Access Granted: Da Mafia 6ix Talks Artistic Evolution, Materialism, & Lord Infamous


Videographer: Emazing Smith

An investment into loyalty over royalty has yielded an enduring legacy. Governed by a creed of universal commandments Da Mafia 6ix’s existence continues to thrive. A sincere portrayal of humble circumstances transformed their situation.

With over 20 years sewed into their craft the iconic group continues to create. This June, Da 6ix Commandents, their latest effort will be available.

This exclusive details everything from  touring to sustained beliefs:

Group’s Artistic Evolution: 

Well, the good part about it is [that] we’re still together as a group. After 24 years, we can still come out here and rock the crowd to songs that we did 20 years ago. So, I mean, a lot of people can’t really do that. So, that’s the best part about it. – DJ Paul

On Materialism

It’s just about the music, man. You know, we don’t let it get over our heads. We do it for the fans. It’s about doing it for the fans first. As long as you do it for the fans first, and let all the fruits of the labor come after that, then you’ll be good. You can’t never let all your possessions and all the other sh*t get in the way. You got to focus on making good music. The fans are gonna be there and they will follow you. And that’s basically what it’s about. Don’t let the material sh*t get in your way. – DJ Paul

Remembering Lord Infamous: 

Well, it just makes us want to do it harder; you know what I’m saying. He helped us put it all back together. He was a key part in the atmosphere to keep us all together. So, you know, we just to make sure we do it right just for him. He was one of the original members who started out with Three 6 Mafia. So, we gotta do it up under his guidelines and rules like he was still here. -DJ Paul