AllHipHop Presents Battle Rap Superlatives: The Best of 2021

AllHipHop Presents Battle Rap Superlatives: The Best of 2021

It’s time to select your top contributors to the culture as we recognize those who helped advance the scene in 2021.


2021 was an incredible year for battle rap, with some of the most impactful cards the culture has ever seen. 

The year also delivered more battles than ever before with leagues of all sizes hosting frequent events, putting on for the culture time after time. has been there every step of the way and as 2021 comes to an end it’s time to decide who were the most outstanding contributors of the year. We call it our “Battle Rap Superlatives” list!  

For the second year running, we would like to involve our fans, alongside some battle rap influencers, owners, media outlets, and emcees in celebrating the most talented artists of the last 12 months. As the life force of the culture, your contributions are essential to help us pay tribute to the exceptional talent of the year.  This is your chance to make your voice heard. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to become our Fan of the Year 2021!

Our Fan of the Year winner will be the person who’s watched more battles than anyone else this year. You will need to bring receipts though, so send us a video submission to prove it! The lucky winner will be revealed with our highly anticipated list in 2022.

The categories are detailed here with a link to the survey below. The survey ends on January 5 so make sure you get your vote in while there’s still time!  

Battle Rap Superlatives 2021

Fan Top 10 Favorite/ Preference Battle Rappers of the Year (Female and Male)  

A co-ed preference list, this top ten seeks to give space for you to be honest about those lyricists that speak to you, make you scream at YouTube, or make you want to root for them. 

There are plenty of names, both male and female to choose from. Two-time Champion of the Year Geechi Gotti had an immaculate year, jointly winning URL’s Ultimate Madness 3 tournament and taking a clear win over Harlem legend Loaded Lux. Pristavia began the year as a relative unknown on the battle rap scene and spent the near making a name for herself as one of the most dangerous emcees to emerge from the women’s scene in years.

Top Female Battle Rappers of the Year 

List the women who have come into the year — ripping the roof off of it without breaking one of their pretty and perfectly manicured nails.

The women were on their grind this year. Casey Jay continued the run she was on in 2020, scoring impactful wins in URL’s Ultimate Madness 3 tournament earning her a battle with Boston legend 40 B.A.R.R.S. Coffee Brown was one of the most talked about female battlers of 2021, consistently putting on all year. Gattas was virtually untouchable all year though her battle with Jaz the Rapper on Til Death Do Us Part was one of the biggest comebacks and upsets of the last 12 months.  

Top Male Battle Rappers of the Year 

Name the best male rappers that have been slaying the competition all year.

The competition in this category is stiff with many battlers in the running. Two of the most hard working among them this year are A. Ward and Bill Collector. Ward battled more than anyone in the runnings for battler of the year although he is yet to battle on URL.  Bill Collector delivered some of his best ever performances during the King of the Dot Season One and has impressive wins on other platforms. 

Real Sikh has been in some wars against top tier names on some of the biggest cards of the year including a victory against Danny Myers that ended his winning streak in spectacular fashion. 

Top Emerging Talent of the Year 

Who are the new faces and voices that have “emerged” this year as some of the top emcees in the world? 

Among them, Real Name Brandon won URL’s Ultimate Madness 4 tournament, his imposing style and booming vocal projection and stage presence making a big impression. Anderson Burress came through URL’s crucible and wowed audiences with his sarcastic humor, later having a possible Moment of the Year with T-Top on Civil War.  

Top Battle Rap Event of the Year 

What cards do you believe towered over the rest? 

RBE’s Max Out saw the return of Cassidy and Hitman Holla and Drake partnered URL with for Til Death Do Us Part. Queen of the Ring’s No Holds Barred 3 hosted one of the biggest female battles in 2021 and the rematch between Geechi Gotti and A. Ward was the highly-anticipated main event on The Riot’s stacked Monopoly Card. Some of the nicest female lyricists clashed on She Goes Hard’s True to The Game card producing some dope battles and performances.  

Top Battle Rap Media Outlets 

Battle rap media consists of a few different styles of coverage: Analysts, Reporters, Op-Editors/Vloggers, and Talk Shows. What shows, bloggers or personalities made the biggest noise in 2021? 

Battle rap media showed out this year with OTFMZ becoming the go-to outlet for breaking news and Let’s Tak Battle Rap podcast churning out essential stats and updates consistently. Let’s Chop this Fable had all the latest KOTD S.1 news while Top Tier Podcast covered local leagues and the international scene. Battle Rap Trap added a daily talk show, Verified Source, covering the latest news and events. Battle Rap’s Fanatic’s emphatic reaction videos and in-depth autobiographical films, Entourage were warmly welcomed. Rap Redux seemed to come out of nowhere making full-length films documenting valuable history for the culture.   

Most Impactful Event of the Year 

What are the most impactful happenings in Battle Rap over the last 12 months? 

A diss track and alleged voodoo gave us two of the biggest moments this year. Casey Jay shook the culture with her back-to-back wins against Prep and Nu Jersey Twork in URL’s Ultimate Madness 3 tournament. After both rappers choked against her, Prep’s cry of “What this b#### do to me?” caught on and was referenced in many subsequent battles. Eazy The Block Captain’s Top Tier diss track created one of the most impactful moments this year and had rappers rushing to the studio to join the movement. 

Who are the leagues that have given the culture the most talked about events, the most exciting cards of the year? We want to recognize the hardest working leagues of all sizes, so we divided them up by YouTube subscriptions.  

The “Big Three” brands all scored huge wins this year with URL’s celebrity partnerships, RBE’s big name battles and KOTD’s trailblazing S.1 among them. iBattle’s impact was undeniable showcasing some of the most diverse battlers of all tiers week in, week out. Dre Dennis’s Gates of the Garden and Geechi Gotti’s league, The Riot proved emcees can battle while running a league. She Goes Hard emerged as another platform where the top female spitters can display their craft and had some crazy battles on their platform in 2021.

Top Battle Rap Leagues

(Large – 500,000 plus followers) 

Top Battle Rap Leagues

(Medium – between 50,001 and 500,000 followers)  

Top Battle Rap Leagues

(Small – under 50,000 followers)  

Battle Rap Superlatives 2021

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