Billyracxx On Being The “Big Steppa”


Billyracxx was in high spirits posted in Miami. Read below as we discuss his EDM side, Lenny Kravtiz’ influence, how he locked in with Trae Tha Truth, being a “Big Steppa,” the meaning in the visual, his “cult” fanbase, performing a virtual show with Lil Skies, a forthcoming record with Lil Gotit, and more! 

Billyracxx’ Instagram bio reads “MELT MY FACE OFF,” so you already know what type of time he’s on. With a song titled “Dark Skin Lenny Kravitz,” the Florida-born, Houston-based recording artist blends the genres of hip-hop, R&B, and alternative rock into his own unique blend. Pairing his high-energy music with his out-of-this-world personality, the rising star is intentional with his creativity — exuding passion and determination as he climbs his way to the top.

Most recently, Billyracxx unleashed his newest single titled “Big Steppa,” featuring T$an produced by Stevieknocks, Per usual his music videos showcase his art on a whole other level, with endless symbolism and metaphors throughout.

AllHipHop: What are you doing in Miami?

Billyracxx: Some visual s###.My n*gga Splash Zanotti had a show last night. I dropped a record with him, came out here to pop out on him. Work with Major Lazer, putting s### together man. You know me, I go where the art takes me. If you see me somewhere, it’s because I got some creative endeavors there. 

AllHipHop: Major Lazer is more EDM, you got an EDM side to you?

Billyracxx: Come on now. You gotta look up a song I got called “You Got It,” the s###’s streaming over 3 million. My biggest streaming song and it’s an EDM song. 

AllHipHop: You have a song called “Dark Skin Lenny Kravitz.” How would you describe your sound?

Billyracxx: “Dark Skin Lenny Kravitz” is exactly the explanation. I admire what he brought to the game as far as being a black man not boxed in. That’s me, but I’m much more of a n*gga because of my skin color. Where I’m from, it’s that type of place but I’m still me. I’m not boxed in. We’re trying to give something way bigger and I don’t want to be boxed into an urban box. I find different ways in song titles or how I make my music to show and tell people that — without walking around being that person like “I’m weird” on my chest, “I’m different.” I try to literally live that s### and show it in my art.

AllHipHop: Where do you identify more: Florida or Houston?

Billyracxx: A perfect mixture of both. All my young age, running around Eatonville, Florida’s one of them deep culture places. You know when a ngga from Florida. I moved to Hiuston and Houston’s that same type of place. You know if somebody’s from Houston with how they talk. I talk fast sometimes, then I gotta slow down cause I’m in Houston. That translated to my music, I grew up on Gucci Mane, Boosie, Trick Daddy, Plies. Moving to Houston and everything slowing down immediately as soon as I got there, Trae Tha Truth is one of my OGs. It’s so crazy to know that ngga, go to his house. “Rain” by him and Z-Ro was the first song that resonated with me from a Houston artist.

AllHipHop: Houston legends!

Billyracxx: Big legends and humble n##### too. Regular n*ggas, it’s dope. 

AllHipHop: How did you and Trae tap in initially?

Billyracxx: 713 Studio, they going crazy too. They’re behind Don Tolliver’s whole sound. I used to do a lot of s### up there, I still f### with them heavy. Trae was there, the owner of the studio said “you gotta meet this kid, he’s from our city. N*gga’s crazy.” Trae said “yeah I f### with your s###, gotta do a track.” Did a track, invited me to his crib. He’s that type of person: if he f#### with you, he easily can show it.

AllHipHop: What inspired your new single, “Big Steppa”?

Billyracxx: I’m up up. S###, that song’s how I’m feeling right now: Big Steppa. This whole time me maneuvering this music s###, I’m on influence over clout. I want my art to speak for me. I’m not flexing, I’m not using my money to create a persona. I don’t play into all that. I’m literally in this industry straight off art, so that’s fire. I’ma turn into a millionaire off art. “Big Steppa” is my way of telling n*ggas, yo I’m aware I’m getting weight. When I turn up, turn up!

AllHipHop: You been getting buff?

Billyracxx: Nah. [laughs] I do calisthenics. I be doing s###, I don’t workout workout heavy at all. I was an athlete all my life so I started back running, doing push-ups. Because I was losing breath in the studio, I’m a touring artist. This rage s###, I definitely go on stage and rage for an hour. 

AllHipHop: How much do you miss performing?

Billyracxx: A lot a lot. I’ve always been able to gauge my growth off my performances and how people respond to me, people who don’t know me versus the fans. I call my fans cult members, seeing the response from all them as I do more and bigger shows. Now that that s###’s not around, I’ve been a content-driven artist so I’m turning up with my content. Finding more ways to build my content. Even before “Big Steppa,” I did my own live performance with my band. I’ma do more of that. The world shut down so it’s the part missing for me but other than that, Im gonna do more virtual s### and get ready for 2021 shows.

AllHipHop: What does it mean to be the “Big Steppa”?

Billyracxx: I’m the biggest independent artist out here. All my clout has come from content, I never got an opportunity from putting out something different. Up until this point, I’m getting in the phase right now where n*ggas want to give handouts or walk you through the door. Before that, everytime I had an accolade was because I dropped something harder than I dropped last time. Nobody ever walked me through no door, I don’t have a big homie. Nobody gave me s###. This is the influence over clout at its finest. 

When I turn into that n*gga, people gotta know I did this s### off art. That’s rare in rap right now. Pop music, they get that type of love. I’m finna be this rapper from collaborating with contemporary artists, performing with a band, going to the club, doing a club appearance, walk in Fashion Week, creative directing a f###### campaign for my favorite brand, wokring with Sprite, I’m doing all that s###. That’s all going to happen from me being artistic.

