AllHipHop’s Incredible “Hip-Pop Day” With Dads From All Walks Of Life…And Their Kids!

Chuck Jigsaw Creekmur

AllHipHop pulled together some of the dopest dads for an epic day of convo, photos and interviews.

Let’s be real, Black fathers have consistently gotten a bad rap from all angles. Whether it is Hip-Hop music, the media and entertainment, our partners or ourselves, we have taken blow after blow. We know now that Black fathers are more involved in their children’s lives than any other racial demographics. And that is the CDC, a governmental institution, Not Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. But it just seems like there is a societal bias against Black fathers, even though there are numerous movements that uphold the traditional, and progressive fatherhood stances that are necessary to move our culture forward.

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AllHipHop joined forces with iconic, legendary photographer Ronnie Wright to capture numerous and varied images of black men and their children. This was not limited to rappers/entertainers but included writers, businessman, professionals and others that represent the vast, varied, and colorful spectrum that Black men in compass as good fathers. Furthermore, in the esteemed WonWorld Studios, we also conducted several interviews with the men and their kids. Some of these include Kangol kid of UTFO fame, legend scribe Jerry L. Barrow, actor/artist Jamar Greene, Beyoncé’s DJ Diamond The Artist, Derek Phillips of the Real Dad’s Network, and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, AllHipHop co-founder and CEO.

The inaugural AllHipHop Hip-Pop photoshoot was a unique, positive and unique experience that spoke to the divine responsibilities men have in this world. At times it seems like the world attempts to minimize the roles that the father has in his child’s life, but we feel that the role is the celestial balance that is necessary.

This is not to say that men are perfect, because we certainly have our challenges in front of us. Furthermore, it is understandable that we have not always held our end of the bargain when it came to serving our communities. But it also speaks to the seemingly insurmountable odds that we have faced since arriving on the shores of North America some 500 years ago.

These challenges have not stopped any of the men included in this photo shoot. In fact, the challenges have forced us to level up even more and demonstrate even more dedication to our children and collective village. So, when things don’t work out with the mothers, or in life such as business or professions, we continue on with our responsibilities. Hopefully, in the future, we as a society and as a culture explicitly say: it needs its men and begin to focus on a positive approach to encouraging fathers to be just that.

Kangol Kid with T, Shaun,  A.J and Gio

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Maia

Freedom Williams with Syncere

Derek Phillips, Founder of the Real Dads Network,  and Jordyn and Maya

Dj Diamond the Artist with Chris

Jamar Greene/L.G. (actor) With Javon & Jesiah

Jerry Barrow, writer & podcaster. Justin & Sabrina

Jeff Lindor, Founder of The Gentlemen’s Factory, with Jeff Lindor Jr.  

A special thank you to the crew that pulled this entire thing today, selflessly, generously and tirelessly.

Photographer Ronnie Wright  with Lionel Williams  & Ralph Vargas 

Dante Dottin


OMG Nikki

Dj Boy Wonda 0f WonWorld Studios

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