Azjah: Compton Dreams Are Made of These

Azjah is Rocc Solid and On Her Way.

By Simone Slaughter

(AllHipHop Features) Check any “best rappers list” and top slots are dominated by men. Look at the history of west coast rappers, and the biggest names are the “boys in the hood.” Meet the anomaly in Azjah, the Princess of Compton.

Transcending categories that box her in, such as “female” and “rapper,” Azjah’s approach to being great is authenticity. And she’s not just the rapper who shows up, she’s the artist determined to leave an impact.

In 2019, Azjah released her debut album Princess Diaries. Appropriately titled, the body of work takes you on a journey through her life experiences – from moments of celebration and success to stories of personal struggle, family hardship and the realities of her world. Her music carries a message, and her vocal delivery, perfectly encompassing the essence of her energy, is its own form of melodic meditation.

Azjah puts as much love into her community as she does her craft. She and her father – also CEO of her indie label Rocc Solid Entertainment – revitalized the basketball court in their Wilmington Arms neighborhood of Compton, California. On any given day, you can catch Azjah and Rocc in the community throwing block parties, barbeques and back-to-school events, where everyone is welcome. Fellowship and freedom are her ideals. Through fellowship, Azjah inspires people to come together and generate collective power not just to survive hardship, but to achieve the freedom to overcome adversities and thrive.

Azjah and her team are strategic with every move. Opportunities must resonate with who she is, what she believes in, and what she represents. In 2020, Black Arrow joined with LA Galaxy in effort to engage the urban community with major league soccer. When Azjah was tapped to feature in the campaign launch, it was an easy decision for her to get on board. Proudly representing Compton, the collaboration includes a lookbook and short film documentary which depict Azjah in her home territory. This statement was not just to introduce Compton to major league soccer, but to bring major league soccer to Compton – reminiscent of when the late, great Nipsey Hussle brought GQ to Crenshaw. Azjah is big on pride in oneself and in her community; and her music and lifestyle reflect that.

2019 gave Azjah a taste of live performances and life on the road. She hit the stages of BET Experience, Rolling Loud, toured locally with fellow LA rapper Mozzy, and snagged a coveted spot on the legendary Snoop Dogg’s album, I Wanna Thank Me, featuring on the pulsating track “Ventalation.” She also starred in Compton Dreams, a Snap Originals docuseries which followed three Compton rappers chasing their hip hop dreams. Azjah’s vision is clearer than ever and, in 2020, she’s set to deliver her next collection of music with On One. The EP is expected to impact radio and move the Princess of Compton further toward her goal of earning her spot among Hip Hop royalty.

Azjah is represented by APA. Follow her on the ‘gram @azjah_

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