to assist him in this matter and to preserve his right to

exhaust his administrative remedies.

“The document submitted and filed on April 28, 2020, was nothing more than a mere letter written by a frantic mother who was only concerned for her son’s well-being upon hearing how COVID-19 had spread throughout the federal prison system,” B.G.’s lawyer Jerome Matthews Jr. told Judge Susie Morgan. “Cynthia Dorsey did not know her son needed to exhaust administrative remedies with the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) before filing her request to the Court. Defendant Dorsey contends he had no knowledge that anything had been submitted and filed on his behalf on April 28th, 2020. He had not spoken with his mother regarding such.”

B.G. was sentenced in July of 2012. If he serves out his full sentence, he will be released sometime in 2026, if he serves out does a full bid. 

The rap star has already become a better person since his incarceration and he’s planning to make a difference in the community when he is released, according to his mother. 

Thankfully, Judge Morgan has sided with B.G., who is planning to make a formal request to be released from prison in the near future. 

Check out the letter B.G.’s mom wrote to the judge in hopes of reuniting with her son a little early.

Letter to Judge from B.G.'s Mom
Letter to Judge from B.G.’s Mom