3 Questions With: Trinidad James' Label Mate Rich Homie Quan


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It’s not often that a young artist gets their time to shine. For Rich Homie Quan he is finding his spot, and planing on keeping the lights on him. As he prepares to tour with Trinidad James, he shared with AllHipHop.com some of his thoughts on what the industry has shown him, and more. Check it out.

AllHipHop: What’s one thing your fans don’t know about you that may surprise them?

Rich Homie Quan: I think it may be the fact that I don’t fabricate any of my raps. If I say I did 15 months in jail, I did. If I say I get it back, then I got it back. The realest part about me is I still live at home, despite the fame. I’ve came a long way but I got a long way to go, and I want to be smart.

What impact do you see your movement having on Hip – Hop?20130124-183009.jpg

Personally, I see myself as being a real voice in the music industry. I rap about things that I know and have lived, not what someone has told me. I’m bringing back real Hip – Hop, Hip – Hop with a heart beat. “The Rich Homie Movement” is taking the music game to a place it hasn’t been in a minute, by creating new and vibrant energy, without all of the normal negativity. Let me add this too, “The Rich Homie Movement” brings with it loyalty, peace, positive energy, and unity. Our movement is one of the strongest amongst the younger generation, and I feel it can and will change how the world views organizations like ours in the Hip – Hop community.

[LISTEN: @RichHomieQuan “Differences”]

What has the industry shown or taught you as a new artist?

You have to have your business affairs in order. You have to make sure that your team is seeing eye to eye on everything, if not it could come back to haunt you later. I understand that as a new artist I have to be smart about what I do and say, and who I move around with.

Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to AllHipHop.com. Follow her on Twitter: @brwnsugaT.