’s “Top 5 Dead or Alive” With the Lyrical Freddie Gibbs


Photo by Emmanuel Blackwell

Freddie Gibbs exudes a relentless truth. This “Mouthpiece from the Midwest”, possesses an authenticity which is reflected in his unfiltered thoughts. Always the candid MC, Gibbs presents with a list of only five MCs that he considers worthy to be called “Top 5 Dead Or Alive.” We’re known for our signature “Top 5 Dead or Alive” lists at AllHipHop. According to Freddie Gibbs, which five MCs make this list, and why?


Freddie Gibbs: Eminem. Why, Eminem?

Freddie Gibbs: Because, technically, he’s the best rapper of all time. With words, he’s the best. The way he raps, the way he puts words together, his wordplay – nobody can do wordplay better than him. Which track from him best exemplifies his technical skills as an MC?

Freddie Gibbs: All of them. You can’t really pinpoint one, because Eminem raps better than everybody else. He has a tailor-made flow. Can’t nobody match it – not even me.


Freddie Gibbs: Biggie, because of his storytelling capability. His voice is one of the most unique voices in Rap, period. So, I think he was just an underdog; everybody wanted to root for him. He only gave us two albums. Did those albums change the genre, or do we just miss him?

Freddie Gibbs: [incredulous shrug] Well, those two albums are better than most n*gga’s careers. It doesn’t matter. A lot of people say that, ‘Biggie only had two albums.’ But, you couldn’t rap better than him on either one of them muthafu*ckas. How can he not be considered one of the best?


Freddie Gibbs: And, Tupac, of course! Why, ‘Pac? 

Freddie Gibbs: He’s just the best, overall. Favorite album, favorite verse, favorite track by, ‘Pac?

Freddie Gibbs: There’s so many – I can’t even name one. Tell me!

Freddie Gibbs: It’s hard to find a Tupac song that I don’t like. I’ll put it that way. Have you, or would you, make any posthumous collaborations with him?

Freddie Gibbs: Would I do a posthumous collaboration [with Tupac]? No! No; why not?

Freddie Gibbs: I think that sh*t is corny as f*ck. Posthumous collaborations are corny! Unless, it’s like some, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Jay-Z sh*t, or like some Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z sh*t, or, like a mash-up or some sh*t. N*ggas that be doing songs with dead rappers – that sh*t is corny. Why’s that?

Freddie Gibbs: Because, you don’t know if that n*gga would do a song with you in real life. Unless it’s like Bun [B] doing a song with Pimp [C]. I love, Tupac! But, in real life, I don’t know if he would have f*cked with me. I would never jump on one of his records. So, it’s a respect thing; you think it’s too audacious to do that?

Freddie Gibbs: Yeah, it’s kinda lame. Do your own sh*t.

SCARFACE [laughter] Who else makes this list?

Freddie Gibbs: Scarface. Have you been able to work with him yet?

Freddie Gibbs: No; I would like to. I wish. He’s on my wish-list. For the last five years, I wished for that sh*t for Christmas. I ain’t got it yet. I love him to death.


Freddie Gibbs: Me and Jay-Z are the top fifth. Well, there really is no order. It’ll be me and Jay-Z. Why Freddie Gibbs?

Freddie Gibbs: Because, with them n*ggas, I think that’s the level that I gotta reach. Everybody else, I can probably rap better than them. There’s that confidence.

Freddie Gibbs: [nods head to emphasize point] I can probably rap better than everybody else. Oh, I forgot to add Bun [B]! I can’t rap better than Bun yet, but I’m working on it. I’m studying your moves! He’s a good teacher to have, so I’m studying his moves. I study his moves, like I said, I study, ‘Face. I look at these fools like that. And on the technical side, Eminem, can’t nobody really f*ck with his bars. On the technical side, a lot of n*ggas can’t f*ck with Bun [B]. I can’t give you just five n*ggas; it’s hard.

Anyway, like I was saying, you can’t have just five n*ggas. Get high and make raps. F*ck the police. Keep it pushing, [and] keep it real, man. Stop f*cking with all the bullsh*t.

The Sidebar

Freddie Gibbs is lyricism in motion. The EP, Thuggin’, demonstrates the ingenious duo of Gibbs and Madlib. The anticipated full-length album by the Gangsta from Gary, Indiana, and the Beat Konducta, is slated for a first quarter 2012 release. Also, the CTE recruit and Ski Beatz are in the midst of cultivating an album, It’s The World. The upcoming CTE project, will prove why Freddie Gibbs is here to stay!