AllHipHop Presents Battle Rap Superlatives: The Best Of 2022

Superlatives 2022

It’s time to select your top contributors to the culture as we recognize those who helped advance the scene in 2022.


2022 is about to come to an end and you know what that means?

It is time for to submit our annual superlative lists, where fans get to vote on who they believe are the best of the best.

Ironically, the fans have gotten it right— as the list lines up with the other major list in the culture.

Let’s be clear: is NOT like many other media platforms, not locked into the culture.

Day in and day out, we celebrate battle rap and don’t swoop in just when things are getting rocking. As a commercial media outlet, we choose to give real estate to the culture with one caveat … people got to have bars … people have to rap and have star quality.

This year we have partnered with leagues, brought on the team battle rap stakeholders, and covered the culture with care.

The categories are detailed here with a link to the survey below. The survey ends on January 5 so make sure you get your vote in while there’s still time!  

Battle Rap Superlatives 2022

Fan Top 10 Favorite/ Preference Battle Rappers of the Year (Female and Male)  

A co-ed preference list, this top ten seeks to give space for you to be honest about those lyricists that speak to you, make you scream at YouTube, or make you want to root for them. 

There are plenty of names, both male and female to choose from.

Top Female Battle Rappers of the Year 

List the women who have come into the year — ripping the roof off of it without breaking one of their pretty and perfectly manicured nails.

The women were on their grind this year. We have seen female battle rap just look different this year. From Queen of the Ring hosting the first-ever battle rap prom and being highlighted as one of the top leagues by the Universal Hip Hop Museum to Chrome 23 hosting the first all-female tournament to the Ultimate Rap League hosting their first all-female Volume card and Shooneral vs. The Bardashians possibly being the battle of the year, 2022 could be called the “Year of the Woman.”

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Top Male Battle Rappers of the Year 

Name the best male rappers that have been slaying the competition all year.

The competition in this category is stiff with many battlers in the running. Five of the most hard-working among them this year are Shotgun Suge, Swamp, Sheed Happens, JC, and Tay Roc.

This year also saw the buckling of some heavy hitters that we would never have expected to lose and the return of some cultural legends that we are always rooting for to win!!! This list will be super competitive this year.

Top Emerging Talent of the Year 

Who are the new faces and voices that have “emerged” this year as some of the top emcees in the world? 

Among them, we have a ton of fresh voices like Eaze, Hansel, Footz, Klutz, Awthentic, Saflare Sole, Aeon, #NKW, Fresh Da Great and so many more.

Top Battle Rap Event of the Year 

What cards do you believe towered over the rest? 

There have been a lot of fire cards this year from a lot of outstanding leagues. Think back on all that Battle Academy did this year. Consider Tay Roc and Lady Caution’s card. Are we going to forget about those stripped-down, uniformed tournament battles that tournament rounds on Chrome 23 or the first time the URL went to New Orleans?

Plenty of cards will fight for the number one spot this year, and it is all up to the fans.

Top Battle Rap Media Outlets 

Battle rap media consists of a few different styles of coverage: Analysts, Reporters, Op-Editors/Vloggers, and Talk Shows. What shows, bloggers, or personalities made the biggest noise in 2022? 

By far this is the most controversial list in our superlatives. People are up in arms when it comes down to who the fans say is the best but what we have seen in the past is that it helps make the content quality that you all receive better: PEOPLE UP THEIR ANTE TO GET THAT TOP SPOT.

Remember fans … you are all in control.

While many say it doesn’t count because it’s a popularity contest- that’s how metrics are run- by who the people say entertains them the most and we are here for it.

Most Impactful Event of the Year 

What are the most impactful happenings in Battle Rap over the last 12 months? 

Where will fans start?

Is it the most recent Tay Roc vs. Kyd Slade battle? Is it Hitman’s “Bags and Bodies” reality show? Shooneral beating the Bardashians in an upset? What about JC winning $100K? Is it URL making a Hollywood-produced documentary on their success, including a roundtable segment with legends talking about the origins of battle rap rooted in the late 90s– noting Smack was damn near there from the beginning?

Is it how grimy they did Tsu Surf while he was on a whole run? #FreeTheWave Was it the Universal Hip Hop Museum celebrating battle rap every day for a who month and then ending the month by making a commercial out of a freestyle from one of its stars? GTX making its debut?

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It might even be Norbes losing in the Supreme Court the biggest part of his “ownership claim” with the Ultimate Rap League.

Will fans say the most impactful and unifying happening of the year is the tragic murder of the Sucka Free Boss, Pat Stay?

It might be anything considering there were at least 3 major battle rap events every month of the year. We are listening and can’t wait to hear what you, the fans, say.

Top Battle Rap Leagues

(Large – 500,000 plus followers) 

Top Battle Rap Leagues

(Medium – between 50,001 and 500,000 followers)  

Top Battle Rap Leagues

(Small – under 50,000 followers)  

Battle Rap Superlatives 2022

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