AllHipHop: What were you trying to convey in the “Big Steppa” visual?

Billyracxx: I’m on some f###### underworld boss dawg s###, I’m a g###### mob boss. I’m telling my fans I’m transitioning. I’m not turning into some cocky n*gga at all, I’m aware of how big my s### can be and I’ma start stepping like that. It’s an artistic expression. When I’m sitting on the window with the metal tail, I’m symbolizing I’m watching over that s###. I imagine myself at the top of the hill, I’m an underworld boss. I have a different perspective on the world that not your average artist has. That’s my character, I feel like a monster. An alien in music.

AllHipHop: Do you get worried promoting guns in your visuals?

Billyracxx: I made a post saying this is my first visual I have guns in my videos. I did it in a very artistic cinematic way. You’re not going to get mad when Quentin Tarantino’s blowing n*ggas hands off in movies, all the gore and blood. It’s a movie, it’s not a regular video. I’m not standing in front of the camera holding the shotgun, it’s more artistic expression. In Django, nobody comments on the gore and him having guns. It’s a movie, he had to get it across.


AllHipHop: Where do you get your fashion inspo from?

Billyracxx: My girl MINGZLY a stylist. She’s a designer, she does a lot of fire s###. Her brand’s called KME World, she designs a lot of custom pieces. I rock a lot of that, style it in my videos. It helps me a lot because a lot of her s### is one-of-one. I got one-of-one looks and styles. Anything I’m putting on me, she helps create the standard of what I expect, something that represents me. Whenever I’m doing scenes, I put my wardrobe together. I remember that caricature of myself, I gotta inspire as far out as I can so everything has to be exaggerated in a certain stage. This is who I am everyday, it’s not deep. People see me wearing a shirt like this [with holes], I forget that s###’s outlandish for somebody. I literally wear my nipple out.

AllHipHop: What is your “cult” and what does it mean to you?

Billyracxx: My cult is all my fans. If you really bought into what I’m doing right now, you might as well be part of the cult. In music right now, your average fan’s either coming across my s### like “that’s hard but that’s way out of here,” or they’re part of this s###. I don’t have normal fans. My fans catch the weirdest s###, they catch the smallest symbolism I put in the video or Instagram post. I know this s### is a cult. I send messages to my fans: “you are now invited into the cult.” I tell them to screenshot that. In the future when I do my first world tour, all those people with screenshot, they get VIP whatever city they’re in. They get to meet me or something special. I can’t cap on them because they screenshotted me saying “you’re part of the cult.”

AllHipHop: Talk about your overseas fan base too.

Billyracxx: I’ll probably pop first overseas, but I hope to pop in America first. I hope I go crazy here but overseas, my response is crazy. I have a s### load of DMs I can’t even understand, I don’t know the language. I got a lot of fans from Russia, it’s a vibe. They get the vibe and don’t give a f### about nothing else. In America, we get vibes but it’s a lot of other s### that comes on top of why we f### with somebody. Whereas in Europe, they dream to get over here. When they hear an artist they can connect to, it’s locked in. When they get the s### I’m preaching, a lot of them f### with that because they know they can DM me and get a response. When they see me perform, they’ll get a different feeling. It’s something different. They’re cult members, they’re not regular fans.

AllHipHop: How was the virtual show you did with Lil Skies? It had 2 million views that’s amazing.

Billyracxx: Appreciate it. Shoutout Darlene Deluna my family. She showed love, threw me on that s###. Innersect is a company from China their basically complexcon in China. It was pre-recorded but it premiered in China live, 2 million fans. That s### was fire man, big soundstage. It’s that virtual s###. Next year hopefully we get back to doing live shows, my agent Darlene working on it, but I wouldn’t be mad to do shows like that. If I’m getting paid, you gotta do it. I’m a visual artist so I love shooting videos, that s### was like a big video shoot to me.

AllHipHop: Talk about your upcoming feature coming with Lil Gotit.

Billyracxx: I got a feature with Gotit coming out top of 2021, s###’s hard as s###. Shoutout Producer Grind, one of the biggest producer platforms out here. They reached out to me and asked me for acapellas so they can do a challenge for their producers. I gave them acapellas, 400 producers made beats around it. We broke it down to a 100, went on the podcast and chose the winner. That song we ended up getting Lil Gotit on. It’s fire because we showed a lot of love to the producer community, a lot of people will be inspired by this record. Me and Lil Gotit aesthetics as far as our sound, really went crazy and blended well. The song’s crazy, I like making s### I’m proud of.

AllHipHop: Shout out to Tish on here!

Billyracxx: Me and Tish got some s###. I got mad love for Tish, she’s the first writer I work with. We made a hit for real, no cap. Being around her, now I really get what it takes to be a good writer. She’s fire bro. That hook’s pure, it got some meaning to it. It still rages, it’s still hard. She went crazy. 

AllHipHop: What can we expect next?

Billyracxx: I got a merch collection dropping. I always did really good on my merch but I’m trying to make it more commercial and amplify it. It’s a lifestyle, not regular artist merch. Something you could really wear, f### Billyracxx you could wear that s###. I got my s### with Lil Gotit, going crazy. I got a project with White Pump for Russia dropping the first quarter of next year for my European fans. Hopefully tour that s###, go up man. I’m in a lot of doors in the States, expect me to do some crazy s###. I’m appreciative of everything at this point. I’m living off music, I’ma go nuts. Nothing can stop me, it’s a matter of when. I’m trying to breakthrough in 2021.