Bobby Fishscale: Trapper Turned Rapper Talks ‘Da Relapse’

Bobby Fishscale

Read below as AllHipHop kicks with Bobby Fishscale to discuss “Da Relapse,” his favorite songs on the project, shooting “Dark Place” in front of an actual dope house, his visuals, goals, and more!

Bobby Fishscale is your favorite trapper turned rapper, and he’s not stopping until he gets to the top. Hailing from Quincy, Florida and hustling since birth, the rising lyricist has even been deemed Tallahassee’s Hustler of the Year. When it comes to his braggadocious bars, his punchlines, and his storytelling, the Roc Nation signee continues to elevate, from winning over new fans and bogs to winning the BMI Social Status Award presented by NLE Choppa while simultaneously being booked for Covid-friendlty performances week after week.

Exploding onto the scene with his standout “Blue Cheese” record in April of this year, a nod to getting money with his team, Bobby quickly followed it up with The Last Re-Up mixtape lending lead singles “No 9 To 5” and “Wrist Froze” featuring Peewee Longway. The latter two are a testament to the struggles we all go through in life, doing whatever it takes to get out of that dark place and achieving success.

Having been to prison 4 times and jail 20 times, Bobby reminds us that no matter what happens, there’s always someone out there going through it worse than you. Now, he returns with his newest tape Da Relapse, which sees Bobby going back to his trapping ways. With songs like “He Hard” and “Dark Place,” the 15-track project speaks volumes to Bobby’s character and his unwillingness to falter his truth — while feeding his fans and giving back to his community.

Bobby Fishscale: How is it over there in Miami?

AllHipHop: Miami lit right now. It’s hot, it’s like 80 degrees.

Bobby Fishscale: Somebody got verified today! How you feeling?

AllHipHop: I’m feeling good man. It’s always a good feeling to make an accomplishment.

AllHipHop: Da Relapse out now! How are you feeling?

Bobby Fishscale: Da Relapse is a pretty self-explanatory project. We went back to the trap with it, that’s what everybody wanted. We supplying the fans right now. We got a lot of dope visuals, we’re going to release them weekly like we always do. Staying strategy with it. Happy birthday to Hov too.

AllHipHop: The fans were the ones that wanted you to go back to the trap?

Bobby Fishscale: When I say go back to the trap, I mean with the music. I don’t mean literally go back to the trip. I’ll never go back to the trap, that s### dead.

AllHipHop: How does Da Relapse compare to your previous project, The Last Re-Up?

Bobby Fishscale: With the first one, the EP was an introduction to me. I showed y’ll I can make “Blue Cheese,” “No 9 To 5.” The mixtape be mainly my way. That’s why on “Fishscale Way,” I say “go in there, no hook.” That’s the Fishscale Way. The EPs and the albums are going to be more formatted for the industry or whatever, but they let me go crazy on the mixtapes. I can do whatever I want to do like freestyle, no hook, recording at 3 in the morning whenever I want to record. It’s a mixtape vibe.

AllHipHop: What was the creative process behind the project?

Bobby Fishscale: Everywhere I go. “Fishscale Way,” I recorded that with Hoodrich Rick. A lot of stuff I recorded in LA at Paramount Studios. I love The Paramount, that’s my LA home. They got some great engineers over there.

AllHipHop: On “FISH N YOUNG,” you say “they is not trapping like me because they not living how I live.” What sets you apart from other trapper turned rappers?

Bobby Fishscale: I been locked up a lot. If y’all don’t know my story, I been to prison 4 times. I probably been to jails 20 times. I got about 13, 14, 15 convicted felonies. It’s hard to do that and still make it out, and stay focused.

AllHipHop: Biggest lesson you learned behind bars?

Bobby Fishscale: Just be you. Always be you no matter where you at.

AllHipHop: Talk about the cover art and what that represents.

Bobby Fishscale: The cover means the relapse back to the trap. It’s really every drug known to man on there. I’m back there, y’all know the real deal on the level of the streets.

AllHipHop: Bring us back to when you created “He Hard.”

Bobby Fishscale: We’re all in a mansion in LA. It was 4 or 5 in the morning, I’ll go to sleep at 12am and wake up at 4am or 5am. I’d woke back up and I was sitting outside by the pool, I’d turned on the little infinity pool. I was out there like my life’s a movie, all this s### you never seen. The mansion we’re in was crazy, all the blinds were electric with the remote. It was really in the hills, we’re at the top top of LA. Higher than the Hollywood sign. All my music really be natural. Whatever environment I’m in, that’s where the song’s going to go with it. You ever hear of Trick Daddy’s restaurant, Sunday’s Eatery in Miami? [flips camera]

AllHipHop: It’s dank? What you finna get?

Bobby Fishscale: Yeah, it’s good. Probably the steaks with the peas and rice. Some collard greens, yams, cornbread, and some blue cupcakes with a blue drink.

AllHipHop: How are you celebrating your release day?

Bobby Fishscale: Blue checks and blue velvet cupcakes.

AllHipHop: What songs mean the most to you on the project and why?

Bobby Fishscale: “Live Dis Life” and “Kan’t Shine With Me”. “Live Dis Life” because when I say “people got killed tryna live this life,” I’m really talking about all my homeboys that got locked up tryna live this life. I’m talking about my family, so it’s personal.

AllHipHop: How is music a therapy for you?

Bobby Fishscale: It’s an outlet, but it also made a target. My old life, I was real private and secretive. A ghost. With what I was doing, I couldn’t really be out like that. With rap, it’s different. People knowing my exact whereabouts, I’m posting flyers about where I’ma be at this certain time and date is weird to me. But it’s a part of the game, I just gotta stay safe.

AllHipHop: How are you adjusting to the fame and all the attention?

Bobby Fishscale: I’m taking it a day at a time. It’s overwhelming, but I take it how it comes. I’m definitely enjoying it.

AllHipHop: Why don’t you like Pisces?

Bobby Fishscale: I had bad experiences with Pisces. Not all, but the ones I did meet. Are you a Pisces?

AllHipHop: I’m a Capricorn but I don’t really believe in horoscopes.

Bobby Fishscale: Yeah, me neither. It ain’t got nothing to do with the horoscope maybe, it’s the person. That’s how everything happens. If you eat some bad macaroni one time, you might not want to try it no more. [laughs]

AllHipHop: That analogy is crazy.

Bobby Fishscale: I don’t eat macaroni. I hate macaroni and cheese, I never ate it. I’m weird.

AllHipHop: What’s not to like?

Bobby Fishscale: Cheese. If I get a burger, I get one slice of cheese. I’m not a cheese fan, I don’t like it.

AllHipHop: Best memory from shooting “The Last Re-Up (The Intro)”?

Bobby Fishscale: That shoot right there was classical. I told Benny Flashh, “man I want to shoot it in front of a real bando.” He said “oh I know where…” I said “no! I need to shoot it in front of an active real bando.” He said “alright, I’ll go to Overtown to try and find one in Little Haiti.” He went to Overtown where Savage at, so he found the house. On that wall, it said “buy crack at 17th Street Apartments, 104 or something.” They said “this is the fentanyl house,” it was real life junkies. I paid the junkie on the porch $10 to move, they had to keep smoking.

AllHipHop: For real?!

Bobby Fishscale: Yeah, it was junkies walking in and out with fentanyl. Fly pulled up because Fly was late. He said “yo we gotta get outta here,” because it’s drawing a crowd. I had the Wraith truck out there. A couple people said “he ain’t from Miami! Why you out here? You making our spot hot!” I had bought them so dope and they had calmed down, they’re cool with it. The one thing about being in the dope hole, the only way to control them is buy them some dope or you gon’ have to get out they block forreal. Either I want to shoot the video or I was gon have problems.

AllHipHop: Damn you really came from that, how’d that make you feel?

Bobby Fishscale: I wasn’t talking to them, I wasn’t vibing with them. Dude, I put his son in the video and all that. He made the behind-the-scenes. He said “he ain’t from Miami! What you doing down here? Why ain’t nobody from Miami in the video!?” I asked “where you from?” He said “I’m from Miami!” I said “come get in the video.” He said “I ain’t got on no shirt, I’ma put my son in there.” Alright, now somebody from Miami’s in the video.

AllHipHop: One thing you want fans to get from Da Relapse?

Bobby Fishscale: No matter what you going through, don’t ever quit. Look at me, I done been through some worse s###. That’s what I want them to get: never quit. No matter what you going through, there’s always somebody going through something worse. It always can be worse, so never quit no matter what.

AllHipHop: Goals you have for yourself right now?

Bobby Fishscale: To be successful, that’s my only goal. Not to be a failure.

AllHipHop: Are you rolling up?

Bobby Fishscale: Always. This is Luigi OG, my favorite. I only smoke OG. I been dibbling and dabbling in ZaZa, but I keep OG. I always bring it with me when I come to LA. I got my weed card, I can fly with 7 grams. I’m legit.