AllHipHop Inside The Mixtape: Romeo – Inception Mixtape

WATCH A DAY WITH ROMEO @ 106 & PARK WHILE ROMEO DISCUSS HIS NEW MIXTAPE INCEPTION! spent a day with Romeo in New York City just prior to the release of his mixtape. Follow along with Romeo on his 106 & Park hosting appearance and listen to snippets of his hot new mixtape Inception. Romeo explains his new mixtape that drops on his birthday, Aug. 19th, by describing some of his big records like “On A Bubble” Ft. Master P and “Link Up (B.B.L.U.)” Ft. Miss Chee & T.E.C. all while hosting BET”s most successful TV show!

Watch our AllHipHop as we go Inside The Mixtape With Romeo and then download Romeo’s  Inception mixtape for yourself right HERE.