AllHipHop’s Epic Paid Dues 2013 Picture Gallery


The Paid Dues musical festival went down this past weekend on March 30 at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA and was in the house! With thousands of eager fans converging upon 3 stages throughout the day to hear some of Hip-Hop’s top independent and well-known artists, Paid Dues didn’t disappoint as acts such as Tech N9ne, Mobb Deep, Macklemore, Scarface, De La Soul, Talib Kweli, WC, Suga Free, Juicy J, Killa Mike, Souls of Mischief, and Black Hippy brought down the house. As always at Paid Dues, underground artists were at the forefront as well with artists and groups like Styles of Beyond, Flatbush Zombies, and many others. New rising artists like Joey Badass, Problem, Bad Lucc, Skeme, Vince Staples and Hopsin were also given the spotlight to showcase why they are some of rap’s best new names. Check out our exclusive picture gallery for Paid Dues 2013 below! Click on the thumbnail size pictures to see the full images.

Picture credits: Tim Sanchez, Michael Marshall and Martin Reyes for

Hopsin - Paid DuesHopsin - Paid DuesHopsin - Paid DuesHopsin 4 Paid DuesHopsin 5 Paid DuesBerner and Wiz Khalifa Paid DuesImmortal Technique Paid DuesJoey Bad Ass 1 Paid DuesJoey Bad Ass 2 Paid DuesFlatbush Zombies 1 Paid DuesFlatbush Zombies 2 Paid DuesMurs and Terrace Martin 1 Paid DuesStyles of Beyond 1 Paid DuesStyles of Beyond 2 Paid DuesTalib Kweli 1 Paid DuesTalib Kweli 2 Paid DuesTalib Kweli 3 Paid DuesTalib Kweli 4 Paid DuesTalib Kweli 5 Paid DuesSkeme 1 Paid DuesSkeme 2 Paid DuesSkeme 3 Paid DuesSkeme 4 Paid DuesTerrace Martin 1 Paid DuesTerrace Martin 2 Paid DuesTerrace Martin 3 Paid DuesVince Staples 1 Paid DuesVince Staples 2 Paid DuesVince Staples 3 Paid DuesSuga Free 1 Paid DuesSuga Free 5 Paid DuesSuga Free 4 Paid DuesSuga Free 2 Paid DuesWC 1 Paid DuesWC 2 Paid DuesWC 3 Paid DuesWC 4 Paid DuesDe La Soul 1 Paid DuesDe La Soul 2 Paid DuesDe La Soul 3 Paid DuesDe La Soul 4 Paid DuesDe La Soul 5 Paid DuesDe La Soul 6 Paid DuesDe La Soul 8 Paid DuesTech N9ne 1 Paid DuesTech N9ne 2 Paid DuesTech N9ne 3 Paid DuesTech N9ne 4 Paid DuesTech N9ne 5 Paid DuesTech N9ne 6 Paid DuesTech N9ne 7 Paid DuesTech N9ne 8 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 1 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 2 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 3 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 4 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 5 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 6 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 7 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 8 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 9 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 10 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 11 Paid DuesBlack Hippy 12 Paid DuesMacklemore & Ryan Lewis 2 Paid DuesMacklemore & Ryan Lewis 1 Paid DuesMacklemore & Ryan Lewis 3 Paid DuesMacklemore & Ryan Lewis 4 Paid DuesMacklemore & Ryan Lewis 6 Paid Dues