38 Spesh Talks Griselda, New Album, Benny The Butcher, TRUST Health And How Snitching Is Bad For Kids

38 Spesh The Amazing AllHipHop Podcast

38 Spesh is special. The Rochester, New York emcee has a new album, 7 Shots, and a fully developed view of Hip-Hop, what’s needed and what needs to stop.

Rochester, New York’s own 38 Spesh is one of the most elite MC’s out today. Period. The TRUST empire impresario is changing the game bar by bar. He remains true to his vision, but also original. He has aligned nicely with Benny The Butcher and the Griselda Records camp in the current, ever-growing rap landscape. But – unlike others – the 37-year old maintains a unique style, differentiating himself from his Buffalo counterparts.

Spesh also has an interesting take on how to help the hood, unlike some that seem to have one-dimension. He co-mingles conscious messages with heavy street bars, maintaining “You can’t feed a baby steak.” He has established TRUST Health, his own initiative to get the hood mentally and physically healthy. In the 10th episode of the Amazing AllHipHop Podcast with Jigsaw And Slops, Spesh gets deep. Also, at WonWorld Studios, he delves into the tragic, sudden death of his older brother and how he manages to push on. He explains how he departed the streets of Rochester “on pure faith” to getting back to music. “I was dream chasing on another level,” he admits.

Now, Spesh returns with 7 Shots, his latest opus that is already getting high praise from peers and fans alike. Check out this exclusive, must see interview and listen to 7 Shots below.