10 Hip-Hop Artists We’d Like To See Hologrammed Like Tupac


The world is still in an uproar over Hologram Tupac at the Coachella Festival last weekend. With the “reincarnation” of Tupac, we at AllHipHop.com couldn’t help but recollect on all the artists we would love to see recreated in the digital form. Clearly, there are too many to name in a single list, but we tried it anyway. Holla-gram if you hear us!

Editor’s note: The real cost of the so-called “hologram” didn’t venture into the millions – these are really possible!

1) Ol’ Dirty Bastard

There’s no question ODB would be harder to beg down than Tupac, but we’d still love to see the manic master of Wu Tang digitally recreated. ODB was, without question, one of the wildest and craziest showmen in all of entertainment. To see him perform one more time – even if a cartoon fake – would bring nothing but delight.

2) Jam Master Jay

J-A-Y are the letters of his name, cuttin’ and scratchin’ are the aspects to his game! To check out the master as he cuts the records of the day would be awesome! Nobody, and we mean nobody, rocked a concert the way Jam Master Jay did with Run DMC. We are certain there won’t be any such hologram, but it may be time to head over the YouTube to check the archives.

3) Big Pun

With all respect to the late, great big man, we think he may be easy to create as a hologram. The main focus would have to be on the Bronx giants tongue twisting ways, not his mobility. Big Pun was a great, no doubt. Now tell those guys to get a Big Pun hologram to say, “Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know that we riddled some middle men that didn’t do diddly.”

4) Left Eye

Now, Left Eye was one of the most flamboyant and interesting people that the music industry ever saw as a member of TLC. No hologram could truly emulate the magic that Left Eye emitted when she was alive. We won’t be holding our breath, because the expenses associated with it would be too great for any company to afford.

5) Eazy-E

It’s the Hip-Hop Thugsta, Eazy-E, the first n*gga to kick a lyric in a straight coat! Can anybody fathom Eazy-E, the mastermind behind NWA and the iconic Ruthless Records, dropping “Boyz In The Hood” strapped down in a straight jacket? We can! Dre, here’s the hologram you and Snoop need to rock with next time!

6) Heavy D

Guess what? Ever since spending some time with Heavy D in Atlanta and then seeing him perform at the BET Hip-Hop Awards last year, we’ve wanted to see him again live. Now, we know the big man from Mount Vernon isn’t easy to replicate, as he was very light on his feet. But, perhaps BET and Diddy, with his Forbes-List-Topping-Self, could join forces to make it happen.

7) The Notorious B.I.G.

Speaking of holograms, you cannot have a discussion about holograms and NOT mention the Notorious One! We’d absolutely love to see the recreation of Biggie in the hologram form! He was so dope and had so much swagger that this needs to be pre-sold! And, if we had our wish, we’d get him and ‘Pac to reunite and really make the peace and amends that never got to occur on Earth.

8) Pimp C

When you are talking voices we need to hear again, we need to hear the late Pimp C! The UGK co-founder was a real dude and said the funniest, most outrageous things. Not for nothing, if Pimp was here right now, he’d probably have something to say about the whole hologram mess anyway. It’s only right to bring back the OG and have him perform with Bun B.

9) Nate Dogg

The early rumors said that there as going to be a Nate Dogg hologram to go along with the Tupac recreation. But, it never happened on the Nate front. We need Dr. Dre and Snoop to make that happen if they truly want to make this thing complete. Nate was so under the radar as his health failed, that we fans never truly had the opportunity to say bye. Chop, chop, guys!

10) Guru of Gang Starr

Guru is another one who we never got to say bye to in the right way. Guru’s passing was so mixed up in controversy, that we totally need him to come back in hologram form and tour with DJ Premier, so that we had have that everlasting Gang Starr memory in our heads! Gang Starr was a popular group, and it still is…and that’s on everything!

Honorable Mention:


Obviously, we cannot put every person on this list, even though we’d like to. But, there is one person that we wanted to include, even though she’s not a rapper! Aalyiah was somebody we all came to love as “baby girl.” To this day, she keeps us talking and reminiscing! Heck, Drake is even rumored to be doing a whole duet album with her. Come on, let’s get Timbaland, Missy, DMX, and even Dame Dash to bring Aaliyah back!

Now, add the rappers and artists you’d like to see hologrammed back to “life.”