BMF’s Laila Pruitt Talks Auditioning For 50 Cent, Playing Big Meech’s Sis And Her Love Of Tyler The Creator

Laila Pruitt aka "Nicole Flenory" on BMF

Laila Pruitt plays “Nicole Flenory” on BMF, but she’s got a lot more going on than playing Big Meech’s little sis. The Howard U student has several irons in the fire.

By Algernon Billups

The stars aligned perfectly for the opportunity to speak with one the cast members of the hit Starz show, BMF.  Executive Produced by 50 Cent, Laila Pruitt, portrays the role of Nicole Flenory, sister to Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory. The brothers rose to prominence in Detroit during the late 80’s and created one of the most influential crime families in history. The Flenory Family story is unique because of their ability to successfully stand at the intersection of illegal drug distribution and Hip-Hop in real time. They utilized the same blueprint and principles that made their street business into a lucrative enterprise to create BMF Entertainment which helped launch the careers of Young Jeezy and many others. 

In the first season of BMF, we are introduced to Laila Pruitt, playing a younger version of Nicole Flenory that is caught in the crossfire of parents struggling to survive in a decaying city and 2 older brothers that are emerging figures in the Detroit drug culture. The audience sees her really struggling to find her voice and balance in the chaos while trying to carve out some levels of normalcy. 

As the second season of BMF gets underway, we talked to Laila Pruitt about the audition process for the show, how she got an early start in acting and the preparation that is required to play a beloved character existing in the most extreme circumstances. We also learn more about her future plans and the comedy behind filming the slap heard around the world.

Photos: Starz