Boosie Talks Flavor Flav, T.I. Relationship, His New Album And Why Rappers Are Cowards

Boosie aka Lil Boosie aka Boosie Badazz

The AllHipHop Podcast dives in with Lil Boosie and the results are amazing.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the brilliance of Boosie Badazz firsthand. The Amazing AllHipHop Podcast, featuring Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and DJ Thoro, sat down with Boosie and were able to pin him down for a captivating interview. In the fast-paced world of Hip-Hop, few artists can claim the level of talent and staying power that Boosie Badazz possesses. With his latest release, the highly anticipated Best Album of 2023, the polarizing New Orleans rapper intends to set the record straight musically and culturally.

What sets Boosie apart from the rest? It’s the raw authenticity that Boosie Badazz brings to every environment that he showed up in. He fearlessly addresses personal struggles, societal issues, and does not stray from the hard, oftentimes controversial topics. In this interview, Boosie re-establishes his humanity, his flaws and his ability to double down on what is important to him.

In this conversation, he delves into his relationship with T.I. and how they managed to fix their fractured relationship. His fatherhood journey is on full display here, as he and Tip have some major plans with their sons. He also reveals the details of his partnership with controversial DJ Vlad and other platforms that have been less-than-friendly to him. With moments of humor and hilarity, he even reveals if he will play Flavor Flav in a movie about Public Enemy. Lastly, he talks about why his album is the best album of the year, likely to be highly debated.