AHH Concert Review: 5 Boro Takeover Tour: Action Bronson, The LOX, & French Montana


Videographer: Emazing Smith

Last night, New York’s Best Buy Theater served as the nucleus to the Metro PCS 5 Boro Takeover Tour. Representing every borough and beyond, an array of supporters championing, Action Bronson, The LOX, and French Montana congregated within the venue.

The crowd buzzed and became a living swarm when Action Bronson, encircled by security, flowed through the crowd. Taking the stage an emphatic declaration was made, “I’m the muthafu*king symbol; Queens—muthafu*king—New York,” boasted its native son. Following a quick PSA from the always reliable hypeman / right-hand, Big Body Bes, Bronson continued his set. The perfect black t-shirt, the organic ginger hair, and the porcelain complexion completely disappeared; all were consumed by the unabashed delivery.

Roaming the stage, Bronsolino, demonstrated the personification of live lyricism. “Pepe Lopez,” “The Don’s Cheek,” “The Rockers,” and “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” are amongst the tracks which elicited a word-for-word echo from the crowd. Pausing for a brief intermission, Mr. Baklava took a well-deserved rest from the mic. It was on fire! Using the mic as a transportation device, Bronson invited the crowd for a time-travelling expedition as he served, “Amadu Diablo,” “Contemporary Man,” with beautiful off-key hooks.

Show Recap:

The anticipation for The LOX culminated in a fever pitch. All coherent thought was consumed by a relentless chant repeating, D-Block! Although a slight skirmish threatened to disrupt the evening’s events, security intervened. Before the legendary group took the stage, a compulsory borough roll-call was requested by Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg. As celebrated mixtape kings, their combined lyricism elevated the atmosphere.

“Fu*k You,” “Talk About It,” “It’s All About The Benjamins,” “The Hope,” “Money, Power, Respect,” “Wild Out,” and “Knock Yourself Out,” We Gon Make It,”  “I Get High,” “and others were performed to an appreciative audience. Celebrating the Wu-Block, the crowd was absolutely cracking when Raekwon and Ghostface Killah made special appearances. Swizz Beatz and Tyler Woods made their presences known.

Wielding the mic’s power, The LOX began the chant, “Everywhere we go people wanna know, So , we tell them, this is D-Block. Mighty mighty D-Block,” as they sauntered off stage.

As the evening’s headliner, French Montana, recognized the power of anticipation. Following the Funk Master Flex‘ deejaying set, which catered to New York nostalgia, the man of the hour graced the stage. “New York, New York, put your hand up one time,” commanded Frenchie. Chinx assisted with “I’m A Coke Boy,” and “OG Bobby Johnson.” The fan favorites, “Marble Floors,” “Nobody,” “Work,” “Loyal,” “Ocho Cinco,” “Pop That,” and “Ain’t Worried,” hypnotized many attendance